Which red 5* to ascend next?

Hello you wise and experienced forum writers,

So I am a bit unsure whom I should ascend next from my recently grown red 5* bench.
I already have two gravemakers on Lvl 80 and have the mats to ascend one more red 5*
I got:

in the mix. Originally i only had to decide between Marjana and kestrel as azlar is pretty useless with two maxed gravemakers and i somehow really dislike this slow kitty… but I pulled khagan out of my training camp and anzogh from a goldcoin recently.

I know Marjana on paper is the best of all those heroes but her synergy with my gms is suboptimal so I kinda don’t want another red flame for hero but if anybody gives me good reasons why I should max her anyways I am open for arguments. So khagan kestrel and anzogh all do not get much love on this forum as far as I have read.
I know a hero has to fit to
A players team and every hero of those three adds a bit to my team which I could use but I could use some opinions of more experienced players which would be the best addition to my roster.

Anzoghs big plus in my opinion is that there are not many red 5* healers I know about and having one 5* healer each color would make a 3-2 combo of 5* heroes with two healers from each color in any combination quite a good flexible raid roster. I don’t feel he would even make my red Titan team though… which is disappointing for a maxed 5* hero.

Kestrel was my go to pick before I pulled anzogh and khagan. He is a decent damagedealer with good tile damage and fast Mana and could be useful in nearly every aspect except of Defence where I don’t need him anyways as I have two gms and I won’t run three reds in defense anyways. He also has a cool style and is Cool just because he isn’t seen in everyone’s roster. Not overwhelming but probably the safest pick?

Khagan: no clue what I think about him. Just see him all the time in the bottom of the red heroes ratings and agree that slow heroes are meh if they don’t have at least any op skill. On the other hand i think his skills sound quite impactful nonetheless especially as I have some heroes in other colors which could prolong a fight quite well (mother north, vivica, aegir, aeron) and this seems to me the point where khagan might shine as he wouldn’t be slow anymore as soon as he fired his special once.

So I know it is a luxury Problem but it is also a bit of a dilemma on which I could use some wise advice. Maybe also a first and second pick as I already have 10 rings and only need a damascusblade, two more rings and time/feeders to get a forth red 5* to 80.

Thank you in advance for your help

Hi Bierlin
I`ve nearly at the same point as you :slight_smile:

Actually i have also 2 GM maxed and Santa is at 4/60.
Full maxed 4* are Wilbur, Boldtusk, Gormek

My next available 5* are nearly the same as yours, with Elena instead of Kestrel.
Except Anzogh i got all of them out of TC20 !

Now i’m at the point to choose the next 5* to max, i have 6 mystic rings and enough blades/books.

My choice is between Khagan and Anzogh, with a hard tendence to Anzogh as of his average mana and especially his heal (until now i have only Alberich and Guinevere for maxed 5* healers, and no one grants an instant heal, “only” HoT, but next purple 5* to max is Kunchen in queue after Kage 4/76 is finished). Firing him after Santa lowers enemies shields would be killer (i hope so, couldn’t test it for now).
But i find Khagans +24% Mana is also desireable, but the slow mana is something which always bring me heroes with their specials faster ready to fire.
Or maybe Marjana? She’s fast ready, high single Target damage and aditionally a DoT.

Hmm, while i’m writing this, i think, Anzogh with santa in my roster would be very nice.
So, now hopefully others bring their thoughts to this thread.
If you unpleased with my response in your thread, it’s OK for me when a Mod move it outside as an own thread.

Don’t discounr Elena she is really good also. She has also recently been buffed and is much improved and I rarely lose when she has fired.

Elena also brings a mind-blowing attack stat for great tile damage on green titans.

I’m debating exactly this same question for my roster, too. Existing roster of maxed red 5* is Gravemaker, Marjana, QoH, Red Hood, Zimkitha, Mitsuko and Ares.

Options for ascension (at 1/1 unless otherwise stated):

  • Natalya (3/70)
  • GM#2
  • Zimkitha#2
  • Elena
  • G. Kong
  • Khagan
  • ? Anzogh ? (haven’t done my summons in Atlantis yet)

Khagan is probably at the bottom of my list, but I can make a case for any of the others.

I do not have Natalya in my account but I played a lot of time in another account that I was driving and I think an incredible hero in attack, and that is underestimated, his ability to brake mana is very good, I would go with Natalya without a doubt

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And my answer is … Anzogh!!!

You need to stack him with your 2 GMs and you are good to go. He keeps the 2 GMs alive possibly for the whole raid and he deals some damage on his own. The rest just smacks.

Azlar - too slow for your GMs
Kestrel - meh
Marjana - snipes but does nothing else with the other 2
Khagan - GMs are already very fast (how fast more can they go besides the GMs will launch before him)

Anzogh - even after the GMs launch, his AOE damage will help finish of the enemy and his def buff and heal keeps the GMs very much alive!

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I’m trying to figure out who to ascend, I have marijana and mitsuko maxed right now and need to decide between Elena, azlar, anzogh and grazul. I’m leaning towards anzogh due to the fact I can emblem him up faster than the others but not for sure what to do.

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