Which 5* Red to final ascend?

Hello everyone! I’m back with another question! I currently finally got my final mystic ring to ascend a 5* red. The 3 I currently have ready are Azlar, Queen of hearts and Marjana. Im currently leaning toward Marjana as I feel I’m missing a good heard hitting sniper.

Any advice would be great!

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Marjana without looking at your roster.

She can play very well for offense and defense.

If you have other snipers, then QoH.


Yup marjana. U won’t regret any 5* fast sniper. They can be used anywhere as fast sniper is the essentials backbone on this game

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If you’re missing a fast sniper, then Marjana. She doesn’t really hit that hard though, compared to the other classic 5* snipers, but her burn damage can make up for that.

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QoH makes a good tank for wars and defense. Marjana is excellent if you need a sniper.

Looks like Azlar is being left behind with all these Marjana votes :laughing:

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@DaveCozy Yes. It’s what I was thinking as well. Doesn’t hit as hard but hard enough and fast.

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@LadySuzanne I have Aeger as my tank currently paired with Bultusk. May switch out Boldtusk though for Wilbur to keep up the shared Def.

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