Which fire hero's do I level

Ok, please give me some assistance on which fire hero’s I should level. I have Azlar fully levelled/ascended already. I have the following at 3/60 and have 12 orbs
G. Falcon
G. Kong


And also have 14 poison darts

G. Falcon

in that order.

Khagan and G. Kong suck and not worth wasting items on…wait till you get Marjana or someone else as good.

I thought they’d need hidden blades and compasses? Do you have those?

I asked a similar question - Colen or Scarlett, and almost everyone said Scarlett


Collen is a mini azlar and at low to mid tier raids and on missions he is quite good. He’s also half decent as a center. Scarlett is a good choice too so it doesn’t matter which. Just depends on what you need.

No they need 3 chain mail,/ 4 orbs then 4 orbs/6 poison darts

I already have azlar as stated not sure if I need a 2nd hero pretty much the same

Yes I’ve tried kong n Khagan and also gone against them , not impressed. Probably level the 4* first so I can level 3 of the 4

Red heroes need hidden blades and chainmail for 4* final ascension and 5* 2nd ascension, then hidden blades and rings for 5* final ascension. It’s yellows that need orbs and darts.

Since you have Azlar already, I’d say go for the Falcon. Alone the Falcon isn’t outstanding, but stacked with another red, like Azlar, he becomes a star.


G Falcon is perfect in his role as the second red.

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I stand corrected, I have enough materials to level 3 4* , only 3 rings…so leave Colen and level other 3?

Since you already have Azlar, level Falcon, Scarlett and Kelile, in that order

Kelile is probably the least effective of the heroes you have, but Colen is basically a small Azlar, who you already have finished. Personally, I’d go with your plan and leave Colen for when you have more blades, because Kelile would give you a different option when picking heroes. I’d still recommend Falcon and Scarlett before her, in that order. YMMV.

You can use Collen on intermediate level events. Can’t use 5* Azlar. Plus in wars. Always some uses

Scarlett was my first red 4*, so perhaps that is why I like her. She is a glass cannon, but a good one. Has the highest attack value of any red 4*, and probably beats some red 5*s.

I’d do falcon first, and Scarlett before Colen (and especially Kelile), mostly 'cuz she complements Azlar far better than Colen does. Their specials will stack, while the fire DOT from one hero will replace the prior one’s. Colen firing after Azlar will reduce future damage!


Same question, I’m looking to start a leveling project with one of my 1/1 Fire 5* s, Mitsuko, Santa Claus, Red Hood or Natalya?

Got anymore context?

Nope. No plan, just curious what people’s opinions are of these four, I’ve heard a fair amount about Mitsuko (mostly good things) but not so much about the others.

Who else you got maxed?

In a vacuum, Mitsuko is probably the best.

Followed by Red Hood then Santa and Natalya (order is probably interchangeable tho).

Looking for vacuum opinions, thanks for yours. Have you played with any/all of these four, and what are you using them for, if so?

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