Red 5* (events and titan)

Hi people:
need some help here on which red 5* to ascend. Im talking mainly for events and titans:
My red options to ascend:
Azlar 3-70
Elena 3-70
Marjana 3-70
Khagan 1-1 *2

My leveled reds:
Ares 4-80
BT +18
Scarlett +18
Colen 4-70
Gormek 4-70

Other reds:
sumitomo 1-1
kelile 3-60

I have 19 rings and 36 blades so not a problem on mats. Marjana will be the second ascended as will use her for defense. At the end I would think the decision will be between Azlar or Elena as tile damage of both is similarly high. Is Khagan even an option ?

Which one will help me more on titan damage and event scores ?

Other info:

  • will not be pulling anything for at least 2 months (so no costume, no chance of atlantis ,valhalla events, ,etc.)
  • dont have emblems for any of those options
  • the third set of rings will be saved in case I have some luck in 2 months when I pull on avalon and or costumes (July red HOTM maybe ?)
  • the team will probably be BT-Scarlett-Ares-new Ascended- Wu+18 or Ranvir (when leveled). Using harpoons for defense down

thanks for your help :slight_smile:


Though choice either Azlar or Elena are very good heroes for events . As you already have colen, alrhough without emblems i will lean to max Elena instead of Azlar . She has better tile damage too for titans


thanks for the reply Wizard !

On events who would help finish faster ? it the DOT or the Riposte better ?

I havent see Elena in top tier teams , at least if she is there is not for her riposte .
I think that for compiting is more suitable a colen/azlar combined with Falcon Wilbur . At least in terms of AOE.
If someone here more experienced on compiting could say us which would fit better id be thankful.

I have seen emblemed colen on the tops too so its not mandatory to Max azlar if you prefer the versatility of elena

I would just do marj first and give yourself more time to think about whether you azlar or elena. marj is the only red sniper and it looks like your roster will benefit more from having her than the other two.

maybe you’ll get absurdly lucky and pull a costume for azlar or elena, and that will settle the decision for you.

Otherwise, if you have the barbarian emblems, go with azlar. You don’t have gravemaker, and unless you have kage, you might not even have anybody legit for those emblems other than azlar.

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+1 for Marjana, we can use Scarlett for high att stat titan for a while.


Actually have Kage, got him just a couple of days ago (already at +8, and 3 namahages at +18 for events).
Sorry should have put my full roster. Have some good snipers on other colors (2 lianna, kage, seshat, magni. Other 5 * leveled are Victor,Neith,Kadilen, Telluria, Ariel,Isarnia,Viv.

On offense im using always with great effect (even against GM,Tell,Vela teams), Seshat,Victor,Kage,Clarissa 3-70, Ariel. Have lvl 11 mana troops for the 3 very fast.

But I think, yes I think I will take your recommendation Marj first, then pick any of the other 2.

If I dont get any of the costumes, who would be better for scoring on events ?

thanks for replies

Marjana is the only certain pick if you ask me. She’s not flashy but she brings home the money.

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With 19 rings, I’d go Marjana and Elena.


I would only do Marjana and wait for better reds then Elena and Azlar but if I need to choose would go for Elena before Lion specially if you get here costume.

I’m facing a similar decision on maxing Marjana or Elena first, having already maxed Azlar. I will tell you that I think both Elena and Azlar would be tough to use in events. Fire off their special the first time on the bosses, then hope they somehow survive to fire again, since they are both squishy and slow. In that sense, the edge might go to Elena, because her tile damage is higher.

On the other hand, as a regular Azlar user, I find his special easier to use than riposters like Boril and Cyprian. (I don’t use Elena much yet, obviously.) Although riposte has a decent duration, you still have to time it right to make sure it is active when the enemy fires a special. Also, you have to have sturdy folks on either side, because if they are dead, they don’t riposte. And using a riposter on the wings limits 1/3 of the special’s effectiveness, so you limit yourself a bit with positioning. Finally, there’s always the chance that the enemy does not attack a hero covered by riposte. Nothing like watching a powerful sniper blast one of your wings, while your middle is covered by riposte. With Azlar, it’s much simpler. Check for an active riposte and check for a cleanser nearing full charge. If you don’t see either, fire and enjoy the carnage. And it is some very enjoyable carnage.

Coming back to update, thanks all for your replies, at the end did ascend Marjana. Was waiting for info on the July red HOTM, but seems like a bad card so far, hopefully it will get improved. Will wait a bit to see how my reds go with the latest balance updates before taking a decision on who to ascend next.

thanks all !! :slight_smile:


I had same problem, so I asked people in my team and all of them said Marjana because she’s a fast hero. You’re gonna need her in war.
(I has my Marjana maxed, she did pretty good in war really)

But if you ask people in my team again on Elena v. Azlar, they will say Azlar. They said Azlar is solid. He’s tougher and stronger.

I personally like Elena because she’s so annoying when you have strong snippers.

Anyway, it really depends on how you like to play.
Some people like the reflect effect, some like the burning.

I like that elena’s Special doesn’t override marjana’s… or grave… or JF… or Natalya… or colen… or kelile

You get the point. Lmao.

it does seem to be a drawback that especially impacts red. I dont think anybody cares about blind not stacking for yellow or attack down not stacking for green.

red seems to be a good 2 color in 3-2 stacks for war as you can choose one utility hero and one burn hero. it would be cool if the burn damage stacked though, maybe at a discount, instead of just simply cancelling the prior burn.

maybe marj will get a costume with no burn damage- if we are lucky, and become very stackable.

Well, for me, it’s because blind and attack down doesn’t have anything to do with potential damage to the enemy… maybe a slight adjustment in percent or number of turns. :woman_shrugging:

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