Azlar or Falcon?


So, I’m debating on who gets the next round of Hidden Blades?

I have Azlar at 2/60 and am about to have Falcon at 3/60. I have enough blades to either take Azlar to the next level (I only have two sets of rings, so I’m a way out from maxing him) or maxing Falcon.

I currently have:

-BT at 4/1
-Kelile at 4/9
-Azer maxed
-Hawkmoon maxed

I also have an extra Bold Tusk, Gormek, Falcon, and Kelile that I haven’t touched.

I’m trying to build six solid teams for wars, etc.

I’d love to build Azlar, because he’s a 5* and I’d like to use him more, but I am leaning to the Falcon for stacking purposes.



Azlar is a bit of a glass cannon at 70, either are good… In my opinion 6 solid war teams need 12 healers @ 70.

Depending on the alliances you are fighting with, Falcon @ 60 and Alzar @ 70 could be quite destructive if they can stay alive long enough to get their specials off.


Hi @Isaac57,

If you only have two sets of rings, I would go ahead and ascend Falcon. By the time you get the rings to ascend Azlar, you will have collected enough hidden blades again. I also agree with @SkiParty that Azlar is devastating at level 4/80, but because of his slow rate is prone to dying before going off at the lower tiers. You can’t go wrong with either, but I think you will get more use out of Falcon while you wait on rings. Hope this helps, and good luck!


Yep, I like where you guys are thinking. As much fun as the fire-breathing lion is, I think overall I’d be better finishing Falcon, BT, and Kelile and by then hopefully have the rings I need.

Thank you!

@Tallman: Good to see another Mainer!


Haha. That’s awesome. Have a good one dude!


Answer is Falcon.

Advice is get Gormek moving vs BT or Kelile. When Falcon drops def vs red, it is splash damage. Kelile quite likely will kill one enemy following that; however, Gormek will hit the same three enemies when targeted properly, and he will drop those defenses for non-red follow-on damage.



Boldtusk+Falcon is a combination that will work wonders for you. On titans, on maps, on events and even on raids.