Khagan or Azlar

Hi, I have enough materials for the final ascension of one 5* red. They can go to Khagan or Azlar.

As regards reds, I own fully ascended Marjana, Elena, Wilbur, Boldtusk, Scarlett (these 5 are my standard red team), Shadereave, Sumitomo, Kelile, Colen and Gormek.

When I am attacking, I fear Azlar more than Khagan, however, Khagan is now a beast too after his last update…

I am interested in everything :slight_smile: except titans. Who would you ascend: Azlar, or Khagan, or should my rings wait for someone else? Thx.

I’d give those to Azlar. I’d Prefer using him over Khagan on defense and offense.
I might wait until you get a few more rings, in case you get a more useful hero.

Good Luck!

Azlar all the way. He’s a good addition with or without costume and great for 5* Rush Tourneys.

Azlar, although Khagan is getting buff in recent updates but he still mediocre.

La verdad los dos son buenos pero me inclino mas por azlar

Thank you a lot! Your voices are unisono, so I ascended Azlar. Fear me! :wink:

Depends on your roster too. Do you have Brynhild? She and khagan both have amazing synergy. They buff mana gen and both types of defence, making them quite difficult to take down.
And if you have kunchen even better. With kunchen and brynhild flanking khagan, they’re quite hard to take down.
And Azlar is reliable as always, that’s all I have to say for him

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Thank you for your advice, however, I have none of the heroes you’ve mentioned.

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