The gloves are off - Ascension advice

Afternoon all,

Having grabbed a pair of gloves in Farholme pass, I am now one cloak and one blade away from getting 4* heroes to their top ascension. I know that could take a while, but I want to have a plan for my feeder heroes.

Here’s the options

Red - Scarlett or Colen

Blue - Boril or Karil

My only other 4* is Rigard, fresh from training school and still working out which end of the sword to hold.

I have every 3* hero with the following fully, or nearly fully ascended - Balthazar, Kalani, Bane, Greyback, Tyrum, Burden, Ishtaak.

Colen seems much more popular than Scarlett, from my raiding experience but which dwarf gets the nod is more difficult.

I’d appreciate your thoughts.

I’d say Scarlett and Kiril. Boril is defense focused, so limited in role. Similar with Colen, he is popular on defence, but more limited in offensive roles. I’d prefer an single fast mana sniper to a slow aoe hero for offense.

Red : I personnaly would go with Scarlett first. Colen’s special is very powerfull but I prefer Scarlett’s fast mana + debuff and higher tiles damage. I have them both at 3/60 and I find myself using Scarlett more often.

Blue : I only have Boril but I think Kiril is better.

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Kiril and Scarlett - no debate here :stuck_out_tongue:


@Zizzzzy @Octavius @Mr_Daniel_Duck @Kymber Thank you.

That’s the value of the forum, based on what I’ve seen on defense teams, I would have expected the exact opposite :crazy_face:

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Kiril is no brainer. Attack Buff + Heal is great.

Scarlett Vs. Colen comes down to what you want to use them for most and what your other strengths are. Scarlett is better against Titans for sure. Colen is marginally better on defense. Both are useful. but I’d lean toward Scarlett in general So I guess I just agree with everyone else here :wink:

IMO when you’re building out your first and second set of 70s, defense is the last thing to focus on. focus on heroes that will improve your titan score, help finish rare quests, and event completion for epic and legendary - to get the ascension items.

Boril is terrible on titans. I concur with Kiril and Scarlett. FYI scarlett’s attack debuff turns a max 80 into a 2/40 offensively for 6 turns. that really drops their damage


A e&p thread with 100% agreement. I may have to have a lie down :sweat_smile:


Well then, I will pile on my agreement for Scarlett and Kiril as well. :slight_smile:

@Dante2377 makes a most excellent point about focusing on heroes that will help you the most to grow/advance more.

But… I would say hang on to Boril also (all of the 4* actually) for leveling up later. There are times where his reflect ability can make the difference fighting bosses for example, so I don’t think of him strictly as defensive. Kiril is all around useful though, I have one at 3/60 that I’m itching to ascend to max, but he is waiting in line after Magni so it’ll be a while (so many blues to level up… anyone know where I can get capes on sale, lol).


Thanks @ChoppedLiver. I do enjoy a good Perfect Riposte. Nothing as satisfying as watching someone’s prize Joon blow his own head off!


Definitely Scarlett. Her crazy high attack stat and attack debuff makes me still use her in my lineup against 8-9* green titans. For the other, is it Karil or Kiril you’re considering? Kiril is a great 4* that I’m maxing multiple of for Alliance Wars, while Karil is a mediocre 3* not really worth leveling at all.

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Yes, Kiril.
I know, about Karil, right? The guy that created names must have been off that day.

Must be super awkward at Dwarf new year when they realise they invited the hammer-swinging Viking instead of the guy with all the beer :beer:


Boy that would be very awkward

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I would fully agree with the others above and say Scarlett and Kiril. Scarlett will save you from having to take axe attacks and bomb attacks against Titans, and Kiril is in a 3-way tie for best 4* healer with Boldtusk and Rigard. But Kiril and Bold also boost attack, and Kiril is an essential Alli. Wars Hero because of this. Good luck with your heros, and I really hope you meant KIRIL and not KARIL, :smile:

Add another vote for Scarlett and Kiril


@Rockstar9280 @mrock42 @D.D

On that theme, I’ve done a quick fan-fiction:

Karil looked around the small cavern again, trying to mask his confusion while trying to wedge his knees under table. “Ragnhild would be laughing her braids off if she could see me” he thought, bitterly. Boril tried to fill the increasingly awkward silence, “so, cousin, you’ve…grown since I saw you last?” The dwarf’s eyes cast about the room for inspiration, “nice hammer, by the way…a little on the light side for me but size isn’t everything I hear, just ask Mrs Little John, just because you’ve got a massive chop doesn’t mean well, you know…” he trailed off. Karil nodded and forced a thin smile. He was sure he’d heard his name called at the Summon Gate? He started to regret his reputation for being so impetuously hot blooded…

Out in Howling bay the longboat completed another haphazard circle. Standing at the prow, Toril checked the wind again. No, still easterly, the problem must be one of the new oarsman - probably that lazy looking Brand fellow.

Down in the boughs, Kiril’s heard his oar slap the water ineffectually. One of the other crew tutted in annoyance. “I said at the jetty, I’m Kiril…with an I!” he protested again. “Quiet down, rookie”, barked the coxswain, “I can see you’ve only got one eye, rowing is all in the legs. Now brace yourself and heave, you useless wench!” Kiril looked down at his steel boots, his feet dangling above the salt-stained deck. “I’d kill for a beer…” he thought as the coast came into view for the eighth time…


Nice, had me laughing… :laughing:

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I’d like to ask “why”?

Low attack stat combined with a special that does not do reliable damage/effect (you might stun the titan or it can hit heroes without the riposte)

Exactly - his attack stat is super low and maybe the titan reflects back 500-1000 damage once…maybe twice. That’s not a good use of a hero slot. I mean if he’s what you got, you can toss him in vs reds, but other than use case, he’s worse than all the other blues and most of the other 4s vs titans.


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