Which fire hero to ascend?

Current team:
(All fully ascended and maxed out)

  • I have no 5*'s yet, but have 3 x TC20 up and running (30 pulls, no 5*'s but plenty of 4*'s)

  • I have 14 hidden blades and 3 rings.

  • I have multiple Gormeks, Keliles, Scarlets and a Colen (none ascended to their final stage)

Should I save all the hidden blades for future 5*'s? or should I use hidden blades to ascend one of my other 4* fire heros for backup/red stacking (considering I have so many)? if so, which one?


Blades are much easier to get then rings… you cpuld be waiting awhile for those next 3. In the meantime you could be burning down some baddies with 4* heroes.

Scarlett is a solid choice that hits hard. I’m not partial to Colen as slow heroes, especially 4*, are hard to keep longterm in your usuable roster.

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Sweet, yeah I was leaning more towards Kelile or another Gormek (even though his special doesnt stack) as their specials are more offensive. But yeah Colen is prob too slow.

Ill give it a think

Kellie is a solid choice to… just not sure I’m loving her ay higher tiered raiding as she’s a bit of a glass cannon.


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