Thought about Azlar

Hi community I got him now from TC20 , please share ur thoughts about him so that I can decide whether to level up him or not. Thanks .

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How many 4* reds are maxed?

Do you have all the mats to max a 5*?
Do you have other red 5* waiting to be levelled?


hey @TheBeastxGreat haven’t had the opportunity to own him as a hero but I have seen him mostly serving as a tank on the many raids and alliance wars conquered and lost! he is certainly a hero to hang on to.

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Ans for your questions


I’d max some of 4* reds first. Scarlett, Colen, Sumle and may be Gormek as a second red defense debuffer for Alliance wars.

You don’t have enough mats for Azlar anyway.

Colen, by the way is a light version of Azlar, but much cheaper to ascend.


He’s glass cannon, similar to Colen.


Nice one :+1::ok_hand:

Honestly, I’d keep on at the 4* for the moment - you’d need another 4 blades to max Azlar and you’d probably get more use out of Scarlett and then Colen…

Azlar is an okay 5*, but he won’t do enough at 3.70… there are also better heros in that red 5* AoE niche.


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Azlar is one of those heroes that if he goes off, it’s (almost always) game over. High attack stats make him useful on titans… and great in the rush raid tournaments. He wouldn’t be my first choice (or second or third) for a red 5* since he’s slow and has weak defense… but definitely a keeper.

I wouldn’t even worry about him now though. I’d work on Scarlett. He’s too squishy to be viable at 3/70… and the burns you have with marj and JF don’t stack. :woman_shrugging:

Side note: @huguesdepayens welcome to the forum!


Az can be naz(ty) :wink:

I finished him once a time ago due to a lack of other options, but don’t regret it. With emblems he can even become slightly sturdy.

Boldtusk -> Wilbur -> Azlar 4 a kill.


Azlar has fallen out of fashion these days. There used to be books and movies about him, if you can believe it- they just misspelled his name or used the Brittish spelling.

I think he is one of the more underrated heroes on the forum. If you’re a budget player, he will be very useful for you. If you’re prepared to spend big, go after a few Gravemakers.

For green titans you will use Azlar every time because his attack score is one of the highest in the game.


:smile: :wave: - thanks for the welcome and also for shading more light on Azlar! :pray:


In my honest opinion, Azlar is ok, and when he goes off he can be a force to be reckoned with.
That said I would probably wait until his costume is available in round two before I rush to max him


He’s not going to play well with JF or Marjana. Since you’re already waiting on rings, there’s no harm in taking him to 3/70 while you wait. Maybe a red 5 that doesn’t rely on burn damage will pop out for you by the time you get 6 rings.


He’s pretty amazing in low tiers. If you’re in gold or lower he’ll be strong and if your war opponents run a lot of 3 and 4 stars, he can be amazing in a lot of rolls

But against equal tier heroes he’s lost a lot of steps.

However- his costume is quite good and with a strong troop and emblems… we may see him reappear in low diamond.

So it’s possible to ascend him in the near future, get a lot of use from him for 3-6 months, then have him fall back a bit until fortune smiles on you with a costume pull.

That said, he’s very useful in wars still as a finisher and in the very fast tournaments he’s a top choice.

Depending on your alliance level, he’s good to amazing to level


Contra: slow and has a tendence to say goodbye before he fires.

Pro: heavy damage and burn 6 rounds for also a hard damage that can make the difference while attacking. Most of the time the flanks are burning down while you are combining new tiles through the middle.

I have him with emblems, hoping for his costume. Currently even in my war defense, but I dont see him in defense at all, he is either blown away or manacontrolled.

But (just my opinion):
Id rather use scarlett on titan because of the attack downer, faster and tile damage almost as high.

Azlar is superb on very fast tournaments, that need to be taken as serious argument. Because tournaments are one way to push your emblems, hero coins, troop coins.

While attacking I really often use boldtusk, wilbur, azlar, elena and one out of scarlet/khagan/falcon. Pvp or war, the fight is over when i hit 11 tiles in red.
Works very good on aegir tanks, because of the time you have to load up.

Also use azlar in legendary events.

As it was said above, what i think is very true: old style hero. Not the best, but still quite playable in offense.


I have Santa, JF, Azlar and Elena on the bench and 12 rings, my plan is to ascend two of them.

My current reds are BT, Wilbur, Gormek, Kelile, Colen, Falcon, Zimkhita and Anzogh, all maxed (some emblemed). I feel the need of someone packing a punch.

Of the four candidates, I am strongly oriented on JF and Azlar: although I am not convinced of the first, I don’t think ascending two slows would be a good idea and I see him used quite a lot, so I guess I still have to grasp some of his advantages.

Azlar because I am a huge Colen fan and I would really like to have his pumped up version. I know he’s squishy and slow, but if he manages to fire it means real troubles for the opponent, besides his huge tile damage.
I’m a bit sorry for Elena as I also have her costume, but I’m not a fan of riposters

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Grave is coming. I would wait before making a decision.


Yeah depends on if you are really pushing to get gravemaker.

I see JF as way stronger. Depending on your roster i would say:

  1. Gravemaker (if you are lucky)
  2. Jean
  3. Santa
  4. Azlar
  5. Elena

I was completely forgetting about Gravemaker next month, of course I’ll try to get him.


I got him now from TC 20

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