Which dark path should I take?

So I need some suggestions on what to do with my dark heroes next. I currently have 5 tabards and 8 trap tools so I’ll be able to ascend my first dark 5* soon. That last tabard could show up tomorrow or several months from now but I’d like to be prepared regardless.

Here are my 5* - Sartana 3.70, Aeron 2.60, and Kunchen 1.1

4* - Proteus, Cyprian, Balthazar Maxed, Rigard 3.60
Unleveled 4* - Tiburtus, 3x Proteus, 2x Cyprian, Rigard

FYI: I dont have another 5* healer, I already have 2 maxed pulverizers and 3 4* healers in Grimm, Gormek, BT, Kash and Kiril

What should my next dark move be?

With your current heroes, I’d max Rigard before the 5*.

While you have Boldtusk, Kiril, and Kashhrek, Rigard is better as a straight healer and clearer, which is huge for Raiding/War, and Quests/Events.

All of your dark 5* are worth maxing eventually, but you’ll be able to max Rigard and Sartana with your current mats plus one Tabard, which will give you a good mix alongside your current heroes without having to wait on more Trap Tools.

Even if you get the last Tabard right now, I’d still max Rigard before moving over to Sartana or any other 5* for that matter.


Since we just did Morlovia a few days ago, the next guaranteed tabard is about two months out based on the rare quest cycle. Rigard is one of the best 4* healers in the game.

The advice I was given on the first rainbow 5* hero team is you want them to be as versatile as possible, and Sartana is the one who is not only close enough to hitting that ascension mark but the one that checks all the boxes.

I agree with zephyr1 in that Rigard and Sartana are your best options, and getting Rigard to 4/70 will take less time than getting Sartana to 4/80, so he’ll be at his peak faster. Focus on Rigard since you can pull the trigger now, Tiburtus to at least 3/60, and once the time comes, pull the trigger on Sartana.

A good problem to have as Sartana, Aeron, and Kunchen are all great.

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When you bump into an ascension mat wall with the Rigard-then-Sartana plan, Tibertus is definitely worth progressing. All three of the Ramming Pulverizer heroes are sta-les of the 4* bench.


Seems like most agree that the best approach is to max Rigard then wait on mats for Sartana. I’ll work on tibs after until I get the last tabard too. I had read a lot of mixed reviews about Kunchen, some say he is a must have while other say he’s meh, so I wasnt sure if I he was my best option. Thank you to everyone for all the great advice as usual.


I will also give my thumbs up to the Rigard then Sartana plan.
That said, Kunchen is definitely worth the mats after. From experience, I can tell you that maxing a 5* is so much slower and painful then maxing a 4.
Each of the healers you have maxed have their own purposes. Kash is one of the best gold/platinum tanks in the game. But he only heals those who flank him. BT is technically a healer, but his main skill is increasing your attack. Same can be said about Kiril, he has the added defense buff. But Rigard is one of the deep healers and he cleanses your team of DOT. So is invaluable going up against heroes such as Hu Tao and Colen. With your current healers you don’t have that yet.
He will also be a good edition maxed in your team against titans that cause blindness, add poison, burn or lower attack without having to use as many antidotes!


“If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will”

My vote is for Rigard or Kunchen


Sartana - Sartana - Sartana and more Sartana


I agree with the crowd: Rigard and then Sartana.

Rigard is going to be useful even when you have multiple 5* teams. Sartana is a great plug and play sniper and can be included on lots of different teams. She’s in my defense and almost all of my raid and titan teams.


You mentioned you don’t have any 5 star healer - but do you have any other 5 star snipers or 5 star tanks?

People here leaning towards Sartana. I have went Kunchen over Sartana and am very happy with that decision. I did have 5 star snipers already (Magni and Marjana maxed) and I desperately needed a successor for Kashhrek. Kunchen was the best choice in these circumstances.

Btw I refused to level up Rigard having Kunchen at hand (mostly because he came very late). To me if you can get Kunchen to max, Rigard is redundant. Deep war bench becomes his only purpose, and I already had 6 healers.

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FWIW I’m seeing a lot of Rigard+7 and +8 in raiding. It’s clear that many people think that Rigard+emblems is an average-speed version of slow Kunchen.


Yeah each of them has an edge in something else. I value the fact I can leave other def debuffers home to leverage different utility hero. Few less tiles to go off are advantage for Rigard. I mitigate Kunchen slowness by adding mana troop. I also plan to max Ariel to flank him.

I guess the Rigard with more talents is close in stamina to naked or +2 Kunchen. I just figured much more people have maxed Rigard than those having maxed Kunchen, so it may impact the amount of voices here. Thus wanted to share mine for a different perspective.


This is something I hadn’t really considered. As of now the only candidate for my cleric emblems will be Rigard once he is maxed which is nice. And to answer your question I do have other 5* snipers but I dont currently have a leveled 5* tank. My other sniper is Joon(4.45) and my best potential 5* tank options are Justice(3.50), an uneleved Alby and well Kunch. The problem with Justice or Alby is I recently used my 6 darts and tonics to fully ascend my first 2 5* so it will be a long while before I can gather those again.

It is always nice to see things from a different perspective so thank you for your input.

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I don’t want to further suggest anything, but Alby is no tank (he should be actually as far from tank as possible) and Justice is not comparable to Kunchen on that position (especially if you can’t get her to max soon - tank position does not forgive unlevelled heroes). Rigard is probably safest if you hestitate don’t want to go all in. 4 trap tools is 4 weeks. 6 tabards is 6 months. And with emblems you can see how he handles the tank. You can leave the decision Sartana or Kunchen for later.

Given those tank options you may want to do Kunchen ahead of Sartana.

Tank is arguably the most important position in raid and war defense.

I actually dont have any experience with Alby. I was just going off what I had seen on the hero grading chart which gave him an A at tank. And I dont really like Justice but she’s the tankiest that I’ve got.

Now what I’m wondering is that if I max+8 Rigard to use as tank, and fully ascend Sartana, who would I use on defense? Sartana is on my defense team now at 3.70. Currently my defense team (3675 TP) cant hold its own in diamond tier but I still always open the diamond chest because of my offense so I can see keeping a maxed Sartana off it. Kunchen might help my defense stay in diamond but then I would have a much harder time filling my raid chest.

Alby’s strength is the ressurection. Tank’s position is usually taken down first. What’s the point of ressurecting others if you are the first to die. He’s best in the back. Not a terrible tank but he’s not at full potential.

Who is tanking for you now?

Rigard (you will still stack him with Sartana and Aeron against a Guin tank in high diamond arena later on) > Sartana(one of the better sniper) > Kunchen (one of the better tank due to his multi-special).

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Well my defense team is not the greatest right now. Currently my tank is BT+7. I also have a kashrek that I’m close to maxing.

Kashhrek only heal Those next to him(higher rate) while BT heals a lower rate but the attack buff is good.
Kashhrek is good in gold and platinum arena while BT all the way to diamond arena.

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