Help. I have ascension mats for one dark hero. Rigard or Sartana


Took me a million years to get my last trap tool, and now I have to choose to ascend either Sartana or Rigard, who is currently in my defense/attack team. I like his purify and heals, but I cant get a Sartana out of my head. That she looks like a sultry Angelina Jolie doesn’t help with my rational judgment:) Will I be missing out not to ascend her? Maybe this is hard to answer without knowing my other heroes. Thoughts? Experience? I’ve run out of food storage tossing this back and forth.


I think it all depends if you have the ascension materials to get Sartana to the last level or not. Usually you can get 50 trap tools before you get enough 6 Royal Tabbards. I’ve been playing 6 months now and I’ve gotten atleast 12 Trap Tools and only 2 Royal Tabbards.

You can look at this sheet by Artemis for what you need for final ascension.


Hard to answer without knowing your other heroes… Details ?


Thanks for the link. I used to think scabbards were hard to get. Now I have 23. Maybe I’ll start coming across more trap tools. That said, I’ve never seen a royal tabard, so I doubt I’ll get Sartana to the final ascension. If trap tools become less ultra rare for me, this issue goes away, and I can push them both to the next level.


Vivenna, my current team is Rigard, Bloodtusk, li Xiu, Athena, and Caedmon. Li Xiu is almost to 70.

I have a b team I am leveling and playing around with just to get a feel for the dynamics. They are Melandor, Hu Tao, Ares, Athena, and Sartana. I kind of like the Athena, Ares, Sartana middle in that team.

I have some others I’ve not used much at all, like Boril, Kiril, Chao, Cyprian, Sabina, Scarlett, Gormek, Kadilen, Little John, and Grimm.

My current team does pretty well on defense, but sometimes I feel a bit underpowered on offense.

Hope this helps. Thanks for being willing to weigh in on this.


If you don’t have any royal tabards go with Rigard. You need 6 tabards for Sartana’s last ascension and 8 total tools ( 3&4^). You’ll be better off short term (6 mo) with the fully ascended healer.


It does. Without knowing levels and knowing attack is where you’re weakest I’d go with Sartana. She’s nice even at 3/70. You won’t be in the top 20 or even 50 or anything yet but depending on Bolds level I think you may as well go for a fast attack skill instead :slight_smile:


For comparison sake I found both the heroes at their potential levels for you to see

She is a bit weaker but I still stand by previous advice :slight_smile: Rigard can be done while waiting on those tabards


Thanks for the side by side. Very similar stats, although Rigard is a bit better defended. Biggest difference I see is one heals, one melts faces. :slight_smile: the advice to max Rigard now, with an eye toward Sartana later also makes sense…

Decisions, decisions… thanks for the help!


Yep… Defense or melting faces up to you pretty good way to say it. I do think you’re likely to collect 8 trap tools in the time it takes to collect 6 tabards, you could have them even by the time you’re ready to ascend Sartana again


My decision would be based off of Boldtusk. Where is he in level and ascension. If he is far along, then go w/ the extra damage, as it seems like you might need.


Unless you really care about trying for cups (and those won’t get you tabards) I think viv’s answer is the clear choice.

Sartana is flatly better raid attacking and titans (considering you have either Ares or BT there). Sabina does fine at 60 mostly, while Rigard definitely helps, he’s going to help in fewer situations (drag antidotes for titans or map like farholme when necessary anyway they’re cheap cheap).

Caed / Sartana / Ares / Athena / flex (where flex is probably Sabina or Chao or Scarlett) is a highly effective raid attack team.

Raid attack means more resources, titan attack means better chance (still RNG) potentially for said tabards and what not.

Defense means cups, and, well, cups?

Consider prioritizing that last unless your alliance really really wants you to have cups, and FWIW that raid team I listed can keep you around 2200 if marked as defense which is enough to make weight in any alliance in game.


I’d definitely go with sartana. I find it can be really helpful to have a healer to bring with me on raids and difficult maps/quests but never two. Boldtusk is to me the better choice of healer since he helps out a lot in attack. Rigard then becomes a bit obsolete in the setup.

As several has already mentioned: Sartana will be a good addition to you attack team even if not on last ascension. Attack team is used for everything in the game and should come first. Also as already pointed out, you will almost certainly be able to level ascend rigard and maybe a few more purple before you get the 6 royal tabbards.


I would do Sartana. You need a couple of good single targeters and you got a healer in boldtusk.


Is it even a question? Sartana.
Comparison apart and even if you doesn’t had Boldtusk, Sartana maxed can become much more stronger then Rigard, and ascension material is so rare that you can’t waste it on a weaker character.
If you use it on Rigard, you have to found another 8 traps and 6 coats to max Sartana.

Good luck.


It’s a valid question :slight_smile: They only have 4 traps. It would allow Rigard to be maxed or Sartana to go to the third ascension. Neither is a waste of materials, I love Rigard as a healer. If the situation were different and they weren’t lacking in a solid speedy attack hero I might have suggested the other way around. It’s likely they can come up with 8 traps before all of the tabards needed for that last ascension with Sartana, Rigard does not need them.


No, wait, seriously?
Sartana is one of the best hero so far, really good for defence/attack raids, titans and quests.
Fast mana, impressive special, good stats so… most likely every player want her in his team.

And you say that you may give priority to Rigard knowing the lack of ascension materials in this game? Just… no.
Even if Rigard has better synergy with my current team, i go for Sartana the same.

My god, is… Sartana!


I’m a fan of making sure my team works really well together :slight_smile: She’s great but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s the one for the job. Typically a 5* at 3/70 is comparable or slightly worse than a 4* at 4/70. Trap tools don’t actually seem all that rare to me - the tabards on the other hand definitely are and if you won’t likely have them on hand by the time you get the rest of the trap tools needed - I would absolutely vote for team synergy with the win, every time.



To add to this, team synergy increases progression speed.

One individual card, that is a complete misfit or a duplicate of current functionality (double colors for titans and tile damage raid strats excepted), really doesn’t.

I make these decisions on a regular basis, I even delay decisions if I know something which I’m going to roll some in like the pirate event is on the near term horizon.

OMG 4 Shields! Finally! Elkanen Go!

Well wait a second… Elk is legitimately in my estimation currently #3 green at 70, maybe #4 depending on use case with Melendor: it’s a bit of a wash; however, the pirates change the dynamics of raids. I have zero self-dispels, none, but I do have other fast mana hitters (some at least).

So just delaying by a week or two when maybe by some chance I can pull a Lady Locke or even a Cabin Boy which absolutely increases my progression by furthering my raid attack capability, that’s worth prioritizing over the generalized green hitter that is Elkanen even if they’re more niche, even if Locke isn’t really appropriate on titans which I do care about, etc ad naseum. Overall Elkanen is likely a better hero for most people, but for my specific use case, with something that adds further capability, it’s better to wait.


You seem to have foreknowledge of the types of heros and/or rewards for the upcoming event. Care to share?