5 star Dark hero issue: Kage, Clarissa, Sartana w/ costume

I have no fully ascended 5* in any color. Been mostly concentrating on 4* heroes. However a couple months ago when Clarissa was HOTM, I ran into a problem I’ve avoided until now. I got Clarissa, and Kage out of Atlantis and Costume Sartana within a couple weeks. Now I don’t know which to fully ascend? My 4* darks are:

Costume Rigard 4/70
Merlin 4/70
Cyprian 3/60
Tiburtus (current project but can only take to 3/60 due to the lack of trap tools to ascend him and a 5*)

Clarissa is at 3/70, and the other 2 are mid 1st ascension. I only have enough Tabards for 1 and don’t know if I should use them on Clarissa or bring up Kage or Sartana for the Tabards?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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For 1st drak, I will choose very fast sniper Kage.
Both are great and has good advantage specially if we have Troop mana lvl 11, with only 6 tiles.
Sartana with costume is also great, and I will ascend her before Clarissa.
All 3 options are great.


You really can’t go wrong with any of the three, they are all great heroes. With that said, for me, it would kind of depend on the rest of your roster aside from your purples you listed, too…

Because of the fact that C-Sartana is going to require you to effectively fully level her up twice, I’d probably first look to either Clarissa or Kage.

What kind of dispellers do you already have now? If you’re weak there, Kage would be a great fit. If you already have enough of those, then I’d lean towards Clarissa.

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Tough decision. Do you have dark mana troop? Level it up to lvl 11 and you will charge either clarissa or Kage in only 6 tiles. Thats huge. Even with a bad board you can more or less be able to fire very fast heroes.
Which one depends on your preferences. A hard hitter or a hit to three GM style?

Costume Sartana is a beast but you would need more trap tools than a conventional 5☆. 8 trap tools plus 4 trap tools for the costume so.

12 trap tools or 13 i think that to ascend a 5☆ costume to third ascension you need one rare unfarmeable mat and then to fourth you need 4 . In this case are trap tools.

So i would do if you have the mats probably c.sartana if not Kage. Anyways any of those three are solid options and depends more on your needs and playstyle.


My only dispelled are Sonya, Mnesseus, Tyrum and Belith fully leveled. Really only use Sonya and Mnesseus, I do have Caedmon but he is at 1/1 and is my next green project after my current which is Brynhild.

Your Dark 5☆ options are awesome. However i wouldnt be in a hurry to start working on them. Your 4☆ roster still seems to be developing so i would focus on them first. The 4☆ ascension mats are not going to go anywhere and so far you have more 4☆ maxed you will find eaiser to score better and therefore access to better titan rewards. (3☆ unfarmeable mats are easier to get than 4☆ so you eventually could have enough to max your 4☆ and in a future your 5☆ heroes)

Thats my 2 cents


All are great heroes.

I would ascend kage. He is good all around and a great sniper on either mono dark or other configurations like 3-2.

Then I would ascend Clarissa who is really great in mono dark. Note both her a kage really need level 11 mana troops to bring the number of tiles they need to charge down to 6 tiles.

Although costume sartana is good, classic sartana isn’t better than either kage or clarissa. To ascend her base form and costume will take time, a tonne of food, and lots of 3* mats you might not have.

Kage > Clarissa > Sartana

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In that case, since you’re seemingly a little short on quality dispellers, Kage would probably be the right choice for now. That said, TheWizard makes an excellent point to, in that putting off the decision now to work on depth 4 stars is a great idea too.

Thanks, that is what I have been trying to do and why I didn’t address this a couple months ago when it occurred. I am trying to get to 5 maxed 4* of each color before I seriously consider the 5’s. I have the same issue in red but those heroes are not top tier like my purple, Khagan, Anzogh, and Puss, lol. The other colors I only have one 5* but I’m waiting to see if I get more options before I consider ascending.

Thanks all, this really helped!

Do you feed on colour? If so you can consider start working on Kage giving him purple feeders. You will find any soon that later leveles of 5☆ are so hard to feed with 1☆ feeders so you can give them to a purple 4☆.

So you can mix that 5☆ (Kage) with other heroes that need less resources in other colours.

Great suggestion! Thank you!

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Have Kage, Clarissa and Sartana without costume and I use Kage the most, especially on offense. Great against BK, helps a lot against Telluria too. His dispel before hit is invaluable against a ton of other heroes (notably Sif and all heroes with counter), because it is basically guaranteed ignore of buffs. He has also decent defense.

So I would say Kage.

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I’d spend the traps on Tiburtus first.

When it comes time to do a 5 (I’d maybe even do another 4* first anyway) I’d probably do Sartana/C, then Clarissa before Kage…

If you’ve got Sabina sat unleveled, I’d do Tibs and Sabina both to max before moving onto 5’s.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my Kage, but he’s a little niche - he hits pretty hard and dispels one, but there are better heroes around… Now we’re out of Guin meta, he’s less essential - useful, but maybe not a first…
He’s not getting a huge amount of use these days, not because he’s bad but because other heroes fit my play style better.

Sartana with costume gives you season 3 power levels (more than Kage) and the flexibility to choose between her two forms - she’ll also hit much harder on any target under 50% health (this doesn’t matter much on titans but you’ll notice the difference on events and emblem trials!).
Yes, it’ll take longer to max the costume but you won’t need many mats for it - just some feeders and time.

Clarissa helps bulk up your purple stack against incoming specials, whilst doing vfast damage in a beefy package.