Leveling Sartana or keep going with Rigard with my current team? :/

Hi guys!! After your suggestions in my previous topic, I have the following rainbow team at the moment:

  • Caedmon, Grimm, Boldtusk, Rigard, Wu Kong

Since I have only Rigard as a decent 4* purple, I decided to make some pulls and after 5 single pulls I got her …Sartana!! .
All heroes are at 3/1 at the moment, except for Wu kong who is at 3/15. My question is…should I complete Rigard or can I keep him at this level focusing on Sartana? I am mainly interested in titans/ PVE. Consider that I have a 3/1 Kiril and a 1/1 Melendor. Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

I would level Rigard to 3/60 and then Sartana to 3/70. She’s great at that stage.
It’s what I did anyway.

So, you suggest to spend the ascension items on her anyway :slight_smile:

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She is one of the best snipers and the purple hero everyone want in their team, only G. Panther can compete but on utility vs Sartana’s damage.

I have 2 Rigard and they are both at lv 3.60, their heal and cleanse don’t get better at 4.70 while Sartana sooner or later, leveling up to 4.80, will “drill holes larger and larger”.

And Rigard isn’t the best for PvE: you can bring items to replace his cleanse special.
Try to draw G. Panther and the ascend her or Sartana if you don’t get her.


Saving those ascension materials for Sartana is a given. The not so obvious advice is get the team as it stands to 3^60. Wu is the first to be maxed.

Add some extra roster slots to save your 1/2* dark feeder heroes. Those you feed to Sartana as soon as you have maxed Rigard’s special.

Sartana is what will move that upper gold team to platinum, but Wu first.


You’ll want Sartana maxed ASAP, so it just depends on your mats. If you have 5+ tabbards, I’d start working on Sartana. Otherwise, I’d finish Rigard first and bring sartana to 3-70 after.

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Thanks very much for your suggestions…really appreciate them! Another advice…i have all heroes skills maxed except for boldtusk. What is the best way to level up heroes at this stage? Training by color? Feed with every Hero?

Same color heroes:
10x 1* same color while leveling
10x 2* same color on last level
10x 2+* same color while at 4.70

No one has convinced me there is any best way. If BT is above 3^20 and his special skill is 5 or less, then I would consider all red. The need to segregate heroes for added exp works best if you are eilling to buy extra roster space and have a training camp 11 to fill those spaces.

Also, many love BT, but I prefer Kiril. The suggestion was made above to try summonses during the Guardians event to get G Panther.

Panther and Jackal are top notch, but G Falcon adds more as a red 4 than BT imo.

Good luck

Boldtusk is at 3/1 at the moment…Moreover I have a lv 11 camp I can use to train extra cheap heroes :slight_smile:

What level is his special skill?

At the moment, his skill is at lv 6.

This is reason to use 10 red feeders leveling BT. He needs to get his skill up. Once you get it to 8, feed him anything.

How many trap tools and tabards do you have?

I had a 3/70 Sartana and a 4/70 Rigard for a long time…so I have a view that depends on your ascension items count.

1 trap tools 2 tabards

As suggested prior - take Sartana to 2.60 and Rigard to 3.60 - I’d do Rigard first and then see where you are with items and reevaluate.

Both are great cards.

Just curious, is there a reason to not take Rigard to max? It seems like a lot of people agree to take 4 stars to 3/60. Is there not a noticeable improvement if you keep leveling?

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Rigard is a lot durable at 4/70. I don’t have Sartana so didn’t have this dilemma. But Rigard is a staple on just about every team I use. The cleanse + healing is unmatched. He has saved me many times.

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I have him approaching 3/60, but I’m wondering if it’s worth taking him to max. Would if make a difference to OP if his other hero wasn’t Sartana? I’m just trying to apply some of this advice to my own team. Unfortunately, I don’t have Sartana, so I’m sure the advice would change based on the other available options

I am a strong advocate of building a solid, fully ascended 4* team before touching 5* heroes. Rigard is the real deal. Finish him


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