Which dark 5* to level?

After a year of playing, I have enough 4* dark heroes leveled. Sabina is nearly finished and I have 16 tabards, so time to start on the first dark 5*.

4* selection:
Rigard (c)
Tibertus (c)
(And boomer at 1.1)

My options:
Mok-arr (already at 2/60)
Mok-arr 1.1 (yes, my 2 Atlantis 5* are both mok-arr… My summoning luck sucks)

Quintus is slow, but has a huge attack. Mok-arr also hits hard, but is less useful against dark.
Not really sure about obakan, but I have sumitomo maxed, who is sort-of comparable. He is adequate, but not spectacular, so I expect the same from obakan.

Who would you choose from these 3?

My other ascended 5* heroes are Telluria and Marjana

I know this isn’t helpful, but I’d leave all those 5* purples unleveled. In most attack teams and in defense, I’d put C-Rigard in there every time over that bunch.


I’d say if you HAD TO choose one of them, I would go with Obakan. He was the first 5* dark hero I maxed (maybe the second after Sartana) and I used him constantly until I got to a point where my roster outgrew him. Fast hitter with high tile damage. Quintus is fine but just too slow. Mok-Arr is super-niche for use only in an attacking dark stack. Obakan certainly isn’t great, but he’s solid and will benefit from C-Rigs and C-Tibs.

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I’m running out of dark projects, so I feel it’s time for a dark 5*. Besides, I don’t really spend that much (not more then the occasional PoV or VIP), so changes on a better option in the short term aren’t good, and even if I do, I’ll have the mats to ascend the better option as well.

So a vote for outsider obakan! Curious what others think. Obakan is indeed fast! Had him in my mind as average. His attack is also high indeed, slightly higher than Quintus! Will reconsider him.

I don’t really mind slow heroes, my first 4* was Colen, and I still use him often paired with BT and Wilbur, when that trio fires, it’s often enough to win.

Biggest differences from Sumitomo to Obakan is the faster speed, higher attack #, damage to three instead of one. In comparison, Obakan is better and sturdier…as one would expect when comparing a 4* to a 5*. He won’t blow your hair back, but he was a low-key MVP for me for a while when I had him emblemed. Again, I outgrew him a ways back but not a horrible choice.

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Try to figure out a purple stack with c-Tiburtus + c-Rigard + Obakan…ok…and + Quintus? Ehm Quinty, we have just fired! Would you go too please?!..and now + Mokk-arr! Oh wow, we’re all charged! Please, go Tibs…oh no, always after you Rigs! It’s your turn, Sharky…BOOM!!! :wink:

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If that’s the case, I’d rule out Mok-Arr. He’s really only useful when you have a strong stable of purple heroes that was immune to his special. I’d value Quintus just a little biut more than Obakan.


I understand it’s not quite true since his buff that he is only good in a mono team. I haven’t levelled my shark yet but people who have him say he doesn’t do that much damage to allies. You wouldn’t want to team him with yellows, mind you…

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In my honest opinion, if you run TC20 on a regular basis you will eventually get a better 5* Dark ie Sartana. So save your mats for a little while longer.
But if you want to run with it now, I wouldn’t do Quintus unless you have his costume.
So from the rest of the heroes in your list it leaves Obakan as your best option.
Whichever hero you choose, good luck



obakan is ok for titans

Gotta post rest of roster to know

Contrary view from me. You aren’t likely to use any of those 3 on defense, you already have Rig – I’d go with Mok-Arr, at least the opponent will feel his special when it goes off. Obakan’s special is way too weak, and with his riposte just protecting him, he’s just not worth it.

Mok-Arr is not a great hero, but he’s seriously underrated here because his special includes a tiny bit of damage to your own heroes. The amount is so small, you won’t even notice it. Mok-Arr’s special hits as hard as Quintus’ does, but on Average speed, yes dark is immune, but he makes up for it by wrecking Joon or Drake at the same time.

As someone that maxed Obakan, and never uses him now, I can’t tell you how many times I fired his special hoping for damage, only to ask myself, where did it go?


If you need a project, work on Obakan and hope you get a better option by the time he’s 3/70.

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I stated the most relevant heroes in the startpost, but if it helps:

Well, Sabina is done. Still not sure, so I’ll do Balthazar costume. Currently leaning to Obakan, with fast and high attack-value.

I mostly agree with your analysis.

I would like to add a couple of things: shooting C. Rigard, C. Tiburtus and then Mok-Arr would deal a HUGE amount of damage to all enemy’s team (except for purples). I do often a similar thing, only with Ursena instead of the shark.

The cost of this is a very little damage to your non-purple heroes.

Obakan also strikes hard but only on three and his reposte is not very useful, as it covers only himself. Because of this, you can just avoid dropping tiles on him and suffer almost no consequences (or you can bring a dispeller).
Nonetheless I wouldn’t underestimate him, it is not uncommon to find him in diamond league defenses.

There are indeed better purples of those… but if you don’t want to wait, Mok-Arr would be my choice. Many are scared of the damage he deals to one’s own non-purple, but it’s very minor

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Where do you plan to use your 5* most (world map, quests, etc.?) Which Purples do you use on offensive Raids and Events? Do you run mono? That could shift the balance between the three.

Costumed Rigard and Tibs indeed make a great combination with Quintus and with Mok-Arr…

I’m also thinking that your 4* Purples are mainly supportive, so choosing a 5* with a nice hard-hitting special would add a lot to your roster. If you run mono, then Mok-Arr > Quintus as you don’t suffer the drawback from his special. And I would say over Obakan as well, Obakan’s special IMO does not do much damage, and his self-riposte pales beside Cyprian’s riposte-over-three.

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All three aren’t really good at defense, so would use them for map, events and war (and probably against a yellow titan). I seldom do mono, I prefer 3-2. My favourite offensive raid-team is colen/Wilbur/boldtusk/rigard(c)/proteus. Shark (quintus) could replace colen there.

I’m levelling the shark now as its my only other 5* dark and out of them 3 I’d probably be levelling him still.
People who actually leveled and emblemed and played with him have good stuff to say, then those who always say pffft mokar he’s never getting passed 1/1.
There some good threads on here have a read of them and decide.

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I have Mok, he’s maxed and he’s getting emblemed. He is a decent part of my mono purple and he has only 4 talents so far.

One thing is that his self team damage is almost negligible. 50 health? And his damage to yellow is almost the same as a sniper. When he fires after Rigard and Tiburtus, he typically kills any yellow heroes.

He is decent. I mean think about it, he does more than Ursena (without the drop off), almost as much as Killhare (one of the best heroes).

His real drawback is his inability to hurt purple. As long as you don’t pick a team with 2 dark heroes, you’re good.