Mokk-Arr - Is he worth ascending now?

I was just wondering if Mokk-Arr is worth ascending now?

And what experience do players that have with using him in his current form.

Also, what combinations do you like using him with? Does anyone use him with anything other than dark mono?

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Mokk Arr + Wilbur combo =Death!!


Mono dark for me, only have him at 3/70 though

I was thinking about putting him in my purple team, together with C Rigard, C Tiburtus, Ursena and Seshat… if he shoots after Ursena, it should be game over for the opponent


Mono is ideal, but not like a dealbreaker or anything. 50% damage is nothing anyway.

Mok-Arr is often regarded as one of the worst Dark 5star heroes, but he still has some use imo. Obviously, if you have Ursena, Seshat, Sartana, Domitia, Clarissa, G.Panther, Hel, Jabberwock, Kage, Killhare, Khiona, Kunchen, etc, I would give tabards to them first.

I think Mok-Arr woulld be decent in a mono purple war team with Costume Rigard, Costume Tibertus, and 2 purple snipers. If you can get a decent board of purple and charge all 5 heroes, you’re pretty much guaranteed a win. Fire C.Rig for attack boost, then C.Tibs for defense down on all, then Mok-Arr for the heavy AOE. Then finish off the opponent’s remaining purple hero with a snipe. I would probably use another fast speed support hero like Freya instead of a second sniper on the team to help survivability in case of bad board.

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If you can charge your purple fivestack it‘s almost always a win - with or without Mok Arr :joy: This hero does something - but most others just do it better


Fair enough, but if Mok-Arr is your only option, then he can fill that role on your purple mono team

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I’d like a shark gets a bad rap but I’d max one sure there could be others worthy of mats but who yah got? @BubblesUK @King_Nothing use him alot prob can shed some advice.

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Mostly by people who don’t get him… And haven’t maxed him.

He’s always been powerful, he’s even more so now.


There are also some interesting tactical niches for him - many players see “hurts allies”, wonder why ok earth you’d want that and switch off immediately.

There are actually cases where it’s actually a useful bonus!
I’ll give you two examples - first is beserk (Brienne, Khiona, BK) and spirit link makes this even more potent, that damage to self increases your teams attack (and it’s very low damage to self already!).

Another case is Gullinbursti…
Fire Gullin, Wilbur and then Mok and you’ll have instantly capped out 'bursti at his +285% attack. You now have three turns of humongous tile damage and then his max AoE after all that.


Haha yea I never considered the interaction with Berserk. I don’t think people will often be using Brienne and Mok-Arr on the same team. If Black Knight is activated, Mok-Arr’s special shouldn’t hit any allies other than Black Knight so only black knight would get an additional +20% attack.

I am very interested in the interaction between Khiona and Mok-Arr tho since they are both dark heroes. According to Mok-Arr’s description, “All Dark allies and enemies are immune to this attack”. That should mean Dark allies are still hit but just receive 0 damage. Therefore Dark heroes buffed by Khiona should get additional attack increase.

It would be interesting to have a dark mono team with C.Rigard, C. Tibertus, Khiona, and Mok-Arr. I know Khiona’s Berserk doesn’t stack with normal attack up but it would still be a strong team.

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Not if you include Wilbur - that one hit on BK gets spread so all get hit once (AoE gets reduced to one target of damage, then spread).

And yea you wouldn’t include Brienne, just mentioned her as it’s that status effect for anyone without BK or Khiona to know what we’re talking about.

Nope, they flash up “immune” so that won’t work… Putting Wilbur in will again spread the hit from Wilbur onto the darks, the more non-dark on the team the more it can be spread.

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If you have a character with taunt, spirit link still spreads the damage?

Yes, taunt pulls to one and spirit link shares it around.

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This is absolutely false. Or at the very least, not even close to be ing true most of the time. I don’t know what level you are fighting at, but I can assure you that just because you get 4/5 heroes changed, a win is far from guaranteed. Unless you are going in with 4 or 5 heroes with the same mana speed AND they happen to be ready to fire before the enemy has time to fire their specials, the current state of the game doesn’t even come close to supporting that statement.

I’m almost exclusively facing telly in raids. Just because I can get GM, Mits, Tyr, BK, and Ariel to fire doesn’t mean the fight is a mortal lock.

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Maybe I should have said „simultaneously“. When I raid Mono (what I usually don‘t) and I can charge my 5-stack all at the same time its as I said - almost always a win. Your Team has no real instant damage… I mean if you bring a mono team with 4 healers you will not win the game that‘s for sure. But if you bring like Panther Seshat Ursena Kunchen Sartana and don‘t win when all 5 are charged (which also means 11-12 purple tiles) you‘re doing sth wrong :yum:

Damn, I’ve never thought of Mok-Arr to be combined with BK+Wilbur to give a good attack boost to everyone.

Still, this make 2 different colors to charge with average mana heroes. So this makes quite a few tiles to charge everyone up. That’s on average 6 turns, so a lot can happen during that time.


The combo is great in theory but often not happening :smiley:

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TBH it doesn’t need to… If Mok charges two turns later, it’s not too late to boost it before firing a red AoE (for me it’s always been guardian Kong).

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I just want to chime in. Sure using Mok-Arr with combo heros are great if you have them and can time them…Thats the if…

However, Mok-Arr on his own is quite a force. Even a bit more so now.

These days he is on my yellow titan team and war team. I may change up my raid team to get him back in the mix.

He is worth it even though a lot of people will disagree. You never know unless you use him.

This is a game and he adds a twist into the mix. He doesn’t hurt allies as much as you’d think.