Which dark 5* to level?


Thanks! All the insights here have convinced me to start with the shark! Mok-arr is actually the first 5* I got. Also, the best 5* is one you actually have, and out of these 3, I think he’ll be the best addition. Next i’ll probably bring obakan to 3/70 and if in a few months I don’t have another good dark option, I might ascend him.


I would go C. Rigard, Wilbur, Mok-Arr, Proteus, Colen.

Boldtusk and C.Rigard’s atk bonus would overwrite themselves. Alternatively, if you want a more conservative deployment, swap Boldtusk for Sabina, so you would have dispel (and Sabina as a good atk stat)

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First lets tryout the big shark, and see how he performs before I pull the trigger for the final ascension


Gave mats the other day. My titan hits are better my raid is soo soo as took proteus out may have to see if ghosty needs to go and put proteus back in working progress for me. But liking the shark think in teltoc he be cool to be on my team.

Faster then quintus and more useful then obakan, so he got the mats: