Obakan, Domitia or Quintus

I have Rigard maxed, Sabina at 3/60 and no further purple 4*. But I got Obakan, Domitia and Quintus out of TC20 and don’t know witch one to level. I have the mats to max one. I want to level Tiberius, but I don’t have him…

My lineup.
Red: Boldtusk 4/70, Gormek 4/70, Scarlett at 4/30

Blue: Kirll 4/70, Sonja 4/70, Boril 3/70, Sonja 3/70, Valeria 0/0

Green: Melendor 4/70, Little John 3/40, Melendor 0/0

Yellow: Chao 4/70, Wu Long 3/50, Li Xiu 2/50, Joon 0/0, Leonidas 0/0

Purple: Rigard 4/70, Sabina 3/60, Obakan 0/0, Domitia 0/0, Quintus 0/0


Domitia, hands down. She hits harder, gives some defense, and is the ONLY normal 5* who can dispel. Obi can only reflect on himself which makes him almost useless cuz he’s so easy to hit around. Sure, he’s fast but doesn’t do anything with it. He’s easily the worst purple 5* imo. Domitia is a solid hero to have around.


Obakan is not worth the materials. Domita dispels. Decision is easy.


Sorry, i’ll go for Obakan.
If i want a dispeller i just use my good old 4*, no need for an average that hit low.

I can still use Obakan high attack for tiles, and i definetely found him more useful for both attack and defend raiding.


Easy choice take domitia, obakan is just an easy hero to destroy and his special is meh.
Domitia in another hand can dispell and deal significant damage.

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Obakan sure have his appeal (mainly against heavy snipers teams) but Domitia is more useful and she gives you +94% defense against holy, nice against yellow titans, and she is the only non-premium 5* who can dispel.

This is because counterattack, while it is a nice effect, is overrated when it comes to skill sets :frowning:

Domitia, hands down.


Neither. I would rather wait for Sartana. :blush:

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Thanks for the reply. I just got Quintus and this makes my choice even worse… I changed the first post.

Domitia still gets my vote over either Quintus or Obakan. Domitia’s holy shield is great against holy titans and when you’re facing hard-hitting yellow foes. Her dispel is great, in a package that is much more survivable than a 4* dispelled (e.g. Sabina).

Quintus is a powerful but slow hitter. The meta has shifted towards ever-faster heroes. The odds of him actually getting powered up before dying are pretty low.


I’d still go for Domitia. While there’s no such thing as a non-dangerous 5*, Obakun comes about as close as you can get without being Thorne. Quintus can be devastating, but is slow enough to be only a middling threat unless you’re unlucky with the board or careless. Domitia is the one I find the most dangerous when raiding against her.

Domitia. She is a mainstay of my “kill the Guin tank” team, and great against yellow titans

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I’m in a similar boat as I have these three, but my situation is a little different: I have a Guardian Panther at full ascension.

With that in mind, I’m leaning toward Obakan to get the next set of tabards due to special skill speed synergy and being a multihit who can take the biggest advantage of Panther’s area elemental debuff.

In a vacuum, I agree that Domitia is better, but for me, Domitia is just a worse Panther in most regards and overlaps a lot. Obakan would bring more to the table.

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Is hard to get panther and even if u got panther u still want to get 5* debuffer.

Domitia as debuffer can debuff riposte without killing herself like other attack debuffer

Obakan since you have Panther to synergize.

Domitia will still get countered even if she dispels the Riposte (she is not Kage).
She will be the most obvious choice if you do not have Panther.

I personally like Quintus even at slow as he also has synergy with Panther and Tibs.
Would be similar to Falcon + Wilbur/Gormek with Azlar.

So its a personal choice.

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I actually think Obakan is underrated.

I view Obakan as a hero who will inevitably die on a raid but whose aim is to cause as much damage as possible. Kamikaze duties.

His high attack stat is great for tile damage and his special. His special is of real value if you hit three enemies. It’s passable if it only hits two.

His low defence means a sniper who hits him will be in trouble when counter is on. Exception is Kage of course who is on a different level.

I think he causes more chaos and damage than Domitia and I’d pick him over her.

Not saying either is A material mind you

If you have panther the choice is more obvious


I have Domnitia +7 as my only purple 5*, a second Domnitia almost at 3:70. Now I got Quintus as from TC 20 I have ascention materials to take both to being fully ascended. If I take a second Domnitia up, I cannot emblem neither will Quintus get Emblems because I have already an emblemed sorcerer. My thinking after reading g this thread is to continue with the second Domnitia and then Quintus?

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If the choices are:

Barbarian: Obakan
Rogue: Marjana


Barbarian: Azlar
Rogue: Domitia

Which set will you choose?

  • Obakan + Marjana
  • Azlar + Domitia

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I’ve thought about Obakan a bit more.

IMHO his best position is front and centre in an attacking raid. Give him the highest attack troop for the following reasons:

  1. Let’s face it. He is going to die at some point regardless of where you put him so he may as well be the #1 target so that your other heroes survive

  2. If he gets off you want his riposte to be hit

  3. He has a pretty big attack stat that is useful against yellow. Even dead.

Against a yellow tank I’d stack him with Rigard and Domitia if dispel is needed or Sartana if no dispel is needed

**Against a Justice +14 tank, don’t know how he survived seriously:

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