Another which one next... Dark 5*

I consider myself lucky. Got Khiona from ToL, but now I am in doubt whether to jumpstart her ascension or first go on with Obakan, who is partly levelled up. Btw., I do not regret to levelling Grimble beyond 3/70 - he helps with those Telluria Minion-armies, if you have a dark board.

Oh, and I have Quintus at 1/1, but I only consider him after receiving the costume, and then probably only for tournaments “everyone super fast”.

Do you have Wilbur (or Aegir)?

Khiona’s beserk can be really useful, spirit linkers really help ratchet it up… If you’ve got one, you can really get some bite out of it.

Obakan is really squishy. Great tile damage but an underwhelming special… Long term he’s titans for tile damage only.

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I have Khiona at +18, and she has been a staple of my purple stacking for over a year. She also flanks Guin in my defense with very good success. I think she is a very solid hero with a good buff; would be nice if she hit slightly harder but overall pretty damn good.

Obakan on the other hand is probably in the worst five 5* heroes in the game

Clearly I recommend Khiona out of those two

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Among the 3, khiona is the greatest. Obakan is the worst


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