Dark roster thoughts and opinions

Hello everyone. I’m looking for thoughts and opinions on which Dark hero to level. (I finally got my 4th trap tool)

I’m really Interested in What “Victor’s” stats will be at 3/70 if I decide to level him.

My main focus,

Titans & Wars

My current Dark hero’s that see action and will need trap tools (in no specific order)

Obakan 3/38 (8/8)

Victor 2/60 (6/8 – 545/470/944)

Merlin 3/60 (8/8)

Domitia 2/38 (6/8)

If I’m to guess at a possible first “obvious question I should answer it would be, “Why don’t you level up and finish off Obakan?”

I don’t dislike Obakan, but I have Boril and Cyprian with counter attacks that also cover nearby, and his special attack isn’t that devastating. I’ve had good matches with Victors defensive buff and very fast mana attack ( yes at 2/60) and that’s causing me to pause on Big “O”.

Thanks for any and all input.

See the linked spreadsheet here:

For 3/70 stats on all 4* and 5* heroes.

Obakan is (currently) the weakest dark 5*, by a lot. Your focus on Victor is sound.

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I like Victor. I also like taking Merlin to 4/80, but if your roster is thin, another usable hero would probably help more especially for wars.

dont FORGET to check your CLASS type numbes for TALLENT GRIDS
this is very important,
for egample how many
rouges do you have in numbers ,
now it is very important to start working on your class numbers as well so have a look at your class type before you want to think bout levling up your pets,
for quest missions wars and pvp , tallent gridds are very powerfull,


Victor was my first 5* when I was just starting out. It took a while to max him but he’s been so good especially in raids. No regrets.

What 4* heroes do you have? Sounds like you should focus on those first if this is your first set of trap tools.

Kerridoc, thank you for the link to the chart. I’m adding that book mark with the other charts I’ve found provided by the awesome members of this forum!

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darklion, thanks for that perspective. Since the talent grids are new, my mind wasn’t in that realm at all. I really do need to look at my complete roster in this manner.

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sweg, I’m actually ok with my roster. I have 4* healers in all colors except Holy, and I’m getting some of my stronger attackers almost fully leveled. Here’s a breakdown of the top of my roster.

Red 4* 4th ascension = 4
Green 4* 4th ascension = 4
Blue 4* 4th ascension = 5
Yellow 4* 4th ascension = 3
Purple 4* 4th ascension = 1

I have many more 4*'s on the bench at 3rd ascension and of course my 3*'s fully ascended. Being weak on my Dark team is obvious but my other dark hero’s are dups of merlin, tiburtus, and rigard. Now I do have sabina but she’s at 1/1 and I’m fine with the healers I have. I like having fun and taking chances with a hero I know I’m gonig to like battling with so whoever gets the trap tools I’m obviously comming to. It seems to take me 2-3 months for just one of these things to show up.

Lucas, that’s kind of where my thinking is. I wasn’t sure about merlin at first but being think with my dark hero’s, I know I need to bring someone esle up. Merlins good but I’ve found the timing for his special to be critical during some matches. Waiting for 3 turns doesn’t allways work out and firing him too early is typically the least effective thing to do. Victor seems to always be useful but Tiburtus would likely help me more vs titans. I think my options are all good, just listening to thoughts for that nudge either way.

I didn’t read Tiburtus in the first post, but yes, he would increase your titan scores by about 50% with consistent uptime, around 25% with random uptime… that’s more than merlin would do, and pulverize is big in events too.

Sorry about that. I didn’t put him in the first post 'cause I just started leveling him (just got to 2nd ascension) I have other defensive debuff hero’s just not in purple. So it’s looking like Victor, Merlin or Tiburtus. Victor’s in a slight lead with Tib and Mer tied for 2nd and possibly closing in!

I wish I had read that comment when I first started playing. I currently have 75+ heroes, 50 or so are 4* & 5* & I am sometimes forced to take 3* heroes to fight in a quest.
It would be fantastic if the importance of this & how leveling troops & using them, was explained when you begin playing. So much you don’t know until you find the forum, which is usually quite a while after you start playing.
(I love going back & leveling up 2* troops, after summoning for & leveling 4*. :joy:)

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