Where to spend 3000 gems: SS2 or SS3 Summon or some thing else?

I’m F2P but I will reach 3000 gems soon (It’s a long time to collect them). So where should I spend this gems? Season 2 or Season 3 summon or any other event?
Currently, I just have full 4* team and few 5* weak TC20 (Vivica, Azlar, Throne) hero that didn’t full level yet

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I would consider the guardians challenge event or costumes as those two might give you the biggest bang for your buck

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I’ve had my best results from Costume and S3 pulls… I usually prioritise Costumes

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I usually pull individually. This way S3 was the more generous to me landing me five 5* stars last time.
They were all separated pulls.

I have done only one x10 pull and it was in Atlantis. It landed me Ursena.

Saying that, i have to warn you that its all about RNG.
I have seen and experienced very lucky moments and i have seen and lived awful moments , like a x30 pull i did in TOL without a single 5*.

Your main focus should be to aim to get those rare 4* .
In Atlantis you have Proteus, Triton and Wilbur.
In Valhalla you have


Then you have costume portal that will strengh your current 4* roster. And finally Grimmforest and Guardians with excelent 4* Hansel and Gretel and Falcon / G.Jackal.

Whatever portal you choose… good luck ! And remember that there are very good 4* to be happy to get and that each 5* the game gives to you is a very lucky pull, because the odds are terrible


In fact, I hope to have a 5* hero so what if I spend it in Tavern of Legends?

The 5 stars in Riddles are amazing. Jabber , Alice and white Rabbit are amazing and the Queen & Hatter are no slouches.

That said as a FTP player I’m assuming you need mats I’d go somewhere you can get the bonus box.

I would AVOID Tavern TBH. The odds are even more terrible than usual for a special 5 that, if I were you, I wouldn’t being trying to level yet.

If I understand you right you have a single team of maxed 4*’s and a few 5*’s. If I am right I would ignore your 5’s for now. I would focus on getting maybe 4 teams of maxed 4’s first. This gives you a better base and more flexibility to beat all stages, quests, etc more easily. Better titan swings for better loot too. You need 4’s to build a material backlog for your 5’s so you’re not perpetually stuck. Especially capitalizing on all 3 stages of all emblem quests and rare quests.

While @TheWizard listed the key 4’s in S2 and S3 IMO the key 4’s from S2 are more impactful. Wilbur and Proteus, especially early in the game, can be true in-game life changers in terms of fighting capability and options. This is assumed as I personally have NIETHER after 3 years (also F2P) … but I digress (bitterly).

That being said, the other option I would strongly consider with S2 is the Costume Chamber. The benefit is you get the hero AND a costume. This allows for twice the options per pull. More flexibility in special abilities and a deeper pool for emblem quests. If you get Sonya or Caedmon you essentially get a debuff and ailment remover from a single summon. That’s huge.

Hope that makes sense and helps!

Good luck out there and let us know how you do!



like others suggested, protals with many good 4*/3* would be good in general (valhalla, atlantis and costume chamber)

other factors to keep in mind:
1- hero academy level.

2- both atlantis and valhalla has free summons depending on your progress (2160 atlantis coins from all stages on both difficulties) that is 21 summons ignoring the completion rewards.

  1. costume chamber is 2 pulls every month (3 every few months)

whatever you choose, good luck and i hope you get great results

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I will consider to get some more coin (SS2 and SS3) before summon. Maybe next month will be good time
Thank you all!

Guardians in November. If not, costume chamber. Those two are the best portals for F2P by far.

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as F2P , costume is best place , many *4+Costume+Emblem better than *5


Spend them on troops. Heroes get nerfed or becomes obsoleted due to power creep. Your troops will always be valuable…

Since my hero team just 4* only, I think spend on Hero summon will be better

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I can do 10x pulls every 2 months with saved gems (I have VIP) and I always choose Atlantis or Valhalla portals just because there are more non-S1 heroes. Usually I can get enough keys for 3 pulls every month, so I don’t want to use gems in Costume Chamber. And I am not sure if 10x pulls during challenge events is a good idea, especially when you don’t buy gems and saving 3000 gems takes a few months. I feel that I would get all S1 heroes, mostly 3* because of low chances of getting any challenge hero. Tavern of Legends is a completely different story, not even worth considering wasting gems there…


Tavern had current HotM added to it and will now have featured heroes. Still would wait what exactly SG did to it, but if they added HotM and left other odds the same it could be worthvile actually. Also, if Hel is featured (she was the first, so it is likely to be her and Grazul), it might be worth it … But we need to see exactly what it is now, because not much was described about it in beta.

Anyhow being OP I would go for costume chamber, Teltoc or Grimforest (Hansel + Gretel).


I think so. I will wait to get enough 3000 gem and try to get more Atlantis and Valhalla coin also. Hope I can get better hero in this time :smiley:


5* would be fantastic but slim odds.

There are some foundational 4* that everyone should have that you will continue to use even if you have 40+ maxed 5*.

Rigard, Kiril, BT, Sonya, Caedmon, Wu Kong
They’re even better with costumes, hopefully you can get them from your single pulls and TCs.

The skill set that seems to make the biggest impact is the element defense down. They’re so good for titans, war and raid stacks.

G Jackal (holy) from Guardians
G Falcon (red) from Guardians
Almur (green) from S3
3* Nordri (blue) from S3

Next set of great 4*
Wilbutt spirit link from Atlantis helps Titan survival
Proteus mana control from Atlantis

So that’s where I’d suggest you target your pulls.
Guardians, S3, S2

Depending on what heroes you have, priority can change but this is where I would pull and GL.

Last Valhalla, my first and sixth pulls below.


I am also, F2P/C2P.

I have the following method for managing summons.

When SS2 was released and on progress, I did not use gems to do summons since 270 stages of 8 coins each + 800 coins bonus on defeating Ursena were a lot already. I landed receiving Mitsuko and Atomos for 5* and the rest are 3-4*.

I am doing the same thing with SS3 at the moment too. 360 stages of 8 coins + bonus coins on the final boss will be quite a lot of coins collected. Currently, I am not successful yet to pull 5* from SS3, but good 3-4* heroes were obtained already.

Among other places, especially TOL is not my prefer place for gems draw, I would use free TOL coins only because the chance of getting 5* heroes is low and chance of getting specific hero is SUPER low.

Costume Chamber is my favorite place at the moment because I have managed to train 5* classic heroes from TC20 in the past. Getting their costumes would make hugh complementary to my overall rosters and I will have a chance to make the 2nd copy of great classic heroes for many usages (Even 3* costumes are extraordinary).

For challenges, I lean toward Knight of Avalon and Guardian of Teltoc. Both events are giving out very best heroes and most of them are very useful for your progress in the game.

I have collected 3000+ gems already, same as you. But I will do the gems pull in December when Knight of Avalon is in rotation together with Reuben (December HotM). The rest of the pulls… FREE COINS…


Thank for your advised. I will consider to do the same :smiley:

Agree. Troops don’t add much to your heroes and are insanely expensive in resources to level up. Let them come to you naturally.

In terms of portals I will second what a few others have said - costume chamber is great, and so is S3 portal. Those are the portals that give you a very good chance of getting a good hero (4* or 5* - and even a bunch of good 3* to be honest).

S2 has less chance of getting a decent hero. I actually don’t find Wilbur a game changer although he is situationally good, but Proteus is definitely good - although as a C2P player it took me almost a year and a half to get both

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