Need help on deciding where to 10-pull

Where should I do a 10-pull based on my roster? I have about 3100 gems.

Due to the nice featured heroes, I would do that in the next Atlantis portal, at the end of June. If not, season 3 > Starfall circus > season 4.

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I agree with other seasons, but I would avoid Starfall circus as the odds of getting an event hero are lower than other portals.


You have Tarlak already, so I would recommend costumes or S3 for the best chance to add something significant to your roster.

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Starfall Circus we may not see for a year or more. I would pull from there. S3 we get monthly. Same with costumes.

I dunno, Starfall is right behind the corner and even 3* and 4* look good there (Candy and D’Andre especially) but Challenge events have worst probabilities of getting event heroes (same as Ninjas). Also you still miss some vital S3 4* such as Gullinbursti, Mist or Brynhild. S4* has great 5* except maybe Akkorog and has nice 4*, but those are not as instrumental as S3. Even S2 is an option, as you’re still missing Proteus and Wilbur. But I assume you’re not done with S2, so you can get coins from that. For S3 too, but I find S3 harder than S2 (or even S4). Finally there are costumes which probably bring the most value and have the best probs of getting something neat, but I find things in S3 neater.

S3 = Costumes > S4 > S2 > Starfall


What heroes will be featured on Atlantis by the end of June?

Miki, Zocc, Tarlak and Mitsuko.


Normaly my priority is:
Do S2 until get Proteus and Wilbur.
Then, Guardian to get Jackal and Falcon.
Then, S3 to get Almur and Nordri.

And now, it is still good options until know In my opinion.

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I would add also Jott and real game-changer Gullinbursti for S3 :slight_smile:


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