Summoning "strategy"

Hey guys I may have 5200 gems come Pirates. It’s my least favourite event but I am interested in Telluria.

My options are:

Summon 20 in Pirates OR
Summon 10 in costume/Atlantis/Season 3

What do you think I should do lol

Assume: Costume, Atlantis, Season 3 are all of equal interest to me. Perhaps slightly greater interest in costumes

But as @korf sorta said I may not appreciate how good the season 3 cards are just yet

I have no 5* heroes from any event or Atlantis.

I have not summoned in Pirates or Guardians before

Thanks all

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With your goal being Telluria I would skip pirates and go with Atlantis/S3 (two shots)/costumes.

Pirates’ just has too many “just adequate” heroes that I feel in a diluted pool why pursue more diluted opportunities.


I may have made a bad assumption - I thought summoning costs for S3 are 3000 per 10 pull? If so I won’t have enough for two lots of 10 for S3

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You’re correct. I just meant that you have two opportunities to choose S3 as your summoning option (Sunday this week or the end of the month).


How many gems do you get on average a month?

As you are F2P & they typically have a pretty deep roster dependent on S1 vanilla heroes, I would probably:
Summon 10x in Costumes & Summon 10x in Guardians (if it were me) = 5600 gems total

S3 you will have plenty of time to get coins etc… & get the heroes… added that they won’t have all the heroes in the summon pool.

Pirates haven’t got the BEST options in terms of “realistically obtainable heroes”… Some of the 5* are great but you’re more likely to be getting the 3* & 4* heroes…

Best Place to Spend Gems for Summons

From a previous thread:

Note this was posted Pre-Costumes & Pre-Season 3…
Costumes would probably slot in before/after Atlantis (depending on if you are starting or finished atlantis coins). Season 3 wouldn’t factor in yet as the hero pool isn’t full & more heroes are to come.

Personal Ranking of the Events in terms of REALISTIC Summons

Ranking the Event Summons based on 4* heroes:

In terms of the 3* hero’s good-ness:

  1. Knights of Avalon - Bauchen is really really good in the 3* arena… solid in tournaments & monthly events
  2. Wonderland - Shrubbear is a really great tank/flank for tournaments
  3. Fables of Grimforest - 3* mana controller in Pixie… pretty sick!
  4. Guardians of Teltoc - Bat is a good sniper but I haven’t been over-awed by him as yet…
  5. Pirates of Corelia - Vodnik doesn’t offer much “outstanding” stuff… Gato is better in pretty much every situation

Taking in the 3* heroes it probably modifies a little bit:

  1. Guardians - The 4* are amazing & bat is pretty solid
  2. Fables of Grimforest - 4* are still really good & little pixie is an extension of them… comes a VERY close second IMO to guardians.
  3. Avalon - Bauchen is really good for the 3* events… not good enough tho to close/ overtake the mana controlers & elemental debuffers
  4. Wonderland - I would say that Shrubbear is good enough to bump ahead of pirates…
  5. Pirates - vodnik doesn’t offer much…

Maybe 400-600, I’m not sure. Ask @yelnats_24 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes I think that is my dilemma!! I want costumes for the 4* healers

I think I’ll use @voidstrike’s approach and see how I feel in the 12 hour Telluria window. Might use my free summon first and take it from there…


For what it’s worth, it took me about 30-40 costume summons to get all the 4* ones… The slackers were BT & Sonya… Picked up Mel & Rigard in the first summons I did.


Did you get any 5* costumes with the 30-40 pulls?

From memory think he got at least Wooden Jester Horghall

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I have yes, but I reported all that on different threads…

This response is off topic so I’ll respond but keep it all hidden.

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No evidence/post of my very first ever costume summons (in V1 of the costume portal) where I didn’t get a 5* one but got all 3* heroes & Mel + Rigard

Got Horghall in Jan off a key summon:

So in total I have:
Horghall, Lianna, Elena, Quintus & Richard

Missing Issy, Vivica & Joon

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dang… have you posted anywhere on your experience with using the different 5* costumes? Are you using costumed quintos in the raid tournament?

We are a long way off topic so I’ll answer but keep it all hidden:

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I hadn’t levelled the Richard or Quintus that I already had from before costumes; still the case now so haven’t used either.

Horghall I had levelled to 3-70 already (second ever 5* hero); so have levelled the costume to 3-70 also but only for the stat boost & his use in the Trials of Fortitude.

Elena I have levelled both Costume & Base hero. Use her all the time in my Red Raid Stack in tandum with Black Knight (See here for Riposte & BK synergy)

Lianna I have levelled to max +7 emblems; costume maxed also. I predominately use the costume as in my Green Stack I focus on DoT so the mana slow is more useful than more damage for me.

900… (F2P)

I have a record breaking 1139 gems in 30 days. :wink:


Ok with that in mind then @FrenziedEye:

10x summons in Costume Chamber = 3,000 gems leaving you with 2,200 left over

Guardians will next feature in June which is 3 months away. 3* 900 = 2700 gems

So by June you will have 4,900 gems in total (not quite enough for 2x summons).

So in short form:

10x summons at Costumes Chamber in March (chance at costumes & also Tulleria)
10x summons at Guardians in June
10x summons at Avalon in July


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