Avalon or S3?

With S3 on the horizon and Avalon starting tomorrow a question raised to me: where should I spend my 15k gems?

Taking into account that I don’t have any Avalon hero and that S3 won’t include (hypothetically) any past HOTM… what is your recommendation?

Guin, BK, Arthur and Lady of the Lake are amazing heroes, I would say they are better, on average, than the S3 heroes on the Valhalla summon portal. But since getting a 5* event or S3 hero is very unlikely (not even a 50% for just one after 50 pulls) I am thinking about 4* heroes… Merlin is awesome and Lancelot average, but there are more S3 4* and a few of them are amazing. So maybe doing 1 or 2 10x pulls in Avalon (depending on if I get Merlin on my first 10x (very unlikely) and 1 or 2 more pulls in S3 (and reserving the remaining gems for future S3 events - hoping more heroes are added) is the best option…

And you? Where would you prefer to spend your gems?

I’d wait until the end of the Avalon event. Perhaps you’ll get a couple of challenge coin pulls and get one of those heroes you are looking for. New toys are always fun, but some of the Avalon 5 stars are game changers.


F.w.i.w this thread goes into the same thing in the comments. S3 vs. S2 vs. Avalon

Personally I’m saving my gems for Costume Vivica. Then after that it’s S3 that I’m spending them on.


I personally am just gonna use challenge coins because the only hero I can realistically pull rn is Bauchan. If I score Guin, LoTL, or Arthur, awesome! If not then I am not gonna stress. I would wait until S3 imo.


In the end I finished doing 2x10 pulls. I got Bauchan and Black Knight, so I will wait for S3 to do more pulls, I feel like I used all my luck today :slight_smile:


What S3 is going to bring is a whole bunch of new 4 star heroes also, which are realistically more likely to get than the 5 stars (especially that I expect the same formula as S2, so but 2 5 star heroes featured per month and the rest being 0.2% or so). So if you are going to pull let’s say up to 30, I would wait for S3, not going to get any Avalon 5 star quite likely anyway.

If you are going to spit your lungs out pulling, Avalon has definitely good fish to catch for variety of needs - blue debuffer if you don’t have Frida, tier 1 defensive heroes Guin and BK and neat/fun to play Morgan and LotL. S3 again will show us 2 heroes per month very likely, and it may be heroes you don’t necessarily want/need. And Avalon comes back only in the Summer, while Valhalla will be around every month…


Oh nice! Knowing the results, it would be easy dilemma then!

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