Where to spend 3000 gems: SS2 or SS3 Summon or some thing else?

I think than Costumes is best, because you have a good chance to non-S1 5* (3.8%) and if you get one, your TC heroes will also get a benefit.
And do not forget about some best 4* healers in game (C.Rigard,C.Melendor,C.Kiril).


I have been playing Atlantis since it first launch 25 months ago…
I still no not have Proteus or Wilbur…

And I think that is the crux of any recommendations to go costume or S3 portals over S2. I feel both are far more likely to provide instantly usable good quality heroes whereas S2 is much more of a gamble with some super shiny gems mixed in with a lot of lint


Do we have non-S1 5* in Costumes Chamber? I think all of this is S1 with costume and maybe HOTM, right?

S1-C = Non-S1 for me, because TC do not give costumes.

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Spend on ToL. Eventough the chance is pretty low, if u got old HOTM it’s mean JACKPOOOT

Sorry this is terrible advice. You can afford to gamble on low probability when you spend on the gamr. If you are a minimal spender then you need to max your chances of getting something good, whether 4 or 5 star. Also, lots of hotms are somewhat bad by the standards of newer heroes

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I agree with @Homaclese. A few times I almost bought ToL offer (gems+coins), I thought that maybe I will be lucky and I’ll get one HoTM. Thankfully I watched a video in which I saw about 130-150 pulls without a single HoTM and they only get 1 or 2 legendary S1 heroes.

Well actually i’m SG staff in disguise :sunglasses:. I need to persuade people to spend more in ToL.

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Teltoc guardian , very useful against titan , I got jackal and very happy to get him


Even then it sounds like the OP has a single team worth of maxed 4’s. Don’t get me wrong, that is a big milestone but leveling 5’s too early, especially as F2P, does way more harm than good.


Yeet Mode : 2x primo 1200 gem avatars, a background and a couple of Pins.

Honestly — the last thing I would do is A big summon :x

It’s hard as hell to get mats to upgrade as F2P; but tossing one or two at Teltoc or a Costume won’t be that triggering and give you a chance to recharge the stash

Stay away from Legends…

The accelerated chests (10-20 gems)
10 emblems (350 gems)

Stuff like that can be fun vs heartbreaking

Can you finish all the events already?

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I think I want to have a 5* team first (I will have enough mats to upgrade a rainbow team now). So, I want to get as mush as possible change to get 5* first
Your event that you list above will be good but I think I love 5* hero more :smiley:

Costumes, TC20, Teloc or S3 when it gets towards the end… :slight_smile:

Wish you all the luck, Just be prepared to get nothing for all your hardwork :confused:

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Thank you, Just hope for the JACKPOT and prepare for the empty hand already :star_struck:

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I pulled a 30 season 2 and got 1 usable 4… read this thread and did a 10 pull s3 and got usable 3 and 4 and the new featured 5. I know it’s luck but I still would’ve been satisfied without the 5.

Thanks for the advice

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Already wait almost a month for Season 3 summon. I pull 16 time (3350 gem + 500 coins) and only get one 5* is Zulag (HoTM), beside I got some 4*:

  • 2 Rigard, 1 Hu Tao, 1 Tibutus (already have all of them and max level)
  • 1 Gullinbursti, 1 Mireweave, 1 Brynhild
  • and some other 3*
    Look like I’m not so lucky here :smiley:

Vivica is not weak. She is normal TC20 hero.

About x10 by priority:

  1. Costumes. Wait when desired hero will be featured and summon (I recommend, Lianna, Vivica, Marjana, Leonidas, Magni, Domitia). All 5* and 4* costumes will be useful, because you have a 100% chance to get a costume.
  2. If you do not want costumes, then summon on Valhalla. There is many good 4* and 5* heroes here, say, Gullinbursti, Mist, Almur, Brynhild. But chances are less than on costumes.
  3. Teltoc. Jackal and Falcon will be useful, if you will not want to aim for C.Marjana and C.Leonidas.
  4. Atlantis. Proteus and Wilbur. For 5* - I think for F2P HA10 chances is better for Atlantis ones.
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