What is currently the best summon portal for me?

I have managed to get 3k gems. It takes me about 4-5 months to get them being F2P, so using them at the best portal is important for me.
Last 10 pull I did was at the Guardians event, because I own neither Jackal or Falcon.
However, perhaps the Costume Chamber is a better portal now that Marjana and Leonidas are better versions of Jackal and Falcon. Or perhaps the quality of the season 3 heroes (or even season 4 with some patience) is bettter for me.
As you can see, I don’t realy know the best course of action and I would like your opinion.

5* Roster is:
All season 1 heroes, most of them leveled to 3-70 or 4-80 (none with costume) and I have the mats to bring any of them to 4-80.
Aegir +20
Zulag +8
Vanda +20
Gazelle +20
Santa +3
Gjeffon 1-1 (As soon as Sudri is 3-50 I will start leveling her)

Heroes I would like, because I like their power or aestetic (not realy relevant, but just trying to give every tiny bit of info):
Any elemental defence down hero.
Any 5* dispeller better than Domitia
Lord Loki
Red Hood

So what do you guys and galls think?


Hi, in my opinion, you should try on the Valhalla portal. Almost every S3 heroes are great, and you won’t be disappointed if you get one of them. 4* from this event are also great (Almur, Jott, Brynhild, Mist).

If you do 1 10x every 4-5 months then I think costumes offer the best value.


I second the Masquerade Portal. Ascension materials are worthy to the heroes and their costume, only exception I could think of is Horghall.

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I also vote for the Masquerade portal. Best investment since the bulk of your forces will always be S1s. Also free of the nerf hammer. S3 heroes are next viable target for the nerf hammer.

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Just like to add: Getting 20 keys every month for Costume Chamber is normal, getting 400 Valhalla Coins/40 Event tokens is not. I don’t know if that changes anything, but just some extra info

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Happy forum anniversary, @Eloin.

I would also like to add that getting 4 Dawas in the Valhalla or any event portal is also normal. In masquerades, all heroes summon have their costumes, both may be used to level up a costumed hero.

True. Including Dawa herself. Her costume is not great, but makes her somewhat comparable to the other 3* yellow S1s.

If you get a gd costume, you can lvl multiple copies of the hero since you have a chance of getting s1 from tc

For other portals, you will only have that 1 copy

Oh thanks, I was wondering what that slice of pie was doing there :grin:

I already have Dawa costume, but I also have Bjorn and you (still) realy feel the difference in power :yum:

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Wait for s4 heroes at the end of the month. Hopefully u’ll get shiny new toys.

Meanwhile free token from each event is enough to do the summon

To add to the benefits for the Costume portal. Maxed costumes also give 5% mana generation bonus. Even if you don’t use the costume, that bonus makes your mana troop requirements easier to reach. Though as an F2P, getting mana troops might be harder

Costume Dawa has alot higher attack than Bjorn who is respected 3* hero.
I think her costume version gets a bad rap for having lower spell dmg %.

Surely needs some testing. I have both her and Bjorn on different accounts. Will see how she holds her own.

I am also FTP, and I almost never factor 5*s into my summoning decisions because of the low odds.

I didn’t do the math, of course, but Almur and Nordri from Valhalla both give elemental defense down, vs. C-Marjana and C-Leo in Costumes. I think the odds will favor Almur and Nordri?

5* dispeller better than Domitia… are there any? I’m not super sure! Seshat is only available in Taverns… but again, the odds are super low. How about 4* dispellers? Melendor and Sabina and their costumes are quite good, don’t know if you have the costume versions yet.

so it’s a tough call. who do you already have, and who not?

personally i’m saving up for a 10x in Valhalla, because

a) I get a lot of free key summons monthly, so I’ve collected many of the costumes for 3* and 4*
b) the 5*s in each are neutral for me, I could use many of them and the odds are low
c) I have very few of the Valhalla heroes despite using all my free coins from completing map stages, so Valhalla has more potential upside for me

hope my “non-advice” helps!


Costume Lianna and Zeline. The latter is tavern/HA only.

Plus Caedmon and Sonya.

Personally I’d favor Atlantis/Valhalla/S4 portals. You can get a fair number of keys for free, and unfortunately s1 heroes, even with costume, are once again being left in the dust, power wise.

Another vote for costume chamber. While waiting for mats to ascend 5 star heroes, you can give already maxed heroes a huge boost with their costume. Much easier and affordable to level those costumes.

Costumes. As a F2P it changed my game 100%. Other portals are like… 10 summons = at least 6 or 7 duplicate 3* from S1.

Mats won’t matter, I have about 20 of every 4* mat and 70 of every 3* mat.

Thanx for the replies everyone, I realy value your opinions

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I have Costume Melendor and ofcourse regular Caedmon and Sonya. 4* dispellers are no problem, but in the 2600+ cups range I realy feel the need for a 5* dispeller. If Domitia and Seshat are the only ones, they need to make more.

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