When do you stop leveling for war depth?

There are a couple of related threads, but I had a slightly different question. Is there a point where you stop leveling heroes for war depth and save resources for unique new heroes? I.e. Event heroes, S3, HoTM?

Here’s what I have completely ascended:
18x 5* - 6x Event/HoTM, 1x costume
44x 4* - 13x Event, 10x costume

I also have 4x 5* at 3/70, and 5x 4* at 3/60.

So for the most part I do have enough war depth, but how much is enough? I still have a bunch of 4*/5* who are either at 1/1 or partially ascended. I am leveling some multiple 4* S1 heroes because of their specials (healing, cleansing, dispeling), but unless I have spare AM, they may stay at 3/60. Basically, in case I really need a specific color or ability when I’ve gone through the rest of my ascended team. Likewise, I’m wondering if there is a use to put S1 - 5* at 2/60.

Yes, we’re a middling alliance, so while there are some Telluria tanks and 4400+ defenses, they don’t make up the majority of the opposition.

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For me when I have 6 fully ascended teams of 5*, then I’ll consider my war teams “done” and then focus on specialty heros, tavern teams and by then Ninja Tower teams.

I I don’t think there’s any point in time where you can just sit back and wait for the game changers.

A few months ago purple, yellow and green were mandatory for wars, now it’s red.

Of course some top players have and can level up heroes like nothing, but I’d say they are exceptions.

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The question does remain then. Do I level up sub-optimal 5* like Horghall for the sake of getting 30 5* or run with what I have currently because it is sufficient, and save the 4* AM for the game changers?

Yes, that is true to some extent. Most of the coordinated tanks lean towards blue, so I actually developed a decently deep green set of heroes and didn’t work so much on my red. Now that green tanks are starting to appear, I’m working on more red heroes, but is it worth using AM on multiple S1 heroes for depth, or just keep them at the level where I don’t need to use AM, i.e. 4* @ 3/70. However, I am prioritizing new heroes that I didn’t have. For example, I recently got Joon, so I’m feeding him heroes. Now that he is finished, I was going to go back to color leveling, i.e. level 1 hero of each color simultaneously.


My roster contains nearly the same number of maxed heroes like you (18-5*, 40-4*, 6-4* c)
After building essential 4* doubles for war now (cRigard, kiril, Mel, cBT, Wilbur and proteus) I will only build 4* in green and yellow for war depth. Most of the times we encounter blue and purple tanks in war (low/mid alliance).
But there are no real solid yellows out there crying for a 2nd version (not looking at you my dear jackal since your twin dodges my summons)

Only other 4* I consider are cRigard3 and cSonya2 for their cleansing.

Roster looks similar as I have the same essential 4*, though I don’t have costume BT and only 1 Wilbur. You also bring up the point regarding color distribution and adjusting to the opponent. I have a bunch of heroes that don’t get used simply because of color stacking. OTOH, sometimes if it’s a green tank with a yellow flank, I’ll triple up on purple and take the risk that I’ll get enough purple tiles to charge up the mana.

I agree with cSonya… when I got her costume I immediately my 2 existing Sonyas’ costume and then a third cSonya. But I have a lot of warm capes, so I didn’t have an issue… not so many trap tools so I haven’t worked on my cRigards as much.

For me I will continue to level until I have 6 war teams of max 5*. And my preference is variety over duplicates. Once complete I will go back and level my best dupes.
In addition I will level my 3* until I can deploy 5 good mono teams.
And I have set a goal of levelling one of every 4* that I have. Then go back and build my dupes too.
All of that is going to take me 2 or 3 years, by which time I may have outgrown the game lol

That thing that requieres you to have 5 teams of 5* is more a luxury than a reality . I have more than 30 maxed 4 some of them emblemed and i perform really really well in wars , though it depends on the boards , but neither with 30 5* can win always.
Another thing is the quality of the 5* . Id rather to bring my almur, c.melendor and Hansel combo than Horghall or a slow sub optimal s1 hero.

I think most people overstimate 5* heroes .

Its a luxury to have a full roster of valuables and key 5* for most of us , the casual low payers or non spenders.
And im talking about having the same variety and quality of having 30+ keys epics in their 5 star versions.


It is a question to wrestle with.

Personal experience is that every war several 5* are left on the bench because there are some 4* that are too valuable and must be used. There may be another war where that 5* does do battle but another does not.

Everyone has a different bench of maxed heroes and some of the 5* simply don’t work as well as we had hoped when feeding them the rare 4* mats.

The number of 5* “needed” does depend on the number of elite 4* you can field, preferably with some emblems.
C-Rigard certainly works as effectively, or more effectively, than many 5* heroes. A non-exhaustive list would include heroes such as G Jackal, C-Boldtusk, C-Sonya, Mist, Brynhild, Proteus, C-Melendor, Almur, etc.

Personally there are some 4* that I do not ever expect to retire to the bench (G Jackal and C-Rigard look unbenchable for the next year at least, who knows what S4 brings).

Six teams is 30 heroes, spares for flexibility mean that perhaps 45 heroes should be the minimum for not feeling constrained in your choices. This is EXCELLENT heroes, I do not count the duds such as Captain of Diamonds (yes, I maxed him).
If you are facing a lot of 4* on the opposing teams Sabina may count for you, if purely facing emblemed 5* she does not, you need to be able to reasonably expect your hero to survive a hit.

Do you have your 3* tournament teams set?


That’s pretty much the stage I got. I’ve leveled all the unique ones and some multiples. Just wondering if I should keep going.

I think that’s why I’ve been wondering if I keep going with my 4* because they don’t have the high AM requirement. Arguably Obakan can be a useful 5*, but useful enough that I want to spend AM on him even though I manage fine with my current roster?

I’m usually picking the top opponents, so usually there are some emblemed 5*, but normally, it’s a mix of 4 and 5* defenses. I have one completely leveled Sabina and she doesn’t see a lot of action. I mean, every war is different and it depends on the defenses.

I have all my unique 3* heroes ascended (except Renfield, since I am waiting for his costume so he is at 3/1). It includes all the S1 heroes (22, 9x costumes), with 17x S2/3/Event heroes. I have a couple of duplicate S3 heroes that are sitting at 1/1. I usually level them up as I get the costume. I don’t see a real need to have duplicates though.

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Yeah same here. I have little interest in leveling dupes of any hero until I have one of everyone up that i can. I was lacking a yellow when starting to build my 4th 5* rainbow team (I also play rainbow 95% of the time except with titans) and so I got a dupe vivica up to 3/30 but i paused her as soon as I got Delilah from tavern and then I pulled Sif so vivica the second isn’t going anywhere for a very long time.

Right now I only raid with my main 5 heros that are emblemed and maxed, I’m looking forward to getting another set up to full power and being able to more tailor my teams to each raid.

I’ll be happy when I can field 6 full mono teams. right now, I’m only able to do 5. At least strong enough and with the right synergy to do oneshot with my 6th war team. Right now, I pretty much go 5/6 in wars, with the occasional 6/7 when I get lucky with my 6th team.

I have 5 darts, 5 tonics and 4 rings, so I should be able to take up Malosi, Lianna and either JF, Lady Loki or cAzlar pretty soon. I think I may be able to be at that stage then.

At the moment, I’m just leveling for the sake of leveling. e.g. in the process of maxing Captain of Diamonds, simply because I don’t have any other blues to level except Agwe (cIsarnia and Raffaele both sitting at 3/70).

I pretty much only go mono in raids and wars. Except my 6th team, when I usually go 3-2 or 4-1, depending on the opponent.

I’ve been playing over 3 years as a very c2p person. I am continuing to level whatever I get eg costumes, season 3, but not rushing anything. With tourneys etc most get a run sometime. And for wars I have multiple Kiril and Rigard, so it’s not all about 5* (I use 3/2 most of the time in wars)

You dont need 5s, you need good heroes. When putting together a team for war, it might be better to take a 4 like Peters over Horghall. If you have an event 5*, look at 4*s from the same family, and see if they’d work for you.

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Sure. That’s why in the last war I used Peters and Elkanen sat on the bench. And that’s usually what happens even if Elkanen is completely ascended. He’s someone I may use on my 3rd go around stacking green.

When I talk about war depth, I’m talking about whether I should level up my 4th Sonya, or my 2nd or 3rd Kelile because I have no other 4* blues and reds to consider, even though I still have a Thorne and Azlar sitting at 3/70. Or, just save the resources for another unique 4 or 5* hero.

I think that ascension mats are too precious to waste. You would probably take costume melendor to war before you would take Horghall, so I would just wait for a bit. Even if you are FTP, TC20 can spit out someone better than him :slight_smile:

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Agree… as a c2p my philosophy is not to level a weakfish hero until you have at least 11 of the 4* mats, in case a better one turns up. Mind you, I leveled Horghall! But that was very early days. Not sure I would now


That is pretty much my thinking, although the only S1 hero I am missing is Khagan… so that would be debatable. :grinning:

I have the same philosophy… saved me some grief when I decided to finally ascend Elkanen, and Lianna popped out of TC20 the next day.

I think it’s entirely up to each one when (if) to stop leveling heroes for war depth.

I currently have three full rainbow 5s teams (+Miki) and 40 maxed 4s. My objective too is to get six rainbow 5s teams, but somehow I don’t think they are enough.
You can encounter a variety of opponents: to fight them more effectively, the more heroes you have (and therefore abilities to use), the better. Also, heroes “age” and some may become less effective, making you think about leveling someone else to have a better option.

Besides, it also really depends on your play stile: if you always go mono, then possibly you “need” a little less heroes. But if you e.g. go 3+2, it’s better to have more options.

As others pointed out, it is always nice to have duplicates of some heroes (healers, Proteus, Wilbur and I would also add Hansel / Gretel / Peters). And some 4s have unique abilities that is very convenient to have for war: I’m thinking for example about Almur, one of the few heroes that gives elemental def down (and surely much easier to get than Evelyn).

Finally, I prefer to look at leveling heroes not just in terms of war depth, but in a more global way, meaning also events and raids tournaments: these are two things for which a wide choice is a clear advantage.

That’s why I am still leveling 3 and 4s, although I believe it will be my last “big batch” of them: when I will be finished, I will have 8-9 heroes for each color, which woud of course give me a lot of flexibility.
After that, I think I will level just the occasional 3/4s hero (if worth it) and eventual costumes.


Great thread, with some good answers for some mid level players and even low level ones. I would just like to point out to anyone who is thinking about leveling heroes and has limited ascension materials - wait. My green mono stack was very underwhelming with MN, Mel, Evelyn, Gadeirus (all maxed, Eve at 3.70) and Horghall at 2.60. As you can imagine I was happy with the amount of healing, but the damage output was somewhat disappointing. I have waited and waited for better heroes to come to replace healers with hitters. Nearly 2 years into the game and strictly C2P got me not much of luck with greens. I was desperate for a decent hero, so I started leveling Kashrek (another healer/tank!). I still didn’t max him and left him at 3.60.

I tried to get Lianna, Kashreks costume, but the RNG gods just didn’t listen. So after amassing over 30 sturdy shields I have landed 2x Caedmon costumes from a 10x pull and Elkanen from TC20. Now as much as I am made up with both Caedmons and maxing both instantly, I wasn’t convinced that Elk is the best choice, so took him to 2.60, like Horghall. In the meantime I got Zocc from a single pull. Being a massive fan of the Mindless Attack, I decided to max him and for now not to use the mats in Elkanen.

I guess what I’m blabbing about is wait and be patient with your materials. Even the 3* ones. At the moment I have heroes at 2.60, that don’t see much action (Elena, Elkanen, Horghall, Isarnia, Grimble) and I Can’t really see them perform well in my team, even if maxed. Save your materials as they don’t come easy. It is better to use unfinished heroes that you get, but have the materials as new heroes that you desire could just be around the corner.

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