3* Heroes Still useful?

I have 5 5*, and 24 4* now. I only need to use 1 3* for alliance wars now. (Most of these are not leveled beyond 1 because I’m focusing on my main line up.) I came in spending so started with 2 5* and 3 4* right off and skipped the 3* leveling.

My question is…

Should I feed all my 3* into my main roster? I have like 6 of each color and was wondering If I would even use them for anything moving forward? I was saving them for just in case but haven’t really come across a need for them yet.

I like keeping a double team of 3* for each of the events where you’re only allowed to use them. But if you don’t care about doing those, then I wouldn’t bother.


So maybe 2 of each color? Picking out the best ones?

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That’s what I would do.

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Yes, the 3* only events. We also don’t know if a new 3* event will be created with rewards even a player with 5*s would still want.


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