Does it make sense to stop leveling red 4*s for war depth?

At my alliance level at least, no one, I mean no one, uses green tanks for war defense. In fact, green ends up at wing more often than not.

Beyond first string titan/raid/event stacks, I just can’t see a use for further depth at red. There’s just never a need for them.

Do you agree that it makes more sense in practical terms to focus depth on Green, Yellow, and Purple?

No, it’s still depth and I think green tanks might see the light of day soon.

Depends on the reds.

There are a lot of great reds that I’d level before taking on a ‘might as well because depth’ hero.

It’s not always about the tank, either. Aegir has taught us that. If I had two solid red stacks for wars, I’d use them and not worry.


As far as 4s, I have all of them in the game. I have maxed all of them except Boomer, Kash, Agwe and Gobbler. Those heroes are either redundant to other heroes or I honestly cant see using them in any situation.

I have 2 Jackals and while Purple is ruling wars, I would say its a good idea to have 2-3 of them.

As far as depth, they come in handy. Its nice to have a large toolbox so you can create the best B or C team you can for wars. It also helps a lot on 4* tournaments.

Edit - Forgot to mention costumed TC heroes. They are a huge bench upgrade as many are better than Atlantis or event heroes. Costumed Rigard kick my maxed Khiona off my main purple team and LiXu has been very welcomed in the last 3 wars. I wasn’t going to max Gormek, but I just completed him in case his future costume is unique.


As far as war, they are not needed that much right now. Depending on when season 3 is released and what heroes it brings, I can see possible green tanks after this summer. We have a green HOTM tank coming in March (I think) and then another round of Yunan this summer. If season 3 is release and has another green tank, you can see Green become like purple now thanks to Kunchen and Ursena.

I recommend having a balanced bench to handle changes to the game. I know it’s hard. I can max 2 5* reds right now, but I am holding our for more darts to get another yellow.

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I think it does (make sense to stop for the time being). I have stopped, am now feeding my red heroes off color, and honestly wish I could go back and undo my last 2-3 reds.

I already have what I need for raids / titans / wars / events and I’m guessing you do too. I have 12 reds at 70+, but I can’t recall a recent war where I used more than six. I have not used Gormek in a long time and I think the second Boldtusk I maxed has literally never been out in any situation.

If green tanks start being a ‘thing,’ you can resume. It’s not like you won’t see it coming. And you’ll have the built up ascension materials anyway.

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Truth, if you are fighting in a top level your “3500” team of 4’s probably can’t even bust the tank in the current arena where 4600 power teams are becoming more common every day. I use may 3 4’s in war period. the vast majority aren’t useful.
So, my point soon enough none of the 4 colors will be useful to you for the most part.

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Depends. I have a red team that is extremely successful regardless of tank color: Boldie, Wilbur, Falcon, Anzogh, Scarlett. The only thing I need are some red tiles. I love green flanks, of course. Blue tanks are meh, yellow or purple is okay (neutral color).
I’m blessed/cursed with good reds, so I have to deal with it and try to maximize the damage.

Just maxed Kelile now for the trials, my only other maxed Rogue is Scarlett :rofl:

But I think, more than 10 reds I’ll probably never need :thinking:

Red has some exceptionaly useful heroes and some with insanely high attack stats. Last war, against a blue tank alliance, my red mono one-shoted a 4300 Aegir tank team and is also my default anti Kunchen / Ursena tanks in raids. I just wish I had more than one red 4* troops to asign to them. But even with 3* troops, they’re wrecking havok every time red tiles are present on the board. By far my strongest team.

Season 3 is bringing Heimdall – despite his revive chance (and I have no doubt players will stuff him in the wing), he’s first and foremost a tank with the paladin class + HP extension pushing his team beyond 2k HP, and the attack buff being better when used before any of his teammates skills.

Telluria is the March HOTM – and at the moment she’s looking ridiculously good as a tank. Beefy minions, mana down ailment, a big HoT and paladin class.

Yunan is still as troublesome as he always has been, and he became even better with the Revive talent.

But even with all this information, I don’t know if green tanks will pick up. These aren’t going to be easy to get heroes. The best F2P choices will include Elkanen and Kadilen – they may be serviceable for green tanks, but I wouldn’t say they’re ideal either.

I’m not going to mention Horghall either… he’s just a meatshield. His defense is too low to really tank well, he falls too easily to a 3-red-stack despite his high HP. You’d really need his costume if you want to tank with him – and until costumes come back, there’s no way of telling how attainable that will be.

I understand what the OP is saying. I have an abundance of reds, some that just sit on my bench leveled and unleveled. I have a hard time getting rid of them but I also hate to not find a good use for them.

I am just going by the history of Purple which is now the top war tank choice.

Before Atlantis, the only popular Purple tank was Hel. This was very short-lived. Oba, Sartana, Quint and Dom were never good tank choices. Boss Wolf was around, but even though I think he is still a top tank, no one wanted to waste mats on a hero that was only good for defense. Add in the availability of Jackal and purple tanks never took off.

Then Kunchen was released quickly followed by Ursena. A HOTM and an Atlantis hero were enough to push purple to the top.

However, Green still might not make its mark. Purple also has the benefit of weak yellow options. Compared to purple, yellow doesn’t have the burst damage. Yellow drags out the battle with mana drains and blinds with only Joon, Poseidon and emblemed Jackals to provide dependable punches. Green would face a different problem with emblemed Wilburs boosting the rest of the red heroes attacks taking out whole groups in 3 or less turns.

Time will tell…

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But even if this hypothetical shift towards green tanks takes place, it won’t happen overnight. It takes awhile for new heroes to gain the distribution to where an entire alliance can consider changing tank color, outside of the very top alliances.

If a green tank comes out and top players start using it, I can shift my focus back to red and have plenty of time to develop those heroes. I just don’t see why I’d waste the effort right now when there’s other colors that I have to ration in wars.

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You are 100% correct. It depends on what level you are fighting at.

For the top Alliances, Purple did take over almost overnight. There were already enough Kunchens and Ursena took it over the line to reality. Those in the top 300-101 were still facing Yellow, Blue and Red. My Alliance hasn’t even been able to switch over to Purple yet and we hit 67 a few weeks back. However, 2\3 wars are against purple for us.

So holding off on reds is probably the right decision for most. If you are mainly using 4*s, it is less of an issue. If you are dependent on 5s…that can get hairy as the mats are so hard to come by.

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It is very true as well though that red has some pretty scary forces. Boldtusk, Wilbur and Falcon are some of the best support heroes in the game. Scarlett, Kelile, Lancelot, and Colen all have high damage output for their rarity…

Personally I often use red to stack neutral, when I’m out of my strong color heroes in wars. And even against blue tanks, I will find a use to stack my red heroes.

+1 , just make sure you at least collect and level all the key reds (Falcon, Wilbur, Boldtusk, Scarlett, etc.) and you can maybe table your reds for a while if you have better projects to work on.

I realized during Wonderland that I couldn’t field a mono-red 4* team (oops!) so I may do one more to check that box and then see what else comes out down the road.