What's Your Raid Style

I would like to know what everyone does when it comes to their raid styles and why?

For myself, personally, I raid 3-2 and tend to have at least one utility and one healer (usually in the two different colors I take) and three mixed attackers: Sniper, full AoE, partial AoE. This is almost usually my tactic when it concerns wars, raids and tournaments. My reasoning for this type of set-up is to increase my chances of winning by having several different options/paths per raid.

For example, one of my teams consists of Delilah, Evelyn, Joon, Alberich and Jackal, in that order. With that team, I can rely on a combo of offensive specials + tile damage (which is the easiest), I can rely on the Alby mana and delilah heal if the board starts to turn. That particular team has a very high success rate because I have so many different mana speeds as well. I know many people have this “Rush to the end” playstyle, therefore, they want the fastest mana heroes possible, but the slower mana heroes have their place amongst their faster mana’d peers.

Another team that I love consists of (in this order) Tarlak, Isarina, Kingston, Kiril, and Gregorian. Before I had maxed Greg, this team was subpar, but I maxed him literally 29hrs ago and the synergy I was looking for with this team appeared. I tend to lean towards buffs and nerfs for this team’s victory, however, with Tarlak and greg firing simultaneously, I can effectively use tile damage to kill. I’ve seen a single tile (while both Tarlak and Greg’s buffs were active) deal 650+ against neutral targets and over 1000 against ice heroes.

But enough about me, how do you all raid? Dees your style change from war to tourney to regular raids? If so, how and why (other than the regular restrictions set up by war and raid tournaments).


All mono; always.

My strongest team is North/Lianna/Lianna/Kingston/Eve

I can raid this team against anything and win 90% or so (with the exception of Ursena, who I’m finding OP so I raid her w yellow)


I prefer mono, in raids and wars, and it has been working quite well for me. Taking out the tank with 3-4 tiles makes the raid so much easier. It does not always work like that but most of the time. My teams can usually take a hit or two from the tank even when I have to dump the useless tiles on him/her/it. I have one healer in each team, and I like fast snipers (for taking out that Mother North lurking in the corner). I have mostly S1 heroes, no Albys and MNs reviving my team.

I don’t always use mono in raid tournaments. In the 3* and 4* tournaments I usually use 4-1 or 3-2. And in the current rush attack tournament I have mostly been using a rainbow team, Vivica, Isarnia, Quintus, Horghall, Justice.

My raid teams are:
Dark: Seshat, Sartana, Obakan, Quintus, Rigard
Holy: Vivica, Joon, Joon, Justice, Chao
Ice: Kiril, Magni, Isarnia, Magni (3/70), Frida
Nature: Horghall, Lianna, Lianna, Elkanen, Melendor
Fire: Boldtusk, Khagan, Wilbur, Azlar, Marjana


It seems like you rely heavily on special skill damage with that team but how has that worked out for you, if you don’t mind me asking? How many times have you gotten attacked and how successful is that team on offense?

Defense is not doing so well, 3 victories, 6 losses. Attacks 12 victories, 3 losses. If I manage to fire Isarnia and two others, the game is pretty much over. And Vivica keeps my team alive long enough. It does not always work. One attack against Guin tank was a total disaster.

Just gradually converting from 3-2 to mono, as my teams get filled out. I’m now much more successful mono-ing against the tank color than any other combo.

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healer/def down/sniper/sniper + healer


I always use 3-2 attack style. Sonya-grimm-cyprian-proteus-rigard.

Sometimes win, sometimes lose…

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Y’all aren’t as enthused with this thread as I thought y’all would be. Perhaps I think about this game too hard.


I’m starting to change from 3/2 to 4/1 as I’m finding 3/2 not cutting it as much for me In war
In saying that my current fav combo is
Mn, Kingston both maxed , LOTL at 3/70 and 2 sniper or an aoe & sniper that is strong against tank or one of the flanks if hitting blue tank

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I’m enthusiastic, @King_Kyree77 :hugs: Still going mono, practicing 3-2 sometimes, but these teams serve me well :slightly_smiling_face:


Would you like some advice on how to turn these five mono teams into five 3-2 teams?

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I only have 4 maxed 5*, so I have to work with what I have (mostly 4*). In regular raids, I usually run 3-2 and my favourite team to use is:

Scarlett +18 (all attack)
Grimm +17 (all attack)
Wilbur +19 (all defense)
Ariel +7 (all defense)
Colen +17 (all attack)

Wilbur and Ariel keep this team alive until Colen is charged and if he gets to fire his special (which is surprisingly often), it’s usually game over. I’ve gone into a 20+ win streak in Diamond without rerolling while mostly using this team. I know Grimm doesn’t synergize very well with Wilbur, but I’ve tried swapping him out with Triton +3, and it seems less effective, since Grimm hits 2 or 3 heroes like a truck (usually with Wilbur’s def down shared damage) with his 812 attack. I’m currently levelling Frida and Azlar for this team, and I expect them to be an upgrade to Grimm and Colen once maxed.

In war I have to improvise a lot since I don’t have 30 maxed 4*/5* yet, so I usually do 2 or 3 mono hits (purple, red and yellow) as well. My absolute favourite mono team is my purple one:

Ameonna +7
Seshat +1
Cyprian 3/60
Proteus +14
Rigard 3/60

Two unmaxed 4*, but I don’t think I’ve ever lost with this team. The utility is just too awesome: Proteus for mana control, Rigard for heal/cleanse, Cyprian so opponents kill themselves, Seshat as main damage dealer from specials and survivability from the minions and Ameonna can give me those few extra rounds to get purple tile matches in the end if necessary.


Have my thoughts, but happy for input too, thanks! Got some others maxed or 3-70, wilbur, inari, cat, caedmon, gadeirus, sonya and some others of the basics.

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I’m generally running 3-2 with one or both of my best combo heroes (frida with lvl 23 mana troop and magni or eve and lianna or even buddy with lvl 23 mana troop eve and lianna). Strategy is to take tank with tiles mainly and pick off key threats with the combo strike.

Team example vs guin tank would be frida magni sartana obakan kunchen (or Sabina +20 if there are 2 buff heroes).

General exception is vs Aegir tank when I’ve been trying 2-2-hatter with the 2s strong vs flanks.

Another exception is vs alilment strong teams I’m doing a similar thing with Grazul so vs onatel and gm etc I may do 2-2-graz with the 2 strong vs tank and a top combo like frida magni.


In raids I go mono - blue, purple or red, I’m not so strong with greens and yellows. In wars I go 3-2.


There is my roster, some are more leveled of course since last months! :grinning: Let’s compare rosters! 🦊
Kingston is done and a second at 2-60.

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I’m totally bad at math, so when I said turn five into ten, disregard that nonsense. Anyway…

Team 1: Kiril, Proteus, Frida, Kage+9, Grimm.

Proteus is for mana control. Kage is for damage and debuff, the core consists of Kiril to amplify team stats and heal. Frida is there to debuff and amplify Grimm’s special skill.

Team 2: Gregorian, Triton, Hansel+6, Aegir, Melondor.

Greg is there for the crit % increase and special skill damage. Triton is there for the healinging % increase and special skill damage. Hansel is there to just play mana controller. Aegir is there to increase team survivability because many of these heroes defenses aren’t that spectacular. Melondor is there to debuff the enemy and heal. If you combine/time all of their special skills accordingly, you will see a massive heal from Aegir for each tile due to Triton and Greg’s buffs.

Team 3: Rigard, Kingston, Proteus, Hansel+19, Kage.

This is a pure damage and mana control team. Pretty easy to use, but you have to be conscious of your heroes placements, not just in this line-up, but in all of the ones I set up for you. I put them in this order for a reason, not just to capitalize on their respective specials, but to establish a contingency plan in case the starting board isn’t the greatest. Rigard and Kage are, imo the most important heroes in this line-up, so keep them on the wings when attacking to reduce, statiscally, their chances of getting hit by an opponent that fires at three enemies.

Team 4 (assuming you have wilbur maxed): Wilbur, Musashi, QoH, Ranvir, Falcon.

Wilbur is designed to fire first, then fire falcon, then QoH (at the same three you just struck Falcon with), Ranvir adds tile damage (though he can miss, with Wilbur’s buff active, the tile damage is shared and a single hit from a red tile to an opposing enemy suffering from both regular def down and the fire def down as well as Ranvir’s buff can do 750+ damage each, spread out over the remaining enemies team), Musashi is there to capitalize on both Wilbur and Ranvir’s special skill, and it is this team that I believe he can do the most damage/be the most beneficial (once he is maxed, you may keep him here, or swap him to a different team).

If wilbur isn’t maxed, then this team will need to be reworked to add Boldtusk to the frey.

Team 5: Jackal+19, ZimKitty, Guinevere, R. Hood, Jackal+6

This may be the leftovers, but they aren’t to be underestimated. This team is meant to be more of a clean-up, but can function as a main team, but you will have to rely heavily on tile damage (which is why Zim and both Jackals are on this team). R. Hood and Guin are here to support your higher tile damage dealers and to heal/cut mana of course while protecting your own mana as well (R. Hood’s fox minions prevent mana stealing).

Try these teams out and see if they work for you. If you have any questions, just let me know. If anyone else here can see a better combo than the ones I put together, feel free to chime in.


Mono all 5 colors based on tank color (except Ursena and Mitsuko).


Love that, thank you very much! :fox_face: