Favorite raid configurations. Post yours and share!

I’ve noticed I definitely have my preferred raid teams, though I mostly stack against tank and one flank, but some lines are just so good you can run them against anything.
I’ll post a few of my favorite teams and how I use them effectively. Hopefully people will share theirs and a good, insightful discussion can spark.

This is one of my favorite raid teams. Strategy is simple, fast, raw power. Eve , Kage, and seshat dispel, kingston drops attack, rigard cleanses and provides the heal. Straightforward but undeniably strong. Works well against the GTV meta as well.

The DoT stack. Victor and clarissa, with their respective mana troops, fire in 6 tiles amd pile on the DoT. Kunch cleanses, heals, drops defense. Vela provides more DoT, and Frida gives a nice pop of dmg, dispel and elemental def down.

This is a fun raiding stack I’ve been deploying against telly tanks, esp those flanked by vela. Grazul and malosi double up to stop incoming debuffs. Santa drops defense and attack. Joon deals straight damage, and zim cleanses and ups attack.
All in all, these are some of my favorite configurations. How do you raid? Who do you prefer and why?
I’m excited to see how everyone approaches their raids.


I raid almost exclusively mono. I like fast battles and don’t mind getting a terrible board as I’ll just rematch. So here’s my favorite teams.

And my not so favorite, I’m hoping for anew blue 5* to add. I could max Richard, Ariel x2 or Magni x2 if it would help. IDK

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I love BT - Guardian Falcon and Mitsuko. The other two are either Vela and Sonya or Kunch and Proteus

Awesome teams!
My mono red team (pretty much only mono I’ll run routinely) is santa, falcon, zimkitha, Grazul, and Red hood. Works pretty well against any non vela flank teams.

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Have you tried wilbur/gormek with g. Falcon?
Things get really fun then, doubling up the defensive downs makes the opponent swiss cheese.

That’s great advise. I’ve startedf leveling him up two seperate times and got better options (Santa and then Jean Francos). I’ll start him again unless I get 2 more rings for Grazul :wink:

I use santa for his def down primarily, but I’ve got 2 Falcons maxed and will deploy a 2nd one with Wilbur and bold as a 3 stack on cleanup. Works surprisingly well. If I can double up defensive downs with a 2 or 3 stack I try to, for me it’s a tried and true tactic.

Sold pal! How do they fare against the legions of Tellurias?

My faves are always MN +4 reds or usually MN+ 4 purples

Ie MN G.Panther Victor Khiona Seshat
Or MN Zim, GM Red Hood Marj

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It’s a viable lower end tactic, but if Vela is present in the flank running reds is still risky without a blocker (grazul, aeron) or a cleanser. So in order to run a g. Falcon, gormek/Wilbur/santa, Boldtusk you’d want to have a cleanser handy in the other 2 slots (rigard, preferably costumed) prob with another sniper/attacker.
If you have Grazul just sub her in for Boldie, and have a lvl 11 mana troop if you have one. 6 tiles to block vela/telluria.

I have 3 favorite raid teams.

Mono red Boldtusk Gormek Tyr Marjana JF.
It’s not perfect as Marjana’s and JF’s burn damage overlap, but I don’t have any other powerful damage dealers.

No. 2 is a blue green team consisting of Frida Thorne Telluria Sonya Vela.
I love this team as Frida and Thorne inflict so much damage on up to 3 heroes at once with their specials that it only needs Vela to wash the remnants away.

My last team is a yellow green team with Poseidon Chao Telluria Joon Li Xiu.
Chao and Li usually keep the team alive with their mana reduction while Poseidon and Joon take one by one out.

What I love about the teams is that they’re all able to beat teams that are up to 1000 points stronger (my teams are between 3300 and 3600 strong) provided the boards are not totally against me.

I’ve tried raiding 4-1 and just dont like it as much as mono or 3-2.
But I also dont have a reviver, that may change my tune.

Solid advice OG. With my Mitsuko I don’t fret over Vela or Finley. I do however hate facing Ariel! Great conversation!

Yes… wouldn’t do it with any other 1. I use 3:2 in wars

Of course, sounds like you’ve got a great squad buddy. And yep Mitsuko solves vela and finley for sure lol. Best of luck out there and happy hunting!

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Usually run a 2-2-1 1 being ariel +8 then decide depends on tank and flanks.
Or do atlantis family proteus+7 poseidon ariel+8 gadirus +7 Triton+7 can be a laugh

i always use 3-2 purple and blue.

Triton+18, Grimm+19, Sartana+4, Proteus+18, and Rigard+18.

never change the line up for attack when i face all colour tank.

I raid mostly with this team. Myztero is just so much fun and Rigard pound for pound the best hero in the game.

My favorite attack team is this one against red , I’m very eager to see counterattacks.

My new favorite team as I just finished C Sartana and on final tier for zeline

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