Creative Raid strategies: Whatcha got?

Alright, I’m not looking to get or give advice here, just share out some playful ideas. A little over a year into the game, I’ve gotten a little bored with raiding while I’m waiting on feeders to get some more 5*s maxed. I have a decent bench of emblemed 4’s and can generally clear my revenge queue using the trusty 3-2 stack approach. But sometimes on the forum I read people saying: "I have this hero, but they don’t fit my play style. What does that even mean?!?! It’s a friggin match-3 game!

So I’ve set out on a quest to play around with weird combos and see how well I can do in war if I throw elemental stacking out the window. Win or lose, I get to see some interesting results. Like this one where I went healer-heavy and got to see trusty ol’ BT survive a 3000hp hit from Magni at the buzzer!


Let’s share out some other unorthodox, playful attack strategies. And for those of you with huge rosters: imagine you were only allowed one or two non-classic 5* per team, just so everyone can feel included. :wink:

Wow, you sure had a really long match here an you could even had won if you brought a riposte hero!
I had a similar battle in an attack boost war with Kunchen killing himself while autoattacking Cyprian & Rigard for 700+ counterattack damage :slight_smile:

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