Unorthodox Tactics

Im curious to know what techniques, mostly unconventional and not just “stack colors”, work well for others. I welcome any veteran , novice players advice / tactics. I enjoy finding the symbiosis in atypical team builds. I look forward to discussions!

I raid exclusively with a 3-1-1 format of Rigard +18, Jabberwock +5, Gravemaker +7, Tarlak +1 and Proteus +7.

Just because I don’t feel like re-rolling or changing my attack team.


I’m currently enjoying fighting with rainbow offense and, due to who I have, this tends to be slow heavy.

Viv - Elena - Isarnia - Sartana - Evelyn

Most of these heroes are high attack, but take a long time to charge, so I really try to trigger combos and mass cascades.

It makes a nice change of pace to trying to pick out one or two colours and avoid triggering the tank.


I like to have lots of fun and often try some wierd things therfore.

Attacking with 5 healers, weak mono against the tank or epic only against mega heavy defenses.

I wouldn’t call it a strategy, but I just play to enjoy my spare time and not to achieve something that won’t last and won’t be refunded in any way.

Being weird without a beard… :wink:

…is my hipster maxim without being one. :crazy_face:


With a better roster of five stars I also gave up on mono or heavy color stacking when raiding (except wars where i still run mono mostly). Though the fights are a bit longer, but feel more rewarding as you kill with specials mostly not purely with tiles.

I have also found my win percentage is higher and much more stable (94% wins from the last 110 raids when I started to keep books on it, including a successful global top1 heist. Average TP of enemies 4327).

My usual attack team is: Poseidon - Alberich - Hel - Ariel - Drake. First 4 never change, when I need dispell I change Drake for Sonya+20,when green tank as yunan I bring in GM for Drake.
So I exclusively raid now 2-1-1-1 or even rainbow - and really enjoy it much more than before with stacking.


Here’s mine. I often use hatter-ursena-onatel-kingston-vivica against an ursena tank. Logic is they typically have a yellow hitter out there. so if I can get my Ursena off, I can go after their yellow hitter to kill themself. If I fail, maybe I can steel the reflect with Hatter. I still get tile damage from yellow, and can use Onatel once Hatter steels the buff. It’s very much dependent upon the specials and timing, but when it works, it’s pretty cool.


looks at team builds… sees a bunch of 3/2 stacks with heal, keel, cleanse and dispel… leaves thread


I use this tactic. I try and charge up John as fast as I can to fire off his mana slowing special so I have an extra 2-3 turns to charge up the rest of the team. Cyprian’s riposte works well with his flanks because they tend to have the defense and health to take hits and counter. Kiril ups defense/ attack and heals, and I repeat the process if my heroes are still alive. Im surprised at times when I see teams I defeat defensively in raids.


Well, I see alot of Ursena tanks out there and yes, I wish I had one for my own! However, I put together a team that usually is able to take that team out on first try. I use Delilah-Finley-Delilah-Gravemaker-Delilah
Unless I get a board with no yellows, I usually can outlast the team by constant healing and minions

What a treacherous team. You should name your team Samson’s Bane.

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I’ve been having a lot of fun lately with an attack team that wipes the enemy out in one…

So that’s almost always Wilbur (+19), Black Knight (+7), G.Kong (+1), Isarnia (+6) and then one other (often White Bunny +6, sometimes Falcon+12)

Basically… Wilbur + BK boosts attack to over +100%.
Then almost nothing survives the AoE hits - Kong is always ready to fire after this, if Isarnia or Bunny are ready too then they get fired first… More often than not, this kills all 5 enemies in one go, with a screenful of numbers - there’s just something really satisfying about that.

Tank colour largely gets ignored… With the exception of blues (I only really take it against Aegir), it wins 2/3+ of raids against teams 3-500TP higher even when that red theesome is neutral against the enemy tank.

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Funny, this happened after I posted originally.

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