Do you use mono for raids ? Poll

Hello guyz,

I was talking with people from my ally, and been surprised by how many of them were using mono to raid…

To me, mono is kinda a bad thing, but this topic is not about that.

Just to know, do you guyz use mono to raid ? Thanks for your vote.

ps : I’m talking about regular raids, not tournament, not war. Raids, only.

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  • No

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Titans are the only thing I mono if anything.

Raiding is normally 2-2-1.


I use 2-2-1 or 2-1-1-1 depending on the opposition


3/2 for me in raids.

But on my ally line’s group (155k ally), a lot of them seem to use mono… I need more vote to know if they are stupid or not :smiley:


I personally don’t, but I can see the appeal, mono raids tend to be very quick, but I generally 3/2 with pre set war teams for practice… I know a lot of folks that mono all day everyday though. (also in PVP line with 500 folks in it, mono has a strong showing)


Usually 3/2 or 3/1/1 sometimes 4/1, mono from time to time for fun, never rainbow

To some extent it probably depends on your roster. I just don’t have the hero depth to consider mono seriously yet, but also no decent blue hero (only Thorne) which forces me to double up on at least one colour

I pretty much use the same 3-2 team against every enemy I face. I sometimes go with a 2-2-1.

The only time I run mono is against titans.


If the team is 4000+, I will typically go with a mono team.
Below 4000, I tend to go with a 3-2 set up.

Here is my best mono team
Green - Melendor, Evelyn, Zeline, Lianna and Hansel in that order.

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For raids I always do 3/2, except in tournaments where due to special rules I might run 2/2/1. For titans I do 4/1. The only time I use mono is one of my war teams is fully mono red.


I do the same. At 4000+ team power defenses in raids, you are starting to see the 5* tanks emblem’d to level 7-8 now. You need mono colors to take them out.


4/1 (Wu Kong) on titans, though 3/2 against purple because I’m not deep in yellow.

3/2 is my preferred raid configuration, though I often go 3/1/1 because Mother North is always in. Before I had the depth, 2/2/1 was very common for me.


My rosters is not yet strong for mono, so I do 2-3, 2-1-1-1, 2-2-1 mostly.

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Well, I guess that it depends your roaster cuz I only face 4000+ team in raids & I always go in 3/2… Never mono :frowning:

Typically, some examples of my 3/2 :

Magni (80)/Alice (80)/Aegir (70) with Margaret (80)/Evelyn (80)

Or Leonidas (80)/Gretel (70)/Viviva (70) with Santa (80)/Boldusk (70)

I don’t attack yellow tanks as I suck with purple. But other colors are usually okay. Just struggling a bit against Kunchen sometimes

Mono is for challenge events only for me. Outside of those, I’ve rarely used mono.

Usually it’s 3-2 (most used). Followed by 3-1-1 sometimes (where the 1s are healers or support usually).

Never use 2-2-1, 2-1-1-1 or rainbow now unless it’s a very late war attack. Since I expanded my bench of 4* heroes I just find going in with weak tile damage to be far risky and it’s hard to take out the really strong 5* opponents.

4-1 is what I use for titans only.


I don’t have a deep roster, not even enough troops to use a valuable mono

if I decided to use mono, my fourth and fifth hero would be very weak compared to any other strong hero of other color, same goes for troops.

I use 3/2. 3 with the color strong to the enemy middle hero and 2 with a neutral color which is also not weak against the middle left and middle right opponents.

The only exception is facing Kashrek as middle, in which case I don’t use red and I go with 3/2, both neutral colors against him.

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I love mono now. I didn’t before.

It wasn’t until I had a decent stable of 5* that it became a regular option. Before, if I had 4/5 mix, it was more of a crap shoot and I couldn’t withstand a bad board.

As of right now, I have 4 solid mono teams that are resilient and can withstand a bad/mediocre board with an 80% win rate. My worst is dark, but I go 4:1 with dark and add in Ariel if there’s someone I simply must destroy.

I’m actually at a 90% kill rate with my green mono since April. Considering I use it the most and go out of my way to target blue tanks (or dual blue flanks), that’s pretty decent.


Depends. If the opposite team is way too strong in AW and my alliance members and I know we’re gonna get our asses kicked anyway, I use full mono teams and pray to RNGesus.

I won a few wars and lost some, it’s not that bad of a strategy imo…

I’ve even switched to mono in wars. I usually kill 5, sometimes 4 sometimes 6.

MONO 4EVA and 20 characters


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