What does tc14-18.give you

Ii haven’t researched them yet ! I’m just curious if someone has , what do they do differently than tc5-9?

You get a chance at a 3* hero of that color

In my opinion it is not worth researching those levels.

Just get to TC19 and then TC20.

develop the TC20 production before even thinking about TC19, since you want the 4* and 5*'s before trying to speed-promote them

The only reason you will use these… is you are looking for color specific 1, 2, and 3* heroes. Don’t know if there is any data gathered for the % of the drop results because of the apparent lack of interest in actually using these training sessions. The training cost (food, recruit, and time) associated with the final result if you end up getting 1* and 2* is too high. Even though there is a small set of 1* to 3* for each color, but if their rarity is a factor, you probably end up getting 1* or 2* more than you do 3* (if you are looking for a very specific hero).

You definitely will do better with other training options.

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14 through 18 are the probably the most useless tools in the game. I can’t think of anything in the game that i could have any less use for


I already have tc20 and just looking at options for levelling my current heros

As a couple have already mentioned, tc19 is probably one of the best for leveling your heroes. I wouldn’t waste my time on tc14-18, as the ROI (return on investment) as pertains to food and time simply make it inefficient.

Since they are pretty much useless, can I suggest switching them to train colour specific troops !?


It’s been suggested multiple times but considering how much money people spend to max troops, i wouldn’t count on that change ever happening.

Even if it did, it would probly be added to the barracks since barracks only have 10 levels right now.

What they could do is make those levels specific color versions of the guaranteed rare training with a bit higher cost than guaranteed rare training

Small simple improvement that would make those camps slightly more useful


If these were a guaranteed 3*, they would be way more useful (obviously). As is, I don’t even know anyone that researched them.

TC5-8 are more expensive (Slower, use more food) color specific versions of TC2. They are generally a bad idea to run, although there may be some place for pre-running them to power-level next month’s hotm, or for finishing a 5* hero over level 70 where the food cost is really really high.

But they are variations on TC2, which is very useful.

TC14-18 are variations on TC10, which is pretty much useless already.

I think the developers realized exactly how bad/worthless TC10 was when they made the color specific versions of them without even making them cost more food / run slower! :rofl:

I’d guess that they put out ~5% 3* heroes and mostly 1* and 2* … but I haven’t found anybody foolish enough to try them out and report what the results are!

Even with a highly unlikely output with equal chances of 1*, 2*, or 3* heroes by my calculations they still seem like a waste of recruits, food, and time to run.

Last time I asked if anybody had tried it, I never got an answer…


I’m going to report my result :rofl:

Advanced Training Summary
E\S 1☆ 2☆ 3☆
Total 0 5 4
% 0.00% 55.56% 44.44%
Advanced Fire Training Summary
E\S 1☆ 2☆ 3☆
Fire 0 4 2
% 0.00% 66.67% 33.33%

Combined result of all advanced:

E\S 1☆ 2☆ 3☆
Total 0 9 6
% 0.00% 60.00% 40.00%

I have been curious, do the advanced training give 1*??? My brother did some advanced training and he don’t remember getting 1* either.


I agree ( see Notes )


Click for Notes


I love this suggest! You should make a thread in the ideas section. You will have my vote!

Thank you so much for reporting that, @yelnats_24! I’m a bit surprised … and now going to check my math and confirm that even with these results which are way better than I had guessed these TC modes are still a bad idea. (I’ll be loudly and publicly eating crow if I discover that they are good for something!)


Well I’ll be dipped in :poop: TC 10, and TC14-18 are the 2nd choice pure* food bank (after TC12) instead of the last choice one, since they produce 50% 3* and 50% 2* heroes, no 1* heroes. (See Link: https://forum.smallgiantgames.com/t/notes-50-3-50-2-recruit-training-advanced-general-rainbow-dark-holy-ice-nature-fire-odds-and-requirements-or-rt10-rt14-rt18/109879 )

The first measure of a food bank is how effectively it stores food, and how much food (and recruits) it burns (wastes) per day. The second measure is how much feeder hero XP it produces while burning food and recruits. (I’ve included TC11 for comparison, just to show how bad the food banks are at producing feeder hero XP)

Mode Food/Rec Rec/Day k food/Day kXP / day
TC11 500 24 12 3.2
TC10 4200 25 105 0.51
TC12 3644 22.5 82 0.32
TC13 3786 35 132.5 0.32
TC20 2970 50 148.5 0.38 (.33 If saving 5*s instead of eating them)

TC12 still is the lowest recruit and food burn of food banks, with TC10 taking second place. TC10 produces a little more feeder XP. And TC10 stores the most food with each recruit of any food bank.

I’d say that the best scenario would be one like this: You know that a new hotm coming up in a month, and you are planning to power-level that hero when you get him/her. You could use a TC14-18 food bank of that hero’s color, not collecting those heroes for a month, and then have a bunch of 2* and 3* on-color feeders you can use toward the end of feeding that hero. That might save you enough hams to justify the extra losses over the month. (I’m leaving that math to somebody else since I’m not currently hoarding finished heroes like that myself; I’ve got too many heroes to level up now to hold them waiting to pull somebody new)

*Pure food bank = not counting any value for keeper heroes it produces. Most players using food banks also want to get 4* or 5* heroes for their roster, and that alone makes TC20 the overwhelming better choice as a food bank despite being less efficient. It also makes TC13 a reasonable choice for mid-level players with strongholds between 13 and 20, assuming that they don’t have enough 4* heroes to level up during the few months before they can run TC20.


Wait, am I just now learning, after playing for 6 months, that I don’t have to research every level of the TCs, that I can skip researching levels as I build them? So, my TC17 that I just started doing the research for, could have been skipped??? Dang. So I can at least skip researching 18, and continue pushing the build toward my first TC 20. SMDH!


Yeah, you can skip them. Only the building level controls what is available.




Yup. And it may be too late for TCs, but the same applies to forges, the hunter’s lodge, alchemy lab, and will presumably apply to the hero academy when it is released someday.

Personally I found no reason to research either revive scrolls or miracle scrolls, as I very seldom use them and have got quite a few in loot. I forgot if I researched it but I never craft super healing portions either. (Might have to research and craft a few of those for a daily valor thing someday, hmmmm)

You can also choose to build or research based on whether you are short ham or iron, or whether both ham and iron storage are sufficient, and also considering that research takes time and resources and ties up the instance doing the research, but doesn’t use a builder, so you might be able to do it at a time when no builder is free.

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