Type of heros you get from training uncommon heroes – do you ever get 3* heroes?

Dou ever get 3 stars from training uncommon heros???

Uncommon is TC2 = only *1 and *2 heroes.

Guaranteed 3 stars come from trainingcamp RARE = TC12
TC13 is not Guaranteed *3, some time *4. So only *3 and *4 heroes from TC13.

Here is the rest in table:


And to just add on even at TC20 u will have a place to train with the POSSIBILITY of legendary. I’ve had it up for 4 months. Get plenty of 3s and that’s fine. Good food for the troops. But I’ve pulled 4s too and got Sartana so no complaints here.


That table is not correct for Advanced ( RT10, RT14-18 ). Advanced has a 50% chance 2* and a 50% chance 3* hero.

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@Gryphonknight, in the table there are no indicator percentage, only written which you will get form *1 to *5.

What he meant was that you can’t get 1* heroes from the advanced elemental trainings, and that those give 2* and 3* heroes.

I did not know that btw @Gryphonknight, I thought it was 1*, 2* and 3* too. I’ve only researched those trainings out of boredom and seldom used them (usually by accident).

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Gryphonkit, my wife knew, but I never asked.

yelnats_24 is the forum user who first told me. Followed by Gryphonkit saying “Of course”.



[Notes] 50%=3*, 50%=2*, Recruit Training Advanced general ( rainbow)/ Dark/ Holy/ Ice/ Nature/ Fire odds and requirements or RT10, RT14- RT18:

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