What does tc14-18.give you

If researching does take a builder why is I can’t use my second builder whilst I am researching something.

I am pretty sure used to be like that but either it’s a bug or something but ATM I can’t use my second builder since I started researching in Hunters Lodge

Maybe path of valor will have a TC17 task, and you will have the last laugh over the rest of us that didn’t research.

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Researching doesn’t take a builder, but you can’t do both on the same building at once.

If you are researching with the hunter’s lodge and using one builder to upgrade a storage, you cannot use the second builder on the lodge … but you could use it on something else like a different storage building.

Make sense?

Note: the alchemy lab is a little confusing, as it apparently can do multiple things at once; it might be an exception.

Ok i know that… i am telling you that whilst the HL research is active the option use my second builder is not displaying on the other buildings.

Now having said that… as I have 3 acc’s, on one of my other accounts I had 2 builders going and was able to do a HL research.

So maybe it is a bug that when you active a research before the second builder it doesn’t display.

It won’t display unless you have an inactive building to upgrade and the ham/iron required available.

Maybe that was it; you spent the ham and then could no longer upgrade a mine because you were out?

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Research 19! Get recruits fast

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I think after 2yrs of playing using 2 builders I know how it works, thank you, lol.

As it turns out today the second builder is showing up as it should so I can only put it down to a clitch for yesterday, cheera

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