"Rare" Training Camp Levels: Anybody use 10? (or 14~18?) Ever?

Does anybody use training camps at the levels which can generate rare heroes, as in some mix of 1*, 2*, and 3* heroes?

Curiously, the colored ones appear to be the same cost in time, recruits, and food as 10, so 14-18 aren’t worse than 10 the way 5-9 are worse than 2. (If 10 is already useless, I guess there’s no good reason to make the others more expensive?)

My guess/assumption was that it a very slow, expensive way to mostly get the same results as TC2 over 90% of the time, and the best thing I can think of is that it uses those training manuals for SOMETHING instead of just letting them accumulate.

Has anybody one for a while to see what comes out?

I’m curious…but not curious enough to actually pay the food to research it, since it will stop me from running TC11…let alone curious enough to run it through 50~100 cycles and collect results to figure out the odds.

Or is it useful in some way I just don’t get?

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Those camps are useless. They produce very slowly and, as far as I know, in the same proportion as TC12. I’ve never used them, never plan to, and would be much happier if SG completely reworked them to do something different, like train troops instead.


14-18 might be useful when you really want a 3* hero that you dont’have. E.g. Brienne or Belith for the challenge events.

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MIGHT. Depends on the odds, doesn’t it. Which is what I’m curious about in the first place!

Lets me work through this. Say I run TC16 for 10 days to get Green 3 :star: s:
1.05M food, 250 recruits: 10 Green heroes, ??? % are 3 :star: (Expected number of green 3 :star: is 10 X whatever that percentage is)

Compare to TC 12 @ 10 days:
0.82M food, 225 recruits: 5 3 :star: heroes; (I’m assuming equal color distribution; expected result is 1 green 3 :star: )

If the hit rate on 3:star: is less than 10%, you are paying more food, more recruits, and getting fewer green 3 :star:, and your “misses” are lower value 1-2 :star: green feeders instead of 3 :star: of any other color.

If the hit rate on 3 :star: is over 10%, you are still paying more, but you are getting more green 3 :star: (and still less valuable misses).

Given that the 4 :star: odds of TC13 are measured as 3~5% and the 5 :star: odds of TC20 are measured as 5~6%, I would bet you the 2600 gems for a 10-pull against a single daily summon token that these odds are under 10% for a 3 :star: in all these modes!

Dang, I shouldn’t summarize it like that–I kinda want some OTHER sucker to do the experiment and satisfy my curiosity, and I might be discouraging them! :rofl:


Thinking about it, for most of us, the BEST way to get a 3* hero we don’t have but want…is to try to get a 4* or 5* hero, and sift through all the 3* “misses” looking for it!!! There are usually plenty!


If only there was a holy/yellow 4* special TC level that I could farm for WuKong… :wink:


@Rook, yes, color specific versions of TC13 instead of TC10 would fit the game balance much better.

Actually providing something useful … despite having depressingly low odds of a 4* result instead of more 3*s … And I’d assume they would make the other costs stupidly high for it, like they did for with 5-9 as compared to 2…

Actually I’d be eager to research two versions of those right now, 'cuz I could really use a 4* in either yellow or blue … even if I don’t get what I want most, Wu Kong or Grimm. And if I got more Bane’s, I might get his special up to 8/8 that way.

The biggest problem with 14-18 is that they made a variant on something which already appeared useless…unlike 5-9 which are (overpriced but not quite 100% useless) variants on something that actually is useful!

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I’d be thrilled with color variants of TC13. I can’t tell you how much I shake my fist at that darn monkey who continues to elude me!!! :wink:

If we eliminate the “useless” levels, or add more levels, I’d love to see color specific TC13 and TC20. NATURALLY I’d expect to get loads of 3*, but even a directed chance at El Kongo (4*) would be fabulous…,

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Of course if they did it, Holy (Here’s looking for Wu Kong!) would be TC18, the last one you would get access to!

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