What do you think of this defensive team build

I just pulled my second telluria and first freya, i was thinking about building a defense team like that:
Alice telluria freya telluria grazul
Alice telluria grazul telluria freya
What do you think about two flanks telluria - is it worth it or not really.?
I think two tellurias combo well with freya.

This is my roster:

In conclusion: What defensive team would be best to utilize the minion meatshield from tellurias and freya?

I think 2 green flanks will get eaten alive by strong red teams

And telluria is most effective at tank

Flank or wing not so much

She’ll be another tank or nothin in my opinion

Same thing we see with guin who is her closest relative

The mana drawback is something you want to happen before the opponent fires

Not after

Once opponent charges, freya is dead
Center section is open for ghosting

Match is over.

That changes with a telluria tank and wide AoE with DoT at flanks/wings due to the mana slow already casted by telluria making it too hard to recover

I wouldn’t suggest maxing a 2nd telluria unless u wanna use both in your offense teams

Would tank telluria if your alliance is using green tanks for war, if they dont have coordinated tank color, and of course would tank her for raids since raid defense has very little value anyways. Set it to stay in diamond then forget it even exists


What if i put second telluria in wing and the first one in tank?

Agree fully with Rigs…

Telluria on defence is a tank.
Even on another good tank, it just doesn’t work.

Besides, twice is too much of a good thing - mana regen overwrites itself, so does heal over time…
The whole point of Telluria is to buy yourself time to fire nasty flanks… or to buy time for DoT to do it’s damage (ie: for Vela and GM/JF to do big burn/drown before attackers can build mana to cleanse).

I’d keep the second anyway (I’m keeping mine!) as she’s useful in attack too - maybe not a rush levelling priority, but certainly on the list down the line!


Doubling up your tanks colour is risky… And pointless in this case.

Telluria slows down battles from tank position - in flank she wouldn’t hit hard enough to win a late battle… Especially since your attacker will almost certainly be stacked against her to take out the tank.

Don’t try to shoehorn two in, it won’t work.


Then, after checking my roster pics from up, what team would work the best for war/raid defense?

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Could see some interesting battles with that setup but I think overall it could get crushed. Just not enough fire power.

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You some nice heros there to go along with a Telly tank.

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With what you have I would maybe go this way…
Kage, Fenir, Tell, JF, Alice. Causes u to use to blues but looking at what u have now, probably your toughest option for now. You could also put the blues on each side of telly. Just a thought as a few combinations. You have a solid roster

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Just assume i have every 5 star hero maxed and build like that. I am asking for this team for the future so just pretend every 5star is maxed :slight_smile:

I’ll go with what’s currently levelled - you want to build for attacking teams rather than defence going forward…

Telluria is easily your best tank, so that’s easy.

Strong colour against the predicted stack always goes well, preferred as one of the flanks - you can get away with using two of them if need be and both Alice and Fenrir are great hero’s.

Kage is also a great hero but needs to be on flank - he’s awful on the wing.
(You need him firing early when he’ll hit enemies with over 50% health… So he needs to charge early - he’s a flank.)

Ranvir is very hit and miss on defence… but he’s fast and potentially flips a losing fight, so there’s an argument for him as a wing. It’s not ideal but it’s an option… At least he’s fast mana (which wings should be).

Evelyn is okay on defence but you don’t want to be running any more greens with a green tank so they’re out.

Grazul is okay on defence… Has to be flank to have any real impact… Generally you don’t want healers on wings, so would have to be on flank.


Right now I’d start with:
Ranvir - Alice - Telluria - Kage - Fenrir.

If running Ranvir he wants to be right flank to enhance any other specials firing in the same turn.
Alice works on flank or wing, ideally you want one of your flanks strong to the expected stack - you expect a red stack against Telluria, so a blue flank is always ideal.
Telly is your obvious tank.
Kage must be flank and since Ranvir wants to be left and Fenrir wants to be right, Alice must go left flank away from Fenrir so Kage goes right.
Fenrir right wing - he’s a finisher so wants to go right wing so that if anyone else fires same turn and puts Fenrir’s target to half hp he can deliver a finishing blow.

Going forward.

You want hero’s that will upgrade your attacking capabilities.

Sartana is another good dark sniper and runs well on the wing. Opens up defensive options and also great on attack! :slight_smile:

Freya is great but needs several other minion hero’s to really come alive - preferably with more attack minded minions than Telluria gives you… You want Puss to build a truly spiteful minion beast team.

JF runs great as a flank to Telluria… But he’s also great as a counter to defence debuffs and his +crit works great in attacking stacks (eg: with Grazul, Wilbur, BT).

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Kage is awful at wing - don’t do it!

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Thank you SO MUCH for your lenghty and constructive answer .
So right now ill use that team and aim to level JF and Sartana and if i ever pull puss in boots ill make my dream team with minions.

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One last question. Is li xiu (4 star) worth using as flank?


A +20 4* gets close to 5* stats but not quite (costume bonus would certainly help too)…
Mana cut may well combine well with Telluria’s regen restriction.

Then again…
I wouldn’t want to remove Alice from Flank because it punishes red stack to keep her there.
Kage can’t be shifted to wing (replacing Ranvir) because he’s awful at wing and you won’t want to run two holy.

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And when I level both sartana and JF, how should i change my defense team?


Sartana - Alice - Telluria - JF - Fenrir

Alternative to try (rainbow):
Ranvir - Alice - Telluria - JF - Sartana

Ultimately, it’s getting the right thoughts in mind - wings should be fast and usually/ideally snipers of some kind; healers shouldn’t never be wings; defence needs enough bite to kill attackers, too much passive gives bad results.

Both the suggestions above have their plus and minus points… Sometimes a little sensible experimentation is required to find what works best for you.

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After checking top defense teams i see that they tend to put aoe flanks and sniper wings. But i assume i dont have the right heroes for the job, and thats why we put snipers in every spot except tank.

Basically yes.

Those AoE flanks work particularly well on Telluria tanks - so lots of top defences are running that combo.
Sniper flanks work too and it’ll still hold better than with any other tank you have at the moment :slight_smile:

And JF is a good flank for Telluria… But he’s useful outside that too :slight_smile:

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Once again thank you very much for your help ! I’m still new to the forum but if i could give you some kind of positive feedback somehow (like to enhance your status that you help people here on the forums) tell me how and i will do it :slight_smile:

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