Freya or telluria as tank. Who and why? Thanks!



These are the fully upgraded ones, I haven’t finished mine as yet.

Who do you think would be a better tank and why?

Telluria due to her mix of mana slow, damage prevention/recovery and toughness.


Thank you! Was def considering all of her mixed together. But was wondering if a fast hero would be better you know?

Edit: although I was wondering about the additional 30% def freya brings to the table as well.

The tank usually fires their skill first since they take most matches in the beginning, so their job is to punish the opponent when they use their skill.

Telluria’s skill is much more threatening due to the reasons @FraVit93 stated.

Freya can be a good flank to Telluria, since her ravens and defense boost have good synergy with Telluria’s forest minions and her high livability. But as tank, her skill is easier to respond against compared to Telluria’s.


Ah so her skill, 30% def is much more easily buffed. Compared to tell minions and her additional killer skills.

Sweet :grin:

Also with tell minions going and then freya fires the attack up from the minions will be increased for everyone right? Or just freya?


Correct, Freya’s minions increase the attack for all other minions, not just her own. This is what makes her an especially strong flank for Telluria, in addition to the defense buff.

Awesome thank you :+1::grin: appreciate the validation

Always Telluria.
Seriously, Freya is garbage on defense.