Need help with a tough green decision

Hello there, I had a game plan but kept getting greens. I have no trouble forming offensive squads for raids so I’m particularly interested in raid defense. And really an overall fit is what I’m after.

The plan was Eve at first. Then got Lianna. Then Kingston-- chose him–, then Zeline. (Had no idea she was so coveted, or of her existence for that matter.) Then Guardian Chameleon, then LotL, now Telluria.

I have no 5* healer besides Grazul. So LotL was front runner. But she got knocked out for Telluria’s reliable mana mechanic vs Lady’s random minion mana drain.

Snow White is used quite a bit for the damage dispel. But Zeline is fast vs slow Snow. Regardless, they’d be used separately.

Having Ursena for tank or flank is a given. Just ascended Vela so she should flank or wing as well.

Only have Neith for yellow. Though will be pulling for April Hotm.

Problem is-- Zeline or Telluria? There are arguments for Evelyn too, but she can barely survive titans at 3.70 and raids. Have Kingston for Lianna already. And Guardian Cham is definitely on the list, seems fun… but has to wait.

Victor is next for purple, over Sartana.

And red has to wait, only 1 ring. Also have Marjana for 5* red.

I’m leaning Telluria for the heals and the tank flank swapping with Ursena. Could put Snow and Vela flanks instead. Also fun having Ursena and Mitsuko together despite overwriting reflects. And Zeline has no elemental link vs Telly.

So I’m wondering if you kind folks could give some insight just to how good is Zeline, really, in my situation VS Telluria. Neither seem to be great for titans. And I haven’t had much trouble completing events, they seem comparable for usefulness.

Telluria seems to offer more interesting combos. And Telluria is a paladin vs Zeline a wizard. Victor is a wizard who I plan to emblem. Guardian Falcon currently has my pally emblems.

So whatcha think? Thanks a bunch!

I’d probably go Vela on left wing and Mitsuko on right wing with Ursena as Tank flanked with Telluria on the left and Neith on the right.

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Thanks for the snappy reply Mothra! Yeah, I like that setup too. Mits wing not ideal but can work. Better than the others at wing.

Telluria will most likely get the ascension.

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In my honest opinion, given your roster, I would do Telluria 100%. From all the feedback in the forum, you won’t be disappointed
Good luck

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Thanks for the reply JGE! Def made it easier to decide with a helpful push. Telluria it is!

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