What do you do with your feeders when you have nothing you want to level?

I’m looking for suggestions / comments about what to do with feeders when there is nothing much to level and whether other long term players have this problem

I am a c2p person, approaching 3 years in the game. I have had a bad run of draws in the past 6 months or so and have NO new heroes I want to level. I am not collecting feeders from TCs ( have about 1200 stored) but still collect quite a few through incidental play.

So what do you do? And let’s assume that my run of luck continues and so I don’t get any decent S3 heroes,

ideas? Do even more healers (have 3xBT, Kiril etc)
Take some dupe 5* to 3/70 even though they would be unlikely to ever be used?
Anything else?

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Let them hold up in your training camps :slight_smile:

Just don’t ever let the timer run out haha.

For those you pick up in map farming et… You can do one of two things.

  1. You can feed them to a single dupe hero (or whatever
  2. You can just ignore them (i.e. fill up your inventory & continuously ignore the warning message about roster being full)

Personally I just keep levelling duplicates to the point where they don’t cost me any ascension mats… Then when I’ve run outta that I’ll probably just ignore it haha

But I’m a little ways away from that yet on my main account :slight_smile:


I’m in the same position. My summons have been terrible since well before Christmas. I have some 3 stars I’ll finish and give a few costumes but if I don’t get anything from Season 3, I’ll literally have nothing to work on.

I guess it’s inevitable after almost 3 years, but my husband is much luckier than I am in summons and has a bunch of 5 stars he needs to level.


Your issue is that you have no NEW hero to level. The problem lies there. If I am the one confronted with such kind of problem, then I will chose to eliminate that problem: level old or dupe heroes that may have an impact in your roster. It doesn’t matter if it is a dupe vanilla heroes, as long as you know they make an impact in most viable team they are in.


However bad the summon odds are for S3 heroes, you will most likely pick up a couple of 3* and 4* S3 heroes that you can level. After that… follow @Guvnor 's advice.

I like your advice of just ignoring the message when the inventory is full. But the map supplies most of my troop feeders. I thought when you got that message you missed out on feeder heroes AND troops. Am I wrong?

If food isn’t an issue maybe burn some feeders to make leveled 1/2/3*'s to use as super feeders in the future. Not very efficient but it gets you something.


Nope I’m like 90% sure that you still get troop drops :slight_smile:

I’d go to town on leveling up healers…nice to be able to field teams with 2 healers apiece…you could also make up some nice 3* teams for when they come in handy

Farm at full and let training camps rack up with backstock

Does that include all your if any costumes?

I would keep them stored in Tc and as suggested just don’t let the timer run out or your done for in that Tc.

Then I would use the recruits I get from maps and farming to level up costumes and then duplicates.

From my personal experience I found it takes about 1500 to 1800 recruits to Max a 5* depending on weather there are more 1 or 2 star feeders, so at your current Tc stored amount your set for the next new 5* when it comes up to be maxed so keep it up for a second one.

I myself although not at your current delema yet, always still keep 1 Tc at 11 which has about 10k worth of recruits in it with uncollected feeders and use it when I get a new 5* hero I haven’t already got. My other tc’s get used daily to feed my current heroes as I am currently also only 1 5* away from not have any new ones left thus will be attacking duplicates soon.

Your luck will change eventually and when it does you will appreciate the stored recruits, that a given,lol, I know I do.
I only just got the hotm (my fellow Frenchmen, lol) and had enough recruits stored in that Tc to have him levelled to 3rd tier instantly, took up all my food though for a couple of days but he got there super quick.

That’s one thing I appreciate about the offering in the PoV which allows us to keep our collected food/iron in our inventory till we need it… There should be a suggestion to be able to craft those to store our excess food/iron for future use.

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I have tested this… your inventory can be full and the map can still give you troops. Great news, thanks

Fancy finding that out after almost three years. Wonder what else that is obvious that I should know? :rofl:


No idea but have a read of this thread :wink:

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This!!! Aware of this one, I stock all my trainer and wait for good heroes , and by doing this in long period of time,make me forget to fill in one of my TC and I must collect all my training there otherwise I can’t train in that TC. Need 4 day to make it clear huffff. Now I really pay attention not to forget this. :rofl:


hm i did this (let the timer run out because i didn’t pay attention… now i have 200+ sitting there…

i guess i have to take them all out before i can use this training camp for new trainings… or is there some other option?

any smart i ideas what is the best now to do?

Thanks in advance…

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Yeah, you have to use them in order to start that timer again… :slight_smile:


hm… i feared that… not really user friendly design…

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It’s not. But there is a #ideas-feature-requests thread about that:
Restart/Continue/Resume/Add To Training Camp queue without collecting every hero in it after it’s completed

When such periods happen that I don’t have 5 * heroes for fattening, I feed 4 * heroes duplicates. I’m doing this so that later, when 5 * heroes appear, use the 4 * fattened heroes as an elite food for them.
Heroes of 5 * are happy with such feed, and during periods of stagnation I do not suffer from the fact that my habit of constantly feeding someone is not realized. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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