Hero Feeders

I have been searching for an answer, but haven’t seen it. Maybe I don’t know how to properly look for it, but it seems it doesn’t exist in any of the guides I’ve read either. Here’s my question: “Do you feed 3*, 4*, and 5* dupes of your maxed heroes?” I will be keeping a second for the custumes, but buying more roster room is up to 150 gems and I’d avoid doing that if possible. Once I have OG 4* and 5*, then I’m willing to spend more gems for the room. Especially if the answer is 'NEVER SELL 4 AND 5*!" Although that will take up a lot of room in my roster.

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I never fed away my 5* heroes but more than a hundreds of 4* (core heroes, double/triples) were feeded :slight_smile:


Great question and I am interested to see what the forum has to say.

There is definitely a rule of thumb that one should never feed 5* heroes. But all rules have exceptions. I had a duplicate Margaret, and fed her to Telluria (without even wincing).

That said, roster space is relatively inexpensive (but not free, unfortunately). If you have a dupe of a hero you use a lot, then you’ll be happy that you have a dupe of that hero. I have two Poseidons, and very happy that I didn’t feed the second Poseidon to the first one – they’re both maxed and both are used in every war.

On the flip side, this game is for the patient. It take a long time to level a hero, and judicious use of the ascension materials to get them to level 4. So, how long will my second Richard be sitting at 1.01? A long time, and even longer now that I drew Fenir in the last Valhalla summons!

In general, I think what I said re 5* holds for 4* heroes, too. The difference may be that the set heroes that you’re happy to have dupes of is smaller (I have two Caedmons, Sonyas, Grimms, Boldtusks, and Rigards) and the set of heroes that are feeders is longer (bye bye Skittleskull).

The hard part, depending upon where you are in the development of your roster, is knowing which heroes are keepers and which are feeders. I find the folks in my alliance have good feedback.

Best of luck, and thanks for starting the thread.

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My rule of thumb is keep all 5’s (currently vivica x 4, joon, anzo, vela and kingston). Keep 1 duplicate of 4’s. My only dup 4’s are colen, cade, sonya, chao, li xiu, and melendor. And i never keep duplicate 3’s. But I don’t feed the first copy of a 3. I know most of the high scores in events and tournaments are with multiple duplicate 3 teams ( i see your 4 namahage team) but as long as i can finish nit really worrying. I keep 30 roster spots open for feeders so i can feed 3 groups of 10 at a time to the hero i am currently trying to level. So as my roster (of mostly 3’s) grows, i hope my exp level goes up or i have to buy more spots.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I’m currently not at a place to have dupe 5*, but thought it important to include them in the question…for others and my future.

What dupes do you currently have? Any questions about whether they are keepers?

I keep 4* & 5* plus my original team of 3* when I first started playing. Build 1* 2* 3* to feed the 4* & 5*. Basically when you think about it feeding lesser cards to power up your major cards is nothing short of card cannibalism… :thinking:

I’d say it’s your choice really you get to a point in the game with 4* if your going to keep dupes of them or not.
Feed many away some iv kept as wouldn’t mind a second of that.
Haven’t fed a 5* as yet n prob wouldn’t

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I’m getting lots of Borin, is nice to have one of him, and maybe a second if he gets a costume, but I’ve found that he wasn’t as useful in some pvp and quests as I originally thought.

Boril has his place. I, personally, think one Boril is enough. On offense, use him as a supporting blue against teams that include heroes that “damage all enemies.”

I haven’t fed any 5 stars, and don’t plan to. I’ve only got dupes of richard (trips actually), but I’ll wait to see what the hero academy needs before feeding off any legendary heroes.

I routinely feed dupe s1 4 stars. I’ve got enough projects on the go that they’re just wasting space for now, and I’m reasonably confident that if i decide i want them later they’ll come out of tc20 or epic hero pulls reliably enough to “risk” not having them waiting.

S2/3/event 4 stars i don’t feed, too rare or unpredictable to replace, although agwe is really tempting me to feed. Pretty sure the only dupe i have of these is proteus anyway (actually trips of him as of this atlantis) and he’s way too good to feed away.

3 stars i feed all dupes, although i might hold extra namahages, and gatos because i see them on rare event top finishes all the time and i might one day want to compete there too. Moot point for now, since I’ve only drawn one of each anyway.

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I have a few Gatos and Namahages, because of the special pulls, and the family bonuses, I’m keeping them for now; although when I start pulling in Atlantis again, I may end up getting more…

I like Boril as a defense, him and Cyperian. Have them spaced so that everyone gets covered at some point.

Yes, he and Cyprian pose a formidable defense.

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I haven’t fed a single 5*.

For 4*, I don’t have more than 2 of any, and some only one. I feed the rest.

For 3*, I keep only one of most, but have multiple of key ones. Like 3 gatos. 3 Namahage. 2 Bjorn. 2 media.

If I have a costume, I like to keep 2 so I don’t have to switch. That said, emblems sort of messes that up.