Restart/Continue/Resume/Add To Training Camp queue without collecting every hero in it after it’s completed

I would love to be able to restart a completed training centre without having to collect all ther heros in it. I have a Tc that I have 350 heros in, I accidentally let it finish. Now I have to wait. until
I have enough ham to eat them all before I can restart it.

I feel your pain I’ve gone through the same gotta pay attention to the timer. It’ll bite you if you don’t.

Hopefully you have all your other TCs built up to use and can just leave the trained till you need them

Yes I totally agree!

Totally agree. This just seems such an arbitrary constraint. It fulfils no real gameplay purpose as far as I can tell.

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I have been stockpiling feeder heroes in anticipation of a big draw in a couple weeks. However, my day was crazy and I lost track of keeping my queue going so it “completed”. Leaving me with 800 trainees that I can’t use right now and no way to add additional heroes to this list- which I would like to do. All my heroes are waiting on ascension materials or fully leveled, so I can draw ~30 out but that doesn’t do anything useful. so this basically leaves me with a dead training camp which cant do anything.

Please allow me to add heroes to a training even after heroes are ready to collect.

Hmm i know this has been suggested before

But feel like preventing this situation or dealing with it after it happens just adds more strategy to managing time and resources

Kinda like it the way it is(i say kinda because a change would work very highly in my favor but doesn’t mean it should happen)

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Would it be possible to have two options after training ends?

  1. Collect trained Heroes
  2. Start new training without collecting the already trained Heroes

High level players often have thousands of Heroes trained even in TC level 2.
When you forgot to add new recruits in time you are punished by the TC logic:
I have trained 1800+ Heroes in TC level 2 and forgot to add new recruits in time.
Now I have to use all 1800 heroes before I can start a new training - that, I feel, is a punishment.


Dont forget to add more recruits!



It wouldn’t be such a bad idea really but doubt it’s a priority on the list of things to do.

Tc19 needs this add recruits button badly, it goes so fast I always forget to reload it and get stuck with 1500 to 2000+ feeders in there, then I am hunting for food.

This is why appreciate the food bundles we get from the PoV as I can collect them and use them at will just to cover this need.

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