Running out of heroes/materials to level up

Was hoping to get some ideas about what to do when you run out of heroes to work on.

I have levelled most of my 3 to 5 star heroes as far as they can (or materials are lacking). I have never really kept duplicate heroes.

Without spending big I don’t really know where to go from here?

Currently working on a Wilbur (waiting on Matts for costumes azlar) in blue all my heroes are maxed. Waiting for darts in yellow and tabards in purple (I could waste Matts on an obakan?) in green working on gobbler and a costumed skittleskull but they don’t seem worth taking to final ascensions.

Has anyone else come across this problem and have any suggestions

It depends on how long you have been playing / what your base looks like.

I’m full f2p, and am running 3x TC20, getting the occasional 5* every once in a while. Now that I have HA3, I don’t even need to unload the TC20s in order to powerlevel something I get. Most s1 heroes are usable, so don’t feed away duplicates.

If you have spare ham and alchemy lab (even lv1), you could load it up with one-star crafting mats and have a good chance of getting an ascension mat every ~3 weeks while also getting slightly more bones for mana potions.

If you want to have more non-s1 pulls without spending, I would recommend to do the following:

  • Go for top10000 rare, top5000 epic on challenge events and save epic hero tokens for seasonal events (one of which will be coming very soon).
  • Farm Atlantis Rises for coins specifically - 24-10 hard seems to be the sweet spot and efficient for loot tickets.
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I have the opposite problem. I am a dupe hoarder :woman_shrugging:

Useful dupes are Proteus, Wilbur, healers (especially Rigard and more so if one has his costume), dispellers, cleansers.


A while ago I have finished leveling all heroes I want to max. Now, I am hoarding feeders on my TCs and waiting for a hero worth leveling. Last week I got Lianna from HA (never had her before), so I was able to power level her quite fast.
One small tip for you - if you have no intention of maxing a hero, dont waste resources leveling it at all. I regret now leveling Horghall and Justice to 70. I never use them, they just take space in my roster.

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