Life Hacks - Undocumented Functionality 🤖


High fives to @pinkymadigan for the inspiration:

There’s just so much undocumented functionality in the game, you gotta click around to figure stuff out.

Here’s my E&P life hacks of the day

  • when you are feeding multiple heroes to a character, you can double tap the screen rather than watch them one by one.

  • too much annoying iron? Convert a mine into your barracks

  • on a titan attack, order your heroes so that if they all charge you can mash the screen left to right and they fire in the correct order (like attack buff, defence down, damage)

These have been around for ages but we all have blind spots - who’s got some more?

Stop putting ideas here .. No one listens
[Tip] Some interactive Mystic Vision has near invisible 30 second timer but all Visions are limited to 35 seconds
:broken_heart: I HATE / LOVE this game! – A Guide to Complaining, Celebrating, and Overcoming Obstacles

Good ones (and new ones) for me!


I have a Samsung. Because of @Garanwyn, I can now auto-farm while using the split screen option and be goofing off reading various chats. No more toggling between the two screens and wasting the most precious of resources, my time! By pressing and holding down on the onscreen recent button it allows you to split the screen (That little weird lower left double L thing). :exploding_head:


And that even allows you to run a YouTube window AND it puts the E&P screen into landscape, revealing various details on the map


Because the entire game is undocumented, it’s hard to know what counts as “undocumented functionality!” :face_with_monocle: Some game hacks were discussed here:

  • My favorite: Use Team 1 to hold the heroes and troops you are working on leveling up. Doing so puts them at the top of the heap, making them super-easy to find when you do your feedings.

  • Name your teams! On the Edit Teams screen, tap the name of the team to edit it.

  • You can get a nice, compact listing of what emblems you have in inventory by entering the Talent Grid of any maxed hero, then tapping the emblem icon.

  • You can see how many uncollected heroes you have waiting in a Training Camp by tapping the TC and then selecting the Train option. The Collect button at the bottom will show how many heroes are there. (Note: this only shows the first time you enter that training camp; if you try this a second time without doing something else first, you just get the “Collect” button.)

  • You can see you maximum storage levels for food, iron and recruits by tapping the corresponding icon at the top of the Base screen. Note that the Stronghold itself has some limited storage, so these figures include your buildings + Stronghold.

  • Click the flying geese to kill them. The dragon can die, too.

  • If you’re looking for semi-productive ways to spend iron, upgrade the building under your Barracks.


  • Skip many animations by tapping them: hero summoning, hero leveling, awarded loot from farming, titan, mystic visions.

You can press and hold the + and - buttons in the training camp and forge to rapidly increase or decrease the number of things you’re producing.


Wait what now? I need a new number phone…


-If it’s your first war and you don’t want to participate yet, but still want to go through the tutorial, set your team to less than 5.

-I’m not sure the Barracks is actually documented in-game, is it? I think everyone figures it out that you can convert a level 5 building (choose a forge initially) to a Barracks, but on my alt account I don’t remember seeing anything pointing that out.

-Lock your keeper heroes AND troops: click the question mark on their card, click the lock icon in the upper left.

That’s all I got off the top of my head.

I think the other thing the game really could do a better job of is explaining war, in general. All my level 12s get their first hit in and ask me why they can’t use their main team again. You’d think they would see one of the conversations prior, but I imagine they just aren’t reading conversations that aren’t immediately relevant yet.


Doesn’t team one default to doing your missions and quests? For instance, if I’m auto farming 8.7?

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Nope. Each activity defaults to the team you used last for that function–farming, raid offense, titans. I have a separate Farm team, and that’s always the one that comes up.


I’ve been to lazy to find out. Thanks, I’ll experiment and see how it goes. Of course that means I’ll actually have to pay more attention!


In your hero inventory:

  1. click a hero to see its details
  2. click the magnifying glass icon to see the full art for the hero and a weird… description
  3. move your finger around the screen for SPARKLY SWIRLS!

Good info, had no idea! Thank you


Holy Guacamole I can’t believe I couldn’t figure this out! I didn’t imagine it was a double click so I just sat there tapping incessantly and every once in a while it would go away early and I didn’t know why (because my taps were getting close together apparently). Thank you for this lol\

If you can click minus to remove a training and then add it right back you can see the quantities for available to collect and training again.

I struggle with this as I try to farm 8.7 as quickly as possible for monster chests and I have a special raid team with Skittleskill and Ulmer that hit all enemies for those waves with 4 or 5 mobs that I try to make myself believe finishes it faster when I’m doing 7 or 8 in a row (plus it’s rainbow so no wasted tiles over 7 to 8 runs lol) but then when I go to try and collect Atlantis coins from a hard area I have on occasion forgotten to switch to my main team and subseuqently gotten massacred and lost my WE since it is using the last team I used for maps :confused: lol


The “double tap to speed things up” trick also works on the slow reveal in the loot window, and the long slowly building swirl on the summoning portal as well.


Translation (German): I’ve already seen that with the geese. Does the killing have any effect? And how do you kill the dragon?


I’ve already seen that with the geese. Does the killing have any effect? And how do you kill the dragon?

It has no effect :frowning:

The dragon needs about 40 taps


LoL, didn’t know about killing geese and dragon. Funny :rofl:

Tap on a citizen and he/she waves…

Hold a building pressed to activate swapping options.


You can shoot down Father Christmas too

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Thank you for the information. Would be fu NY if you get for each goose 1 food unit and for each dragon a 5% to get a gem or dragon bone

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