What about Gadeirus?

IMO he’s totally useless after revealing of costumed Rigard.
Misery damage can’t nearly compensate mana speed, full team effects and dispell.

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Blue titans

Only time i ever used him


I got two of him last atlantis rise.
Idk im leveling one up to 3/60

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Against blue Titans, place him between two hard hitters and ensure to put mana troop on him.

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Yeah it’s sad cause he could have been Green bt or kiril but that pitiful damage and slow speed is awful. Like others said blue Titans and I stopped that too

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Gadeirus done me good i brought him to the last stages of legendary in events and completed it the heal and boost attack is great.
Pair him with a glass cannon works wonders!:+1:

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I’ve leveled one, and emblemed it, planning he would be a tank. He turned to be a mediocre tank, and average offense team member. I use him for green titan team - and he is Ok, not more. He can shine in rush torments where I need more green firepower.

I keep another copy - but I have no plans of leveling it.

At the end I think this is fair: not all heroes can be great.

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My Gaderius has emblems. I lack good druids. He’s a decent flank (or even tank) in certain raid tournaments.

Like 4* rush. Or when red is not allowed.


I love Gadeirus. He’s great against Blue Titans and makes an awesome tank in 4* raid tourneys. My Gadeirus is +19


Who siad Kashreck? )

Need to try, but I have Caedmon, Melendor, Lianna, Wu kong. Even costumed Brienne looks better. + Kadilen and Elkanen in progress.

His attack is pitiably low, but the idea is to explore his +48% attack boost to his flanks and HoT to the three when he fires before the flanks. Imagine him sitting between Lianna and Kingston…and no Tarlak or with Tarlak, Eve…

I use him on blue titans and on class trials… he is too slow and his effect too weak to be good in other areas.

I like his design so will always gind a place for him, right now use him on my mono green stack
and in war hits

I still like my Gad. I use him on titans and wars and very fast tournaments he can be nice.

That’s more than enough for me.

Just got him, after finishing Vela will level him up.

He will be a good addition to my blue titan team: Wu, Lianna, Marge, Buddy and now Gadeirus (ilo LJ).

With 43 Sturdy Shields in stock there is no way to regret.

Also, he is a solid tank for gold/platinum.


I think he has niche uses as others have mentioned but it’s just annoying as hell to wait for a slow mana support hero that only buffs 60% of your team. What benefit are we gaining to justify the slow mana, that pathetic attack? Switch him to medium, or have him buff all allies at least…

100% Gadeirus is for blue titans only. He’s the only reliable green attack buffer so far.

The only other green attack buffer is G. Chameleon. Who is not easy to get and even if you have him… well this is awkward, he made the titan red :confused:


And tarlak

Might as well add the best green attack amper in the game to that list


Gade was already an odd creation compared to BT and Kiril. Rigard just took it over the top. Why he was made slow with pitiful damage and only effecting his flanks was a bad decision.

That being said, he is good early on for blue titans and I used him up till we got to 12s. He is also one of the better tournament tanks when red heroes are not allowed.

He is unfortunately on average side for the green 4*. Can’t understand why slow mana if his effect is not that good.

For me all he’s useful for is war bench against blue tanks, situationally tournaments as well. I tried to like him because he was one of my first 4*s and I love the artwork, but he just proves useless most of the time. Even for titans, red banner successfully replaces the need to take him. I prefer to take someone with higher base attack instead.

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