Gadeirus, Kashhrek or

So, lately I’ve been very lucky with gloves, and I need advice about my teams.

Upgrade Gadeirus to use with Proteus (deffense bonus) and druid emblems

Or Kashhrek (the very old tank talk, he’s ■■■■ good as a tank)

Or another?

I know Li Xiu is better than Chao but he’s to faraway down the talent road when miss Li Xiu showed up.

I need advice with my two main teams…

3 gloves, where do I put them?

And I only have 4 shields for one green
4 knife thingy for one red
And 12 orbs, 12 capes and 12 tools thingy

P. S. I started on January, I’m c2p and the most unlucky person on my ally, changing my team is the last attempt before quit, I’m tired of young players than me, and players who buy the same and already have seshat, ranvir, Frida, anzogh, Margaret, Rana, Justice, and so many others 4*s…




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Gaderius for titans and possible pvp(havent tried him myself but think i could make him work). I have used him on titans though and it’s a noticeable difference than not using him


out of those two Gadeirus. He’s more useful on offense than Kashhrek. On defense he makes for an acceptable tank too for the 4* tournaments, should you get Triton in the future.

Li Xiu is also a good tank for the 4* raid tournaments.


Gormek is one of my choice because I can use him on the first team and the second.

While the thread is not about this part of your post, I thought I’d address it :slightly_smiling_face: Here’s a few thought you may consider before quitting the game:

  1. Many 4s are better than 5s. While they aren’t technically as sturdy, their specials are more worthwhile then many 5s. Proteus comes to mind and it looks like you have a couple of him. Level both of him. He is amazing.

  2. You mentioned ‘younger’ players having ‘better’ heroes than you do. I’m assuming you mean they started after you did. If so, I’m wondering if they even have the mats to take those ‘better’ heroes past 3.70? Just so you know, a fully leveled 4* hero can normally run circles around a 3.70 5* hero.

  3. If you feel upset about what other players in your alliance have, it sounds like you may be in the wrong alliance. Perhaps too much emphasis is put on having the newest toy. A great alliance is supportive to F2P, C2P and P2P players. All new heroes are celebrated regardless of desirability. The entire alliance helps you learn how best to use that hero. If this doesn’t sound like where you are, I suggest you look for an alliance that will fill that void. There are plenty here that can help in that search.

Hopefully some of this will help. This is a game of patience or paying. Sometimes both :laughing: There is no real end to this game, so take your time and enjoy it. You may go slower than some of your alliance mates, but where are they rushing to? There’s no magical rainbow at the end… the game just continues.


It depends what you want to improve.

Kashrek is probably the best tank among 4* heroes, expecially for wars.
So if your team is running a green central strategy and are a medium tier alliance, he is the best choice.
Even in attack raiding i overall like more Kashrek.

On the other hand Gadeirus is more suited for titans (only blue of course).

You already upgraded all key epic heroes, so don’t be in a rush to use your gloves on Sumitomo or Agwe.

Wait for something better.

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I really want Wu Kong, Wilbur and Caedmon or Sonya, and Boril or Cyprian for the riposte.

@Arthemis that is a list of excellent heroes!

I run 2 accounts in my alliance - 1 a moderate payer and the other vc2p. We average around 27 player in the field, have a war score around 75k and have several P2P players. I use every single one of those heroes (except Wilbur) in wars on my vc2p account and normally post better scores than our P2P players. (No, I don’t use that account for cleanup. She’s actually used to tank bust big 4k teams but ends up taking out the entire team on many occasions.)

Be patient and work towards leveling your training camps. There are several levels where you can get great 4s and 5s for free - just recruits and food. It’s still RNG, but you can get every one on that list except Wilbur.

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You did a good job in balancing your colors, as I counted 2 4*s per color in last ascension. That’s great.

Among your remaining 4*s: if you need to choose 3,

I’m personally a fan of Sabina. she’s like Melendor, great special, good tile damage against Titans. She would be good with Tiburtus and Proteus if you stack colors.

Gormek will go well with Boldtusk. attack up + defense down = amazing damage on Titans and a good one-two combination in Raids and Wars. they have the same mana speed too.

Gadeirus over Kashhrek, as you already have Melendor as a Green healer. Kashhrek is best as a tank, not sure who you’re tanking with now. But Gadeirus is more versatile and goes very well wth Little John - both slow, so use Gadeirus to boost John’s attack before John fires his special.

Li Xiu could also be a good choice, she’s a decent tank (was my first tank in Platinum and kept my cups at a good level). She and Chao make a good mana control combination, and she combines well with Proteus, Gretel, Little John too. on the other hand, you do already have a lot of mana controllers.


Thank you all! I use one glove on Gadeirus and one on Gormek. The third I’m saving just in case something better appear…

Is this for your defense raid team?

Atm your best choice is:


For nature hero/green, I would lvl up Gadeirus before Kasshrek.
Kashhrek will not be used in the long run unless you get him to emblem 19, and you defend in platinum (2400 raid) and still need a good tank.
He can work as that, like an Aegir - not a scary tank, but decent at buying time.

For map progress: Gadeirus all the way

Dont quit your team is a solid team. Even if you had the fancy 5*s the would set and draw dust. They WILL come.
Do not worry about the family stuff now. Your best defense in my opinion is Kiril, Tibs. Boldtusk, Grimm, Chao

Recently I lost too much cups 2156 to 1952, level 38 player, my ally are more strong than ever, with 26 active players and 7* titans, and I find myself changing my formation.

Usually I go with Kiril - Chao - Kelile - LJ - Proteus
Because of the defense-life plus troops (Kiril critic 4* level 9, Chao level 10 3* attack troop, Kelile mana troop level 9, LJ critic 4* level 9, Proteus mana troop level 8)

But with the recent loss of almost two hundred cups I tried Chao tank (horrible, more losses), then a put Proteus in flank position, with Kiril, and Kelile as tank.

I maintain her as tank because she’s fast and has a decent defense, Chao also, but his a terrible tank.

Thanks, I’ll try your suggestion.

I already have items to full ascend one 5* of each color… sad

I already finish the maps… with exception of Ursena, finishing Boldtusk before trying take her down.

Wow I do feel the pain then about the 5s. Do you have TC20 running?? My grandson got Isarnia FIRST training. He now has four 5s in 16 trainings (lucky brat LOL) and one of the others is Sartana


Also remember Atlantis is the BEST chances on the portals

Yes… tc 20 for two months? Maybe two and half, got several 4* in the beginning and after that only 3*… I lost the training number already.

they WILL come tc20 has the BEST 5* draw rart of all

Go with kashrek he is amazing as tank. You need to level up proteus he seems amazing

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