Reset Gadeirus for Guardian Owl

Hi there, so I’ve been thinking over this for a few days, and have been wondering if it’s worth resetting my max emblem’d Gadeirus to instead use them on my Guardian Owl? Which I recently acquired and want to use on war defence teams to wreak havoc. I think I can justify a reset, especially since these days I’m using a half-way emblem’d Kashrek for tank and costumed + max emblem’d Rigard for the same and better atk buff + def buff + heals over time effects. I know there are some unflattering opinions on Legendary Owl, but hey I got the materials to max ascend him, and would really like to try emblem’ing him it if I do indeed reset my Gadeirus. :slightly_smiling_face:

Resetting a lackluster 4*(gaderius) for a 5* on war defense is definitely an upgrade and typically doesnt matter who the specific heroes are due to 5* base stats vs 4* base stats, the 5* for defense is a better long term choice


Cools! Guess I will go ahead and do this so, thanks for the input! :smiley:

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I think that decent 4* heroes deserve emblems more, than Owl or Gadeirus.

If owl’s goin on war D, I’d disagree but that’s biased due to the way we war within my alliance

Opinions always vary

Gadeirus is almost worthless with slow mana…Owl can once in a great while do some serious damage and win a battle. I’d throw them on owl if he is on your war defense for sure.

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