Gadeirus, would you level him?


He seems to have a nice big heal with him 612hp at 4 turns plus he can buff and damage at the same time. The down side he is slow, but most the healer are average on speed, so is there a big difference on that?

And if you accompany him with triton and proteus his defense will be 759. Second best def healer next to Guin. Will that be enough to use him as a tank? And does his DOT heal stack with triton’s additonal healing?

Please help me decide if he should be level :slight_smile:


He is a little revisiting Ares (without crit)… but i don’t think he will be a good tank cause of his defence/life stats and slow mana speed…


His def will be boosted 10% more of accompanied by two atlantis family. Im planning to level proteus for sure. And triton i think he has a good damage. So to benefit with the family defence bonus might as well level gadeirus too. But not sure if it will be an effective team…


Mmmmh… yes, Bonus family + 4* troop… it can be good…
And: yeah, i love proteus… a little Hel… but i dropped only Gobbler…

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High end blue titans are annoying cause before Season 2 there was no green hero that boosts attack or reduces enemy defense (only Gregorion to increase crit chance), so I think this guy will be a great addition in that specific context. Now there’s Tarlak too, but he his pretty hard to get and his boost will stack with Gadeirus’s.
So I would level him for sure, maybe not a priority training if you have no issues with blue titans yet.


Oh ok. Would you think he is better than kashrek/caed. I have greg at 3/60 as my only green hitter.

I definitely think he is a “must use hero” against blue titans. Kashhrek is probably a sturdier tank for alliance war defense and caedmon is very useful in events/raids to dispel enemies.
Rarely a hero is completely better than others, it depends on the specific use


And you never know if there won’t be a buff in the future :grin: i keep mine

He definitely seems like a Kashhrek alternative for raid defense, and he might be useful for blue titans, but with slow mana and only a 3-target buff/heal, I don’t think I’d use him anywhere else.

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Someone I trust has him and plans to use him versus Blue titans. He said that he plans the following lineup:

Wu / Gad / Gregorion / LIttle John / Grimm

this strategy would be used if he had two big mana pots, one for Wu, one for Gad fired off at the same time.
If he had no mana pots, he would switch in Kadilen or Melandor.

Gotta say there are lots of reasons given for individual heroes being leveled up; however, most of those reasons come from people who had nothing better to use.

What team are you trying to build over the long term? Does he fit your plans, or is he just there?

Often things like this cause teams to resemble swiss army knives. Not what you want when the guns come out.

I was lucky enough to complete the 4star atlantis family in ten pulls. And got extra dupe for triton. And the defense bonus for family do take effect.

The DOT heal from Gaderius also stack with triton healing skill. From 90hp it became 112hp at 25% healing bonus.

I think i would like to level them all except for the dup as my second set of team or if they do better they can be my defense team. Gaderius will add a lot on that team.

He’s not a bad hero, but has a hard time contending with the likes of Hansel, Caedmon, and LJ. His effect is very nice, effectively a 4* Ares. However, his pathetic damage and slow mana make him hard to use consistently. If he were average mana then he’d be one of the best additions to the game. As it stands, he’s mediocre.


I’ve been using Gadeirus for a bit now and he’s been a welcome addition to my defense team. His special is definitely pretty viable in quite a few scenarios. So I’d say I definitely don’t regret leveling him.


I am going to bump this topic up.

I am just getting Gad to 60. Plan on using him in wars mostly.

Should I level him, a 2nd Caedmon, or Gobbler to 70?

I am very familier with Caed and he is awesome. He was a staple until Lianna came out of TC20.

Gobbler I read about his low defense but with all the news on minions do I chance the devs possibly getting him up to par since minions seem to be a 5* deal.

Gad is a nice hero (wish he was average) but can prolong a war flag to his neighbors.

Other notables: Melandor @ 60 (2nd one), Kashrek, Kadilen

I am at a crossroads with these. I could always just get them all to 60 as well.

Thanks in advance.


If you’re thinking Gaderius for your defense, Kashhrek will probably be better (direct heal instead of heal over time, and average mana).
Gobbler might become useful with more heroes creating minions, but against 5* his low defense makes him not very usable because he will be dead too early.
Melendor is a good healer with very high tile damage, however he is squishy, so taking him to 4/70 is essential.
Kadilen is not great, because she does not hit very hard and her defense buff against specials is hard to launch at the proper time (so forget her for your defense because the AI is not sophisticated enough to launch her special at the right time).

So all in all, if you want to focus on your defense, I’d say Kashhrek is your best bet (and his only use).


Thanks for reply.

Kashrek was unfortunately granted a little later than I had wanted so I haven’t touched him. I would probably use him for war if I leveled him.

I think I will prob take them all to 60 with exception of Kadilen and Melandor (I have 2 leveled already). Then I will go from there. All this is mainly for war depth now. I do lack a true tank but in diamond Kash isn’t too relevant I feel.

Gadeirus is good for offense as you can consider it a mini Ares without the critical hit but he does direct damage and splash damage. Mana is slow but considering his skills for a 4*, it is alright.

On defense, he is squishy and slow.


I would never use him for Defense. The only slow hero I use on defense occasionally is Isarnia.

This would be for wars. Just some depth on my teams.


I use and would use:
1 red (defense debuff) - 2 fast attack blue with dispell (sonya :D) - 3 gadeirus (heal and attack+48%) - 4 fast attack blue - 5 red (healing red hood)


  1. wanna hit green with red - you charge blue in 2 and 4 - if attack boost damage from fast blue comes quickly
  2. gadeirus dies; you have blue who counter the red neccesary to take down green gadeirus >>> meaning a second tank line
  3. hitting blue 24 second line of tank with green; > red 1 and 5 charge up :slight_smile:

this works great in war; tested nice results :slight_smile:


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