Tank - Gadeirus or Boril?

I can’t find this particular information so if yall can help me decide which of two is better as a tank. Right now it’s Boril. What do you think?
T(h)anks in advance :slight_smile:

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You didn’t have to… One is average, one is slow. And after that you look at the stats, at defense and HP. There is all the information you need, right there, on the hero cards :slight_smile:

P.S. It is also the only objective information.

Both can be very annoying at tank. If you’re going to put emblems on either, that’s the one you should pick. If not, I tend to have more luck using Gad in the 4* raid tournaments. The good news is that you’ll grow out of both eventually :grin:

I’d choose gadeirus probably more due that I think riposte heros should be left flank as if goes off the opponent can only go down the right side.

What else is in the pipeline?

Contrary to the others, I don’t think Gad makes a great tank (other than maybe 4* rush tourneys)… Boril does, but he’s also really boring to play with otherwise.

Gadeirus as a support hero will be really useful in maps and events.

Where you are in the game and your other options dictates what I’d do - Boril is one of the better 4* tanks, but I wouldn’t do him as a first blue for example.

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Thanks everyone for your comments. My team from left to right - Wilbur, Boril, Gadeirus, Vivica, Seshat.
Recently I took out Kiril and Wu kong. (big believer in rainbow teams :slight_smile: )
My other heroes that are fully maxed and some of them with talents - grimm, hutao, colen, scarlett, wu kong, kiril, boldtusk and agwe. Should I try Boldtusk instead of Wilbur? Do I ascend Melendor or Kashhrek and replace Gadeirus with one of them?

Don’t put Wilbur in defence, ever.

Are Vivi and Sesh maxed? If not, wouldn’t use them (I have both, even at 4.80 Vivi isn’t great in defence and Sesh needs to be on top tier to shine).

Your team is seriously lacking punch at the moment.
Replacing Wilbur with Colen would help for a start, especially with Boril shielding him… But then half of Gads buff is irrelevant because Boril isn’t an attacker.

I’m not as big a rainbow believer.
If you set Boril at tank (I wouldn’t have maxed him but you already have)… Attackers will need to stack for him or if they bring rainbow he’s going off… If they stack green, then, the strong colour to that is red.
I’d be tempted by a middle three of BT left flank, Boril tank and Colen right. Seshat leftwing for dispel and damage, right wing less obvious but of what you have probably Hu (even though I hate slow wings)

There’s no immediately obvious defence from what you have, but I’d give that a go… It’ll surprise a good few attackers I think.

Thanks a lot Bubbles! I will try your combination and let you know the results after few enemy raids…

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Have you considered:

Scarlett, Grimm, Gadeirus, Boril, Seshat?

That’s probably what I would do. If they stack red against Gad, then Grimm and Boril as flanks are strong against red. Scarlett and Seshat as wings because they fast and one is rogue, which has evade.

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Ima try that if Bubbles’ combo doesn’t pan out, thanks Ori! :slight_smile:

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I like this too, but it’s got comprises (as mine does)… Scarlett and Grimm are both glass cannons and half of Gads atk buff is wasted on Boril.

RE Wilbur in defense…

I’d use him in the buff booster tournaments, maybe even the super fast mana ones too depending on your roster of other heroes :slight_smile:

On OP topic, I use Gaderius more than Boril in general but neither are in my defense teams.

I’d say if you plan to use either on attacks / raids / titans etc then go with Gaderius as he is a bit more versatile.

Purely for tank purposes, It’d depend on who else is in your team but a riposte hero is usually pretty annoying

Boril is the most tanky 4* hero, very common. Imo I find him a bit boring :grin:
I like Gadeirus more: slow but also quite tanky, and he heals and buff attack.
You should pick one that suits your rosters.

Yep, Gad is tank now and I put Seshat on right flank so he can boost her attack even more, left flank is Boril, and far left is Wilbur. He got most talents. When i put talents in Boldie I’ll try him instead of Will. Thanks once more for all your help fellas!

Wilbur is handing the advantage to your opponents…
In buff booster he boosts your opponents too. At any time he’s just too easy to counter.

Wilbur is a classic case of being great against the AI… But useless in AI hands.

Wilbur in defense is not a good idea. I would replace him with Boldtusk even if BT is not emblemed.

Wilbur give minus defense to the opponent, not a buff. He only buffs allies as far as I’m aware.

Unless shared damage is considered a buff on the opponents which would be…oddly annoying haha

Shame what I hear about Wilbur, he was my favorite for a long time. Bold is almost on max, got 150 emblems lined up just for him, so if he turns out to be a better deal that Wil I’ll even take emblems of Colen and Hutao as well… I like the idea of another healer/booster on my team, since I demoted Wukong :slight_smile:

Spirit link counts as a buff… That’s why dispel clears it.

Wilbur is A+ on attack, genuinely gamechanging… He can be countered easily, but AI is dumb - players can easily counter him and turn him to their advantage (so on defence a big no-no) but AI can only counter him by luck.

I have mine at +17 and use him almost constantly in attack (notleast because I have BK and the synergy is mind-blowing).

Definitely emblem him and use him to your heart’s content… Just not in Def!

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